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Blockchain Technology Creates New Job Opportunities

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In the United States alone, initial coin offerings have raised more than $3.7 billion in capital for new blockchain ventures. This substantial investment has led to a dramatic increase in the demand for blockchain technology developers. Halo Platform has the great fortune of having a team of talented developers who specialize in this cutting-edge field. Our top-notch engineers are quickly making Halo Platform the most versatile cryptocurrency management tool on the web, one step at a time.

Blockchain Job Boom

Since November 2015, the job site Indeed reported a 631% increase in job listings that contained the keywords ‘blockchain,’ ‘bitcoin,’ or ‘cryptocurrency’. IBM – one of the best-known giants of the tech industry - has roughly 300 opportunities posted on Monster.com that involve blockchain tech development. In fact, since early 2017, IBM has increased the number of blockchain-focused employees from around 400 to roughly 1,750.

IBM isn’t alone in its demand for blockchain professionals. Other well-known companies like Uber, GEICO, eBay, Capital One, Deloitte, JP Morgan, and ESPN are all seeking applicants with crypto skills. This is in addition to the crypto startups, which remain very appealing to individuals seeking new job opportunities. Blockchain tech companies have a glut of full-time employment opportunities, and the marketplace for freelance blockchain work is getting larger by the day. Indeed, opportunities are available involving every aspect of the technology, including design, engineering, sales, and marketing.
The Job Market of the Future

As blockchain technology continues to develop, the job market will evolve and opportunities that do not even exist yet will need to be filled. These jobs may revolve around virtual currencies that already exist or they are aimed at developing new currencies. With the limitless potential created by the growth of blockchain technologies, new jobs will emerge aimed at implementing blockchain into other industries. New jobs will become available in varied fields such as logistics, cloud computing, music and entertainment, real estate, insurance, health care, and even human resources.

As blockchain technologies advance, they will be integrated into an unimaginable number of industries other than cryptocurrency-based services. These positions will be filled by individuals transitioning from related fields and with individuals who have studied blockchain technology at a university. Halo Platform considers itself lucky to work with a team of skilled developers, designers, and operations staff who have expertise in this cutting-edge field. To keep up to date with what the Halo Platform Team is up to, follow us on social media or join our Discord at the links below.
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