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Institutional Crypto Exchanges Follow Market Trend, Become More Integrated

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With the launch of Halo Platform’s centralized and decentralized exchanges fast approaching, we will be sharing a series of articles on trends in exchange markets and how we fit into this new frontier of virtual currency trading.

Cryptocurrency may have started as an internet phenomenon gathering only limited interest from anyone outside of the tech industry, but it’s quickly becoming a mainstream investment. Across the world, financial regulators are developing laws and policies designed to reign in speculation and fraud causing issues across cryptocurrency markets, and despite recent volatility many institutional investors remain bullish on the future of Bitcoin and its progeny. This increasing integration into the political and financial mainstream indicates that cryptocurrencies are here to stay. And as we use cryptocurrencies for more and more online activities, we will require more functionality from our virtual currency management platforms.

At its foundation, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is the result of a grassroots movement. The major innovations in this new revolution are originating from up-and-coming enterprises, not the traditional government or financial systems. Now that cryptocurrency has gripped the financial mainstream, however, several institutions are working virtual coins into their financial services. For the most part, however, these entities are playing catchup.

Swiss Stock Exchange Integrates Digital Assets

Switzerland — a nation with a reputation for its progressive approach to financial markets — recently announced plans to create an open cryptocurrency exchange designed to operate as freely and openly as a traditional stock exchange. SIX, the operator of a Swiss stock exchange founded way back in the mid-nineteenth century, has announced its intention to develop a cryptocurrency trading platform to run alongside its existing $1.2 billion securities exchange operation.

SIX Swiss Exchange trades several types of securities, including Swiss government bonds, corporate stocks, and derivatives. Soon, the exchange will be adding cryptocurrencies to its listings. “SIX CEO Jos Dijsselhof was recently quoted in Fortune addressing the exchange’s reasoning behind adding virtual currencies to the market. “This is the beginning of a new era for capital markets infrastructures,” says Dijsselhof. “For us it is abundantly clear that much of what is going on in the digital space is here to stay and will define the future of our industry.”

Dijsselhof is right — cryptocurrencies are here to stay, and they will define the future of the financial services and securities industries. That’s why the Swiss exchange is working hard to integrate cryptocurrencies into its investment platform. SIX is working hard on the fast-tracked project, but despite the substantial resources the exchange is committing to officially launch virtual currencies among offered assets, it’s still lagging behind some of the grass-roots companies that saw the potential of the cryptocurrency revolution before it hit the financial mainstream.

Building The Future of Cryptocurrency Management Platforms

The Swiss have been on the cutting edge of financial markets for much of modern history. However, when it comes to offering a fully integrated and easy-to-use cryptocurrency trading platform they’re missing their typical first-move advantage. That’s because they are just now discovering the potential of virtual currency trading and investment, something that enterprising new startups like Halo Platform have known for quite some time.

Halo Platform is building the cryptocurrency management platform of the future. On Halo Platform, cryptocurrency users can control all of their activities from one convenient, centralized dashboard. If you’re interesting in learning more about what Halo Platform can do to upgrade your cryptocurrency management activities, follow us on social media.

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