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The Blockchain – The Biggest Thing to Hit Gaming Since Smartphones

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Remember way back when you had to be connected to a landline in order to make a phone call? Gather ‘round children, and let the old-timers share stories from our isolated, disconnected lives before cell phones were invented. Just imagine - if you wanted to talk to someone who wasn’t in the room with you, you had to use a bulky plastic handset with wires and cords hanging off of it. The thing only worked because it was physically connected by poles and wires to every other telephone on the planet, just like the strung-together cans that you may have played with as a young child. And forget about texting, snaps, and posting to the ‘gram – those things were technologically impossible back in the ancient days of landline telephones. But now, what would we do without them?

At one time, pole-and-wire telecommunication was one of the most groundbreaking innovations the world had ever seen. For the first time in human history, information could be shared instantly across great distances. It changed the course of human history, but in the blink of an eye it became a relic of the past. Of course, places that have already dotted their horizons with telephone poles still rely on them for emergencies and special uses. But the invention of cellular technology made this centralized pole-and-wire infrastructure obsolete. Cell phones decentralized telecommunications, breaking through the technical and economic barriers that prevented poor and underdeveloped populations from accessing this life-changing technology. All of a sudden, advanced industries started popping up in places in the world that barely even had access to reliable electrical service, and mobile technology continues to improve the quality of life in the developing world.  

The blockchain brings the promise of decentralization to the internet, as well as the infinite possibilities that come along with it. Just as cell phones demolished the restrictions that centralized pole-and-wire infrastructure imposed on our our telecommunications services, blockchain technology is breaking through the barriers put in place by the centralized forces that control most of the internet services market. This creates new and seemingly limitless opportunities for economic and social development all around the world.

Sure, blockchain technology may bring us worldwide economic prosperity and world peace, but those sorts of things are for people in the United Nations to worry about. What will the blockchain do for us regular folks just living our day-to-day? For the billions of gamers around the world, it will do a whole lot.

Gamers are a pretty tech-savvy bunch, and since in-game economies have been a thing since MMORGs got big way back at the turn of the millennium, we’re already well versed in the basic concepts of digital currency. As a result, the blockchain has found an easy niche in video game markets, and now indie gaming companies are using this amazing new technology to generate totally new online experiences. The blockchain can be used to ensure fair scoring and randomization. Smart contracts can increase gamers’ participation in in-game governance by allowing players to make decisions about their virtual worlds by consensus vote. In short, the blockchain opens up a seemingly infinite set of new opportunities for gamers everywhere. And since nobody owns the blockchain, these opportunities can be shared freely without the limitations of centralized control.

Block & Chain Studios understands that blockchain technology is the future. We’re leveraging this exciting new innovation into amazing new online games like Draggin’ Dragons, an exciting racing game where you can train, race, and wager on magical beasts who race for valuable prizes. Or, if hand-to-hand combat is more your thing, check out Blockfight – a one-on-one combat experience that uses blockchain to keep the odds fair. Block & Chain Studios is developing games for the next generation of online users, so join us today and check out all of the incredible opportunities blockchain gaming has to offer!

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