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Big-Name Gaming Companies Embrace Blockchain Tech

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Blockchain technology has been adopted by much of the gaming industry already, and more companies are looking to incorporate blockchain tech into more of their games. Ubisoft, one of the largest game companies, has started their own blockchain project. But Ubisoft’s blockchain game, HashCraft, isn’t the only thing the gaming giant is cooking up in the blockchain games space. Ubisoft recently joined the Blockchain Game Alliance, that focuses on creating common practices and standards needed to utilize blockchain technology.

Block and Chain Game Studios is always glad to see new applications of blockchain tech in gaming. However, we know that the best and the brightest game developers aren’t locked in to the corporate gaming world – they’re out in the community. Our mission is to bring the benefits of blockchain and cryptocurrency in gaming to everyone, and we’re starting at the grass roots, not the corporate boardroom.


HashCraft: Ubisoft’s Blockchain Game Experiment

HashCraft is a new game being developed by international gamemaker Ubisoft that partly relies on blockchain tech. The game uses utilizes blockchain ledger technology to record any change that the user makes to their environment in the game. Once they are comfortable with the changes that they made, the player’s activities can be verified through the blockchain and made public. Over time, the game becomes increasingly decentralized, making it difficult for hackers to crack the system.

Ubisoft’s ability to leverage blockchain gaming into a fun sandbox-type open world game is only the beginning, since this isn’t the only major company looking at ways to utilize blockchain technology. Other well-known companies such as Sony and Microsoft are also interested in developing blockchain games. But, if so, will the corporate giants crowd out the up-and-comers in the blockchain gaming market?


Corporate Gaming Giants Eager For New Applications of Blockchain Tech

It should come as no surprise that giant corporations are interested in blockchain only insofar as it helps their bottom line. One of the main reasons why Sony is interested in utilizing blockchain is because it is more reliable and secure for copyright than current digital rights management solutions. Sony is also looking to use a blockchain platform in their user login and authentication, hoping that it would also be more secure.

Given the amazing potential of blockchain tech, it should similarly come as no surprise that Sony is not alone in its adoption of using blockchain tech. Microsoft is also planning on using blockchain tech to keep track of collecting copyright royalties and transactions in its gaming systems. Microsoft will be working with Ubisoft and other partners to help accomplish the development of their proposed projects.

With big name companies such as Ubisoft, Sony, and Microsoft jumping at the chance to utilize blockchain technologies, it seems as though the technology will continue to grow. After all, as more businesses incorporate blockchain tech into their day-to-day technology, we will see increased mainstream use of this exciting new development. However, there is also some concern that their presence in the blockchain games market will crowd out indie developers. We believe that there are many hit games out there that never get to see the light of day for this reason. Fortunately, Block and Chain Game Studios is here to give independent developers an opportunity to win.

Block and Chain is always excited to see new applications of blockchain tech in gaming, but we’re even more excited to see them coming from the gaming community itself. Our platform is built to suit the needs of both players and developers, bringing together these two critical components of the global gaming industry. To experience the benefits of Block and Chain for yourself, join our community!


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