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Island Nation Breaks New Ground in Decentralization

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When it comes to the blockchain and cryptocurrency revolution, some countries have proven to be more receptive than others. A handful of nations have banned digital coin activities altogether, while others have made moves designed to ensure they take full advantage of this exciting new technological development. Malta, the small island nation in the Mediterranean, definitely falls into the latter group. In fact, the tiny European country has earned itself the prestigious nickname of the Blockchain Island.

Regardless of where they’re from, everyone deserves to experience the benefits of decentralization. Governments often push back against anything that takes control away from centralized institutions, but the security advantages of decentralized control are undeniable. Halo Platform is working hard to bring the benefits of decentralization to everyone across the world, and we’re going to make landmark progress with the launch of our decentralized exchange.

Malta’s Plans for a Decentralized Stock Exchange

Malta may be tiny in size, but it’s growing into a giant in the cryptocurrency markets. Most recently, the innovation arm of the Malta Stock Exchange, MSX, announced a partnership with blockchain platforms and top crypto exchanges that was launched with the intention to create the world’s first fully-regulated stock exchange that’s also decentralized. This decision arose in the context of a flurry of new laws focused on facilitating the development of blockchain technology on the island.

MSX plans to meld the worlds of digital coins and regulated securities by creating so-called “tokenized securities.” Its vision is to combine the technological benefits of the blockchain and cryptocurrency with the security and protection of regulated equity shares. At least for now, Malta is the first country gearing up for hosting a regulated trading platform for tokenized securities, although more nations are likely to follow suit as the cryptocurrency market continues to grow in popularity. In fact, some are even claiming that our economic future will be shaped by digital currencies and tokens.

Is Decentralization the Future?

For those of us who have been entrenched in the blockchain and cryptocurrency worlds for some time now, Malta’s decision seems like the next logical step in adapting to the technological change that has taken the world’s financial markets by storm. Decentralization offers several benefits over centralized control (although, as Halo Platform wrote in a previous blog, centralization isn’t all bad).

Halo Platform has developed one of the few truly trustless decentralized exchanges out there. Many of the operations claim decentralized exchanges actually take a hybrid approach, which requires sacrificing some of the security benefits associated with full decentralization in favor of the efficiency of centralized control. Halo Platform’s decentralized exchange, however, makes no such tradeoff.

Halo Platform runs HaloDEX on its own blockchain that it built using an original application program interface (“API”), which makes the exchange scalable, decentralized and lightning fast. We’ve designed HaloDEX to accommodate massive trading volumes and nearly limitless cryptocurrency trading pairs, which is exactly what the growing virtual currency markets need. To find out more about the decentralized exchange and the other exciting offerings from Halo Platform, join our community.

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