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Block & Chain Games Featurette: Player Central Splash Page

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Block & Chain Games Featurette

Player Central Splash Page



Player Central is a customizable portal for players to manage their user profile and digital currency for all games across the platform. Player Central allows gamers to access their favorite titles without any additional client software or plugins. When they access Player Central, players will experience a dynamic, gamified, and socially-enabled center where they can manage all aspects of their in-game activities.

When players launch Player Central, the first screen they see is our landing page. This page provides an array of exciting content for your favorite games, such as:

  • Trailer video - Watch a clip of the video in Player Central or click to watch the entire video. This section will cycle through teasers, trailers and tutorial videos.

  • Instagram feed - View the latest news about the game, including new features and content.

  • Key art and info banner - Gorgeous poster art that takes you to the game’s information page on the Block and Chain Games website.

  • Coming soon news feed - A list of features in upcoming game releases. Block and Chain games each have a cadence of new features and content to keep the games fresh and exciting.

Each game on our platform has a dedicated splash page, which can be accessed by clicking the game icon above

Under the game information section, there is a scrolling list of banners. This is one place where we can cross promote all of the titles on our platform. Players can access their favorite game quickly and easily.


Want to learn more about the Block and Chain Game Platform?

Check out our website: https://blockandchain.games/platform.html

Join our community: https://t.me/blockandchainchat or http://discord.haloplatform.tech/

Email us: bnc@blockandchain.games


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Well done B&C Game Studio team. Leading the way I see. 👍

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