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Block & Chain Game Studios Weekly Newsletter January 18, 2019

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Block & Chain Game Studios

Weekly Newsletter

January 18, 2019


News @ Block & Chain

It’s been another busy week at Block and Chain Game studios. The momentum is hot right now for blockchain games and we aim to stay ahead of the curve! Read on to see what we’ve been up to.

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Partner Platform

Two weeks ago, we announced Player Central, a value added element of our game platform, both for our players and for our platform partners.

But there is a lot more to our game platform, as our partners are quickly learning. API’s for player authorization, smart contracts for interfacing into the Halo Platform blockchain (which is fast enough for realtime gaming!), and wallet integration are just a few of the benefits our platform provides. And of course, all partner games are included in Player Central, where they are featured and cross promoted within the platform.

We are actively seeking additional game developers for our platform. Interested parties can read more about the platform on our newly published platform web page or in our whitepaper.




Blockfight Update

This week, we introduced our last two fighters: Player Favorite, King Wezztle and Korsek, our grand champion, featuring two very large, very painful maces on the end of each arm. These are two of the toughest, ugliest warriors in our arenas and players bold enough to take them and win on can boast of their accomplishment within the Hall of Victory!


And with the last of our fighters introduced, the Blockfight arena must now go dark as we prepare the battle arena for the final countdown to launch. Get ready for Blockfight to go live within the next two weeks!


Decimated Update


Our Friends at Fracture Labs have been very busy promoting their soon-to-be-hit game. We’re proud to share the good news about their acceptance into Nakamoto's Den Blockchain Conference, February in Cyprus. Decimated was 6th of only 60 projects chosen to pitch to a panel of investors.

We wish them good fortune in their pitch!


Marketing Update

Last week, we announced our partnership with 55Play. We are continuing to make contacts in Asia and throughout the world in both crypto and mainstream gaming communities.


In preparation for launch, we Crypto Gamers Community has posted Blockfight in their Top Community Games, for maximum visibility.

We would also like to sincerely thank members of our community who are taking the Block and Chain message viral in places like the Bitcoin Talk Forum, the Cryptocurrency Reddit Forum, and the Blockchain Game Reddit forum.

In a world where word of mouth is still the most powerful form of marketing, it really does take a village to launch a game. We wish to heartily thank our community members who believe in our games and do all they can to make them successful. Keep up the great work!


Tutorial Videos

Our original plan this week was to continue our “Getting Started” video series this week with a “How to buy Ethereum and Bitcoin” tutorial, but there are so many good videos out there already we decided to just bring them to light for our players.

Players can acquire Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) with fiat to trade for HALO on the Halo Platform Decentralized Exchange, and once that is done, they are ready to play our games with crypto!

Tutorial 1: Setting up a Halo Platform Wallet




Tutorial 2: Using your Halo Platform Wallet to log into our games




Tutorial 3: So now you’ve played with in-game currency and you want to get some HALO currency. Start with buying some Ethereum or Bitcoin:




Note, these videos do not represent an endorsement by Block and Chain Games for any of these platforms, nor do we support any illegal activities.

Our next video will showcase how to move your Ethereum and Bitcoin to the HaloDex to trade it for Halo Coin.


In the News

What’s hot in gaming, on and off the blockchain? Here’s where you find out!

https://blockonomi.com/crypto-art-puzzles-games/ - Square Enix, the publisher of smash-hit, gaming franchises Tomb Raider, Kingdom Hearts, and Final Fantasy, is preparing its investors for a foray into the world of blockchain.

B&C: Yet another big-name game maker joins the blockchain! As more and more such companies join the foray into this great technology, we are galvanized in our efforts to make great games on a great platform. More and more companies are seeking investment capital and Block and Chain Game Studios is no exception!

Final Fantasy on the blockchain? We say, “yes please!”

Join The Block & Chain Community!









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