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New Opportunities in Blockchain Tech Helps Bridge the Gender Gap

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The overwhelming gender gap in the technology and financial industries is an undeniable fact. However, every new technological development brings with it the potential for market changes. Amid the current cryptocurrency boom, many are wondering whether blockchain technology will open up new doors for women in tech, or whether its entanglement of tech and finance will only serve to further gender divides. The answer to this query is encouraging, as more and more women are founding, leading, and participating in up-and-coming blockchain companies.

Without input from multiple viewpoints, we’re in danger of creating an echo chamber where innovation is all but impossible. The Halo Platform Team is working to build the cryptocurrency platform of the future, and we understand that diversity of thought and opinion will be critical to our success. As a result, Halo Platform is excited to be at the cutting-edge of the blockchain revolution, which is creating important new economic opportunities for women in tech.

ICOs Open Up New Opportunities for Women in Tech

Narrowing the gender divide in the technology industry requires the creation of more opportunities for entrepreneurship, hiring, and advancement for women in tech. As it turns out, the recent ICO boom may have actually boosted female participation the technology sector. ICOs provide cryptocurrency startups a means to fundraise in a manner that does an end run around traditional avenues, such as venture capitalist and investment loans. However, since ICOs are decentralized, they avoid some of the inherent discrimination and biases built in to our existing financial services industry. By working directly with the community, a talented female tech entrepreneur can avoid the “old boys’ club” that has contributed to economic gender gaps for generations.

Blockchain Companies Create Increasing Demand For Women in STEM

ICOs have created a more gender-equitable way of raising capital. However, this isn’t the only potential benefit the blockchain may offer to women in tech. The cryptocurrency phenomenon has resulted in an explosion in demand for blockchain developers. As more jobs are created, new opportunities at blockchain companies will open up doors for women with Science, Tech, Engineering and Math (STEM) degrees looking for their next career. New demand for developers, programmers, product managers, and many other roles will also stimulate new training programs that will help raise up the next generation of women in tech.

One day soon, blockchain technology will be incorporated into all of our lives. It’s used and useful for almost everything. Current applications range from finance, real estate, healthcare, government, personal and real property ownership, and even environmental preservation. What the blockchain will ultimately make possible is anyone’s guess. However, as new opportunities for women develop in the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology markets, the blockchain revolution may give way to a more equitable society in the future.

Halo Platform sees the big picture, and we’re glad to promote and practice diversity within the blockchain technology movement. We’re disrupting the biased and broken institutions that have kept too many people down for too long, and we’re doing that by offering blockchain-based services that are useful to everyone. As blockchains become an increasingly important part of the way we live and work, new opportunities for women and minorities will open up possibilities for a brighter future.

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