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Masternodes – Halo Platform’s Powerhouse

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Halo Platform’s Masternode system runs all of the transactions that users make on the platform, making it a critical component of the back-end tech. Running a Masternode is becoming an increasingly popular way for people to participate in the cryptosphere. However, many people are still not familiar with this aspect of the blockchain and cryptocurrency world.

Halo Platform believes that the opportunities created by blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies should be accessible to everyone. This means that we all need to be in the know when it comes to new applications of blockchain technology. To help make sure the blockchain and cryptocurrency community is well informed about the opportunities created by Masternode applications, we’ve put together this article explaining a little bit about what Masternodes are and how we use them to power everything on the Halo Platform.

What’s a Masternode?

Simply put, a Masternode processes transactions on a blockchain and receives a small reward for every successful transaction that it powers. Masternodes are an important part of how blockchain transactions are performed. Masternode-driven cryptocurrencies, including popular coins like Dash and the HALO currency, are designed so that masternode holders are rewarded for validating block transactions based on how many masternodes they hold. This is a departure from the original proof of work (“PoW”) system used by Bitcoin and hundreds of coins that have followed.

Masternode-based cryptocurrencies have some significant benefits over those that run on PoW systems. For example, PoW systems are very costly in terms of energy usage. Thus, miners commonly have to sell the coins they received for verifying transactions just to pay for operating costs. This translates to downward pressure on the PoW cryptocurrency’s price. Also, since masternode systems reward owners based on how many masternodes they hold, the people running verifications have a vested interest in maintaining the currency’s market value. And all this is possible because of the efficient and high-performance Masternode technology that powers these systems.


What Makes Halo Platform’s Masternode System Unique

Halo Platform has designed its own Masternode system that allows for low-cost, high-speed transactions across the network. The Halo Masternode System is designed to be simple to setup and run for even the most inexperienced users. It is also designed to provide generous rewards to people who commit their resources to the Halo Platform blockchain, ensuring that people will be properly incentivized to keep their Masternodes running.

Halo Platform Masternodes are designed to have no access to change headers, and all transactions are handled in a first-in, first-out order. This means that Masternode operators can’t push any particular transaction to the front of the que and bottlenecking is avoided. Also, the Halo Platform blockchain is designed with Variable Demand Transactional Blocks that are responsive to network traffic. This helps ensure that there is no undue strain on the system when Halo Platform is experiencing high demand.

Running a Masternode is a unique and interesting way for people to participate in the cryptocurrency economy. Many Masternodes offer the same financial benefits as PoW mining operations, but at a fraction of the cost. If you’re interested in learning more about Masternodes, join the Halo Platform community or check us out on social media.


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