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Speed Bumps to Mobile Currency Mining

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Some of the top altcoin miners hit a bump in their road to digital coin riches this week when Google Play banned all cryptocurrency mining apps from the Play Store. This policy mirrors the ban Apple put into place back in June, which excluded software that runs digital coin mining activities on local machines.

The blockchain and cryptocurrency revolution has come, and it’s changing the internet as we know it. The giant tech companies may not like it much, but Bitcoin and the top altcoins are spinning off companies that may soon pose a major market threat to the likes of Google and Apple. However, it’s possible that this type of corporate-driven regulation is a good thing for cryptocoin markets. In fact, rather quashing competition from up-and-coming blockchain and cryptocurrency companies, Google’s policy may be another example of the type of private-side regulation that has helped legitimize the growing cryptocoin markets.

Mining Apps Banned from Google Play

Blockchain currency has travelled a long road to mainstream acceptance. However, digital coins still face an uphill battle in before they are able to earn the respect that the blockchain and cryptocurrency deserve. The FAMGA tech giants — that being Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon — have not been particularly friendly to blockchain currency since the cryptocoin market really started taking off over the past couple of years. In fact, some digital coin enthusiasts have accused FAMGA of wielding its massive collective market power to improperly influence our opinions of digital coins. After all, FAMGA basically owns the internet at this point, and blockchain and cryptocurrency poses a major threat to their increasingly powerful monopoly.

Like Apple’s new policy, Google does still allow for cloud-based mining, in which digital coins are mined through offsite servers rather than people’s devices. This move is part of a larger policy that Google is working to integrate across its platform, as the company prohibited Chrome extensions that mine cryptocurrency back in April, and it banned digital coin ads in its flagship search and display advertising services.

Halo Platform’s Masternode Technology Makes Mining Irrelevant

Anti-cryptocurrency conspiracy theories aside, Google Play’s decision to remove mining apps was part of a larger cleanup effort. And the company may have good reason to target miners. Mining apps have gotten a bad reputationdue to the prevalence of malware and other less-than-legitimate software applications involving digital coin mining. However, with the rise of mastermode technology, the debate over mining software may soon become irrelevant.

For those new to the concept, a Masternode is a computer that processes transactions on a blockchain. Masternodes are an important part of howcertain blockchain transactions operate. Masternode-powered cryptocurrencies, including some of the best altcoins like Dash and the Halo Coin, are designed to be easier to run and more efficient. That means there’s less of an incentive to use malware to hijack computing power from unwitting victims, as has been the case in digital coin mining activities.

The Halo Masternode System operates much more efficiently than typical
mining operations. Our masternode network is designed to operate in four tiers,
distributing transactions and allocating data in a structured and efficient
manner. This masternode configuration makes transactions on the Halo Platform lightning fast, and at no cost. The rise of masternodes may soon make mining a thing of the past, and if so Halo Platform will be leading the charge in the next wave of the blockchain and cryptocurrency revolution.

Halo Platform













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