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Horizon State Chooses the Halo Platform Blockchain Network



Horizon State Chooses the Halo Platform Blockchain Network

The leadership and development teams at the Halo Platform are happy to announce our recent blockchain hosting partnership with the exciting project, Horizon State

As they explain in their whitepaper,

Horizon State has built a token-based blockchain voting and decision-making platform that delivers unprecedented trust through the integrity and post-unforgeable attributes of DLT.  Horizon State delivers a secure digital ballot box, wherein results are immutable and voter identities are protected. Votes cast can be counted transparently, in real time, by anyone in the world. These counts can happen in perpetuity, as results are permanently retained on the blockchain and are immutable. More than that - Horizon State allows voters to verify that their own vote is accounted for, while maintaining their anonymity”    

Their voting system has already been chosen as the exclusive voting solution to be used by The Democratic Party of India and just this week it was announced that they will be used by New Zealand’s Opportunity Party, to conduct their leadership election next month. The Halo Platform blockchain will handle tens of thousands of transactions during each vote.

Horizon State uses blockchain technology and their advanced architecture to deliver on three core needs present in the voting/election space… “considered deliberation of decisions, effective mobilization of communities, and facilitation of secure voting.”  When these powerful tools are offered to the public at large, it is possible to make “every voice count on a global scale.”  The team behind Horizon State studied the strengths and weaknesses of the various blockchain networks available today and decided that the Halo Platform Blockchain was clearly the best choice of network provider.  

As their platform use grows, it is possible (and very likely) that the Horizon State system will be handling voting sessions with millions of transactions over a short period of time.  The Halo Platform not only offers a lightning-fast network with zero gas fees (zero transaction cost), but is also secured at an enterprise level that could rival the security of many banks. Obviously, to ensure the trust and reliability of engagements ranging from shareholder voting to official government elections, network security was a major factor in the decision made by Horizon State.  

The Horizon State platform stresses the importance of increased engagement and is working hard to “empower communities with decision making tools that inspire trust” fueled by the use of their Decision Tokens (HST).  The HST token will soon be listed for trade on HaloDEX , the Halo Platform’s advanced decentralized exchange, backed by one of the fastest and most secure blockchain networks available today.

For more information regarding the Horizon State platform: inbox@horizonstate.com.

For information regarding exchange listing and blockchain hosting opportunities please contact the Halo Platform’s Business Development Manager: Matthew@haloplatform.tech.

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A great example of what the blockchain is great for, the current way we vote is open for corruption

Well done Horizon State for choosing the Halo blockchain, it was the only choice

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Voting on the Blockchain is an excellent example of real world Application. I'm ecstatic Horizon State has partnered with Halo Platform.

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Using Halo blockchain technology for voting. This is going to save taxpayers (all of us) a fortune!!! 

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Amazing news! Can't wait for more partnerships to come over to Halo blockchain and see true speed.

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So exciting to see partnerships being formed and this project continuing to crush it at every turn!  Keep up the great work!

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What an amazing partnership! Taxpayers are going to truly appreciate the amount of money saved during the elections.

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