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Block & Chain Game Studios Weekly Newsletter January 11, 2019

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Guest Halo-Devin




Block & Chain Game Studios

Weekly Newsletter

January 11, 2019


News @ Block & Chain

We promised you an exciting start to the year and we weren’t kidding! There is a lot of great news coming out of Block and Chain Games this week that we are thrilled to share with you. So hold onto your hats for this week’s update...

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55Play Partnership Announcement

The Asian game market, with China in the lead, currently represents the largest and fastest growing player segment in the industry. Free-to-play games were a $12 billion market in 2018 and it is growing at a steady 4% per year. In short, the Asian market is an incredible frontier for our style of blockchain games and we are intent upon making our mark in those territories. Enter 55 Play…




About 55Play

55play aims to become the world's largest blockchain game community platform, focusing on providing a convenient and efficient interactive entertainment platform for global game players and blockchain game manufacturers. With a fair and objective attitude, the platform strictly checks the entry of blockchain game manufacturers, provides diversified blockchain games for game players, encourages interactive entertainment among players, and actively shares and evaluates games.

Blockchain game manufacturers can provide players with a friendly community, distribution, invitation of beta testers, promotion, instant messaging, props or other game asset transactions, event hosting and other one-stop services. Most of the 55play team comes from China. The platform has listed 40 blockchain games since its launch in December 2018, and have nearly 15,000 following, including WeChat,Toutiao,QQ, Weibo and other prominent Asian social media platforms. With the continuous launch of functional modules and the improvement of user experience, the number of platform games and players will grow explosively.

55Play is featured on the Block and Chain Games home page as a partner. Our banner, Blockfight and the Block & Chain Games platform have been featured on their site, localized into Chinese, with more games to be added. We’re very excited to be a part of this rapidly growing blockchain game community!




Check them out here:




Blockfight Update - Closed Beta is Done!

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated in the Beta test and sent us feedback. Thanks to you, we identified (and remedied) some important issues and added a handful of cool new features.

A summary list of updates to the game during Beta is below:

  • Disabled Hall of Victory button on slide-out menu when on the fight results screen.

  • Interrupt win amount rollup if placing a new wager while it's still rolling up from the previous fight.

  • Increased scroll sensitivity on dice selection dialog.

  • Added button under currency balances to "Add Halo or Coins" (text changes if hiding Halo or Coins in settings).

  • Added password confirmation field on account registration dialog.

  • Added player setting to keep music playing during fights (defaults is off).

  • Automatically set focus on the input field of the Cage Simulator.


We also added a feature to allow players to set a number of fights to play automatically. So, if you enjoy autoplaying a bunch of fights in a row, this is for you!



Blockfight vs. Etheroll

When we first set out to build Blockfight, we were amazed at the currency players were sinking into Etheroll. We knew we could make a game that had a lot more entertainment value and entice traditional and non-traditional gamers to the blockchain.

Special thanks to our community member jchi2210 for putting this great video together! https://youtu.be/M5pp96WbQ_k




And of course, if you’re going to fight weird, ugly, alien creatures, it helps to know more about them. Dossiers for Fighters 7 and 8 were released this week:


Once we have finished addressing the last few tasks, Blockfight will be ready to launch! And you can believe we’ll sneak in one or two more new features designed to surprise and delight before then...


Draggin’ Dragons Update

With all the excitement around Blockfight, we have certainly not been idle with Draggin’ Dragons. Our UI Designers are forging ahead on breeding and battle racing, bringing some great RPG elements to your favorite dragon racing game! And when we say “elements”...


Earth, Air, Fire, Water...or maybe something maybe more exotic?


Tutorial Videos

Block and Chain games are built to appeal to players from all walks of life, no matter what their level of cryptocurrency knowledge. It helps that the Halo Platform is very straightforward and easy to use, but we also provide the resources for players to quickly get their hands on our currency so they can get the most out of our games.

All of our games include tutorials and with the wiki (coming soon) and tutorial videos, it will be easy as pie to enable players to enjoy HALO play.

Here are two of our “getting started” videos, showing everyone just how easy it is to install a wallet and login with our games:







In the News

What’s hot in gaming, on and off the blockchain? Here’s where you find out!


We believe very strongly that 2019 is the year for blockchain games. More and more communities are springing up to support and evangelize this sector of our industry. We’re thrilled be a part of the Blockchain Gaming forum, a new and rapidly growing place for developers and players alike to congregate and discussion the blockchain game evolution. Devin has been added as a Developer on the forum and their Facebook group, and has shared information about the platform and Blockfight, with more to come! We want to encourage all our fans to sign up and participate.

Join The Block & Chain Community!











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