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July, 20th 2018

In today’s newsletter, we have some exciting details to cover on the launch of our decentralized exchange, HaloDex. HaloDex is nearly complete! With HaloDex, users will be able to trade HALO with other cryptocurrency pairs within the Featherlite wallet or dedicated web portal. There will be no need to download a 3rd party application, which is part of our vision of being the all-in-one crypto platform.

Once HaloDex has launched, we will offer a project voting competition where the community can vote to have their favorite projects listed on the exchange. More details will be announced next week.

Throughout next week, we will also provide regular updates to our community with information pertaining to the HaloDex launch.

HaloDex — Features

HaloDex will feature a brand new user interface that stands-out for its ease of use. The new UI will be fed by a fast back-end and powered by an elegant, intuitive user interface. Users will immediately experience an ultra-fast lazy loaded (loaded only when used) front-end. In addition, there will be no requirement to sign-up with an email in order to use the DEX. The only requirement will be a valid Halo address.

Upon release, we will offer base trading with a handful of currencies and tokens, with new ones added regularly based on community selection. The main difference between HaloDex and most other Decentralized Exchanges is that they only allow trading of Ethereum and Ethereum ERC-20 Tokens. The HaloDex has the capacity to trade every coin, regardless of network or algorithm, USDT, DASH, EOS, XRP, XMR, with no limitations to our capacity for listing a coin. Also, running on the Halo Platform Network allows for a much greater execution speed and overall faster experience. Only pay gas or transaction fees on Deposit or Withdrawal, never on trades, which will reduce your overall cost per trade. Look for our more details on HaloDex next week.

The satisfaction of most traders’ basic needs will be available, such as: buy and sell orders, price chart, price depth, transaction history, deposits/withdrawals, as well as volume data. We plan to submit community voting for other projects, so everyone can have the opportunity to weigh in on our next listed coins. Stay tuned for more information on community listing voting.

Our HaloDex and HaloX logo competition is underway! Last week we had over 50 submissions enter the competition, which we have narrowed down for community selection. The winners of the HaloDex and HaloX logo competition will each receive 50 HALO. To cast your vote, add one reaction to your favorite logo in the #halodex-logo-contest channel in our Discord community. The selection ends quickly, so be sure to cast a vote for your favorite logo soon.

Next week, we will also release our exchange whitepaper and HaloDex.io landing page to the community.


The current trading page in HaloDex.

HaloX Update

Progress continues on the centralized exchange. This week the team focused on the API security implementation and we now have a very robust authentication procedure and policy in place. Focus right now is on the Peer-to-Peer margin implementation, after which we will be getting very close to feature completion and beginning work on hardening and testing. Look for the pre-registration site coming soon!

Masternode System

Earlier this week we released a patch for the Masternode DAPP. Please see below for a list of patch notes. To install the update, simply click the “Refresh” button while on the Masternode Monitoring page within Featherlite.

Summary of Key New Features:

  • All sorting and search text boxes should work (cannot currently sort by alias or pending sell orders)
  • Watched masternodes (masternodes the halo prime account is not a joiner of) are now removable from card, list and detail view
  • Added MN alias to monitoring list view
  • Add sell orders table to monitoring list view
  • Masternode detail view will disable all action buttons if account viewing is not a joiner/owner
  • Monitoring card view shows number of sell orders
  • Masternode Marketplace now has a loading bar to show sync progress
  • Added MN tier to pending sell orders
  • Price per share is corrected: total now correctly shows total price to two decimal places
  • Fully Fund checkbox when joining a masternode now works correctly
  • Masternode detail view Rewards Table now shows rewards/fees

Block & Chain Games Update

We are on track to release our first two games shortly after our exchange launches. While we are pending the formal announcement of these games and our team website, we are thrilled to share some teaser screenshots of our two launch titles:


Draggin’ Dragons: Choose your track and race your dragon to victory!


Blockfight: Coming Soon!

Halo Platform Resources

Masternode Instructions

Setting up and using a masternode is simple with the Halo Platform. Featherlite walks you through the necessary steps to acquire, deploy, join, watch, and collect awards from your masternode.

For detailed instructions with images, go here:https://wiki.haloplatform.tech/Masternodes


Masternode Estimated Reward Payouts

If you’re curious about masternode reward payouts, refer to the below spreadsheet.


Block Explorer

Check out our searchable block explorer to take a close look at any block or transaction on the chain. In the coming days you’ll be able to see transactions for each wallet address on chain: https://explorer.haloplatform.tech/.

View our progress on our roadmap:


Connect with us in social media

Twitter — https://twitter.com/Halo_Platform

Reddit — https://www.reddit.com/r/HaloPlatform/

Discord — http://discord.haloplatform.tech/

Telegram — https://t.me/haloplatform

Google+ — https://plus.google.com/u/0/108336112327687734137

Steemit — https://steemit.com/@haloplatform

Medium — https://medium.com/@haloplatform

Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/HaloPlatform.tech/

Youtube — https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZqP3U9jFO0XTV6EYNt1dqg

Instagram — https://www.instagram.com/halo_platform/

LinkedIn — https://www.linkedin.com/company/haloplatform/

Where to Get Help

If you run into any issues with any of our products (and you’ve tried refreshing and full node and that doesn’t fix it), there are numerous ways to reach out to us:

Email: support@haloplatform.tech

Discord: http://discord.haloplatform.tech/ (our moderators and support are online almost 24 hours a day. Special thanks to Moggy, Abe, Jay B., Pesh, and SeriousBasil237).

Website (we have a support platform built in):https://www.haloplatform.tech/

^Everyone @ Halo Platform



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