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August 17th, 2018

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Welcome to the Halo Platform Bi-Weekly newsletter! This is where we provide updates on recent developments and announcements for upcoming news, products, and events.

HaloDEX was released on testnet on August 16th. If you would like to test our new decentralized exchange, download and install the latest version of Featherlite here. We have also provided an instruction manual to help users become more familiar with the decentralized exchange and understand how HaloDEX works. You can find the instructions here. For more information, check out our FAQ. Support will be readily accessible in the #dex-testing channel on Discord or by email support@haloplatform.tech.


Accessing HaloDEX on TestNet


Featherlite Updates:

In addition, there have been many updates on Halo Platform’s wallet Featherlite. See below for the full list.:

Wallet 1.0 changelog:

  • Transaction hex are not longer truncated
  • Users can now create feather accounts from wallet
  • Fixed sending validation
  • Fixed some rounding and balance display errors
  • Added true transaction history
  • Fixed send all to always send all (used to leave .000000001 halo)

Masternode Dapp 2.2.0 changelog:

  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused funding address to disappear from provision form.
  • Fixed overfund error message.
  • Added new feature to select sell orders and buy all selected sell orders.
  • Fixed bug that caused only the first card in monitoring card view to update when withdrawing all rewards.
  • Updated UI for monitoring statistics and added new account-based statistics.
  • Added new feature to request termination of masternodes.
  • Added new feature for joining private masternodes to masternodes.
  • Added new feature, prompts user to unlock account if they attempt an action with a locked account.
  • Refactored masternode manage/detail view sell orders to include all sell orders for the masternode.

Featherlite 1.1.0:

  • Updated PP and ToS
  • Block users from going forward while data.json is loading
  • Fixed a bug where users were not blocked from blacklist accounts sometimes
  • Added batch transactions
  • Refactor confirmation messages to distinguish between transactions and contract interactions
  • Added HaloDEX on testnet
  • Configurable menu depending on network id
  • Fix confirmation rejection not being passed down to dapps

Be sure to set your calendar for August 26th at 1PM EST for our next AMA with Michael Quale, Halo Platform’s Chief Technology Officer and 25-year software development veteran. Michael has experience in software design, modeling, integration, and migration to meet highly available, scalable, and secure cloud solutions. Michael will be able to answer questions regarding security, performance, and scalability on Halo Platform. If you have questions, submit them using this form or tweet it to us at @HaloPlatform. Please use hashtag #AMA with your question.


Another big date coming up is Monday, August 20th at 7–7:30 AM EST/PST. Halo Platform will be featured on AMC Networks’ NewsWatch. We are very excited to be featured on national television and get exposure on a great program like NewsWatch.

Other Exchange Updates:

It’s been a long, busy few weeks for the HaloDEX team, and we’ve been committing our best and brightest to launching our decentralized exchange. The amazing features available on HaloDEX, will certainly be worth the wait.

This system provides a persistent websocket connection to our DEX API. What that means is that since Halo Platform’s chain is so fast, orders execute in near real-time and updates and price action movements will be almost instantaneous. We are aiming to please even the most demanding traders, so we built HaloDEX with everything active crypto traders need.

Work on our centralized exchange (HaloX) continues to move forward in parallel with the current focus on back end development. With the back end functionality is complete, the codebase has undergone a major refactor to create a library of well documented and reusable functions to allow us to scale up quickly in the future. The final piece of the puzzle on HaloX is the API to connect the front and back end pieces which will be quickly followed with Unit Testing, Simulation Testing and rigorous software and hardware optimizations.

Block & Chain Games Update:

This sprint, we are working on wrapping up Blockfight (which we introduced to you in the last newsletter). We are also integrating it into the platform. The API’s created for HaloDEX and Featherlite will work with the game to make gameplay and currency flows as seamless as possible.

In addition to cryptocurrency, Blockfight will also have a traditional soft currency, which can be purchased with Fiat and cannot be cashed out of the game. This will ensure the game has a free-to-play element, as soft currency will be given as daily rewards to loyal players. We won’t restrict players to only buy cryptocurrency in order to play our games. Rather, we want to introduce them to the Halo Platform through a system that is familiar to them. Most traditional gamers will likely use soft currency in our games and graduate to cryptocurrency as they become more familiar with it. This is a fundamental element to our growth strategy for Block & Chain games and the platform as a whole.

Next week, we are going to launch our new website. That will also kick off a campaign of social media updates, videos and newsletters, much like we’re doing with the Halo Platform. We are going to reach beyond the US and establish a social media presence in numerous countries where social and crypto games are growing in popularity.

Here is a sneak peek of our new home page:


Halo Platform Resources:

Masternode Instructions

Setting up and using a masternode is simple with the Halo Platform. Featherlite walks you through the necessary steps to acquire, deploy, join, watch, and collect awards from your masternode.

For detailed instructions with images, go here: https://wiki.haloplatform.tech/Masternodes


Masternode Estimated Reward Payouts

If you’re curious about masternode reward payouts, refer to the below spreadsheet created by the community.


Please note, this spreadsheet is not an official Halo Platform document, not is it provided as a statement of expected returns. Please use it at your own discretion.

Block Explorer

Check out our searchable block explorer to take a close look at any block or transaction on the chain. In the coming days you’ll be able to see transactions for each wallet address on chain: https://explorer.haloplatform.tech/.

View our progress on our roadmap. https://www.haloplatform.tech/roadmap.html

Connect with us on social media

Twitter — https://twitter.com/Halo_Platform

Reddit — https://www.reddit.com/r/HaloPlatform/

Discord — http://discord.haloplatform.tech/

Telegram — https://t.me/haloplatform

Google+ — https://plus.google.com/u/0/108336112327687734137

Steemit — https://steemit.com/@haloplatform

Medium — https://medium.com/@haloplatform

Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/HaloPlatform.tech/

Youtube — https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZqP3U9jFO0XTV6EYNt1dqg

Instagram — https://www.instagram.com/halo_platform/

LinkedIn — https://www.linkedin.com/company/haloplatform/

Github — https://github.com/haloplatform

Where to Get Help

If you run into any issues with any of our products (and you’ve tried refreshing and full node and that doesn’t fix it), there are numerous ways to reach out to us:

Email: support@haloplatform.tech

Discord: http://discord.haloplatform.tech/ (our moderators and support are online almost 24 hours a day. Special thanks to Moggy, Abe, Jay B., Pesh, and SeriousBasil237).

Website (we have a support platform built in): https://www.haloplatform.tech/

^Everyone @ Halo Platform

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