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Blockchain-based Video Games Give Cryptocurrency Mainstream Boost

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        The gaming industry is a multi-billion-dollar business, and over 1.2 billion individuals around the world are actively gaming at any given time. In fact, players everywhere are starting to discover the gaming economy for themselves. Many have learned that gaming is such big businesses, that there’s money to be had for people who take their play time seriously. Scores of committed individuals have turned gaming into a career, and more and more people are joining the financial side of gaming every day.

Many gamers just get finance. This is by nature of the fact that modern gaming often involves complex engagement with both in-game and real-world economies. As a result of their existing comfort with virtual transactions, gamers were among the first to become familiar with cryptocurrencies. Thus, gaming offers a valuable segue for the mainstreaming of cryptocurrency, and with the expansion of gaming around the world we’re sure to see an expansion in worldwide understanding and use of cryptocurrency and blockchain tech. This is a big reason why Block and Chain Game Studios works to introduce gamers around the world to the amazing potential of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology with games that appeal to mainstream and crypto gamers alike.

Growing Comfort With Virtual Transactions

        Block and Chain Studios and countless indie developers are releasing fun and immersive games build with blockchain tech. The use cases for the blockchain in gaming are expanding as creative new developers find new applications of cryptocurrency in games across a variety of genres. As the popularity of these games grow, people will naturally become more comfortable with cryptocurrency and the blockchain.

Right now, there are about 1.2 billion people who play video games around the world, and around 700 million of them play online. As the gaming industry continues to use cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, more millennials are embracing this trend. Millennials and younger generations are growing up in a technological society where it is more and more common to make purchases online, whether through a game, an app, or an e-commerce megastore like Amazon.com.

Blockchain Games Available Now

Block and Chain is not only launching and developing its own fun and exciting games – including the fantasy racing game Draggin’ Dragons and gruesome creature-combat game Blockfight! – it’s also creating a platform for the development, testing, release, and launch of other blockchain gaming experiences. And fortunately for the players of the world, there are plenty to choose from!

One company that utilizes the technology is Everdreamsoft, an organization that is Swiss-based and created “Spells of Genesis” (SoG), a trading card game that utilizes blockchain technology. This game has already attracted mainstream attention, and it’s getting people excited about blockchain gaming. Decimated, a thrilling post-apocalyptic open-world survival game and platform partner to Block and Chain, has built an entire in-game economy on the blockchain, complete with both salvageable materials and marketplace transactions.

For people around the world, cryptocurrency offers an amazing opportunity to be a part of new technological advances. This is especially true for gamers, who use cryptocurrency at far higher rates than people who do not actively game. Many gamers are naturally comfortable using and investing in cryptocurrencies as an extension of their other virtual activities, and as a result may have a large impact on cryptocurrencies’ incorporation into the mainstream financial system in the future.

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