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Blockfight Press Release and HALO Giveaway

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February 27, 2019 – Block and Chain Game Studios (https://blockandchain.games/) is pleased to announce the public release of Blockfight - an exciting creature-centered dice battle game built using blockchain technology. This visually immersive and technologically cutting-edge battle game is the first title published by Block and Chain Game Studios, an up-and-coming blockchain gaming platform.


Blockfight is an immersive online gaming experience where players battle grotesque monsters, displayed in high-res 3D. The beasts take massive hits all based on the roll of the dice, which rely on blockchain technology to ensure truly random and provably fair results. Just select your character and how much you want to risk on the fight and your characters will battle it out to the bitter end.

The creatures battle for guts, glory, and valuable rewards. Beat them all and fill your trophy room – and your digital coin wallet! Players can play completely free to test the waters, thanks to a generous allotment of in-game coins provided by Block and Chain. Users who want a bigger thrill will undoubtedly want to try their luck with a favorite cryptocurrency, such as Ethereum and HALO.

Blockfight is free-to-play and can be accessed directly on the web: https://www.blockfight.com/

Blockfight may be a new title from Block and Chain Game Studios, but it’s built on top of blockchain technology that is well-established. This is possible due to Block and Chain Game Studios’ partnership with Halo Platform, which has built some of the most robust and reliable blockchain technology available today. This cutting-edge platform will make gameplay and cryptocurrency flows on Block and Chain’s platform nearly seamless. If you’re a developer and have your own crypto-based experience you’re wanting to show the world, we suggest you roll the dice around in Blockfight a few times just to see how easy and seamless it is to integrate with the Halo Platform.  

Block and Chain Game Studios is a division of the Halo Platform aimed at encouraging the development of blockchain gaming and introducing the gaming community to the benefits of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. To learn more about Block and Chain Game Studios, check out our website at https://blockandchain.games/ or contact us at bnc@blockandchain.games.

To find out more about the Halo Platform, see their website at: https://www.haloplatform.tech/

As a thank you to our loyal players, we have kicked off a weekly giveaway campaign where players can earn free HALO. Check out the campaign on our home page: 

Like, share and play to win!

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