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Block & Chain Game Studios Weekly Newsletter November 9, 2018




Block and Chain Game Studios

Block & Chain Game Studios

Weekly Newsletter

November 9, 2018


News @ Block & Chain

Marketing for Blockfight and Draggin’ Dragons continued in high gear, with several features on our social media and partner platforms. This week, we also completed a low-friction onboarding flow for our games, which allows Halo Platform wallet holders to go straight into our games and use their Featherlite wallets to play. No more usernames and passwords to remember!

Last week, we introduced the backstory for Blockfight and explained how all of the grotesque beings came to inhabit this planet and became the puppets of their overlords. This week we started to introduce the monsters on our forum and social media, starting with the dastardly Prince Panilio:

Prince Panilio Blockfight


In Draggin’ Dragons, we’ve built immersive, interactive environments. Watch dragons zoom over and under environment objects in their race to victory. Lootlift Lane, a track inside of a long lost Egyptian pyramid, is a great example of one such track.

Draggin' Dragons


We also completed the Player Profile and Owner’s Paddock, where you can see all of the dragons you’ve ever owned and bask in your many victories!

Draggin' DragonsDraggin' Dragons


Look for Blockfight and Draggin’ Dragons open Beta to launch later in November!


Decimated News

Decimated MMORPG

Our friends at Fracture Labs have been very busy building their amazing post apocalyptic MMO. So much so that we are going to feature their major updates in our newsletters going forward. In fact, we’re publishing this week’s newsletter early to let everyone know that the Fracture Labs team are doing an interview in AltspaceVR this Friday at 8pm Central European Time (11:00 am to 12:00 PM PST). Click here to learn more: https://facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=567120730413441&id=457143298077852

If you don’t have time to watch the VR presentation and just want to see what’s new with Decimated, you can see the latest news along with their latest game trailer here: https://medium.com/@fracturelabs/a-multiplayer-online-survival-game-powered-by-blockchain-interview-with-stephen-arnold-the-ceo-f05950eabfb5

Game Maker’s Corner

Devin Seto: Head of Games

While working at Electronic Arts, I had the opportunity to teach part-time at the Vancouver Film School. The head of the Game Design program was an EA Alum (former Development Director for the NHL Hockey Franchise) and he liked to bring teachers in who worked in the industry so students could understand what game making was really like.

Many people in my class (and since) have asked the question: How do I get into the games industry? Well, you can spend $50K+ plus in a game design program like that one and it might help. I would say roughly 10% of my students ended up in the industry long-term. And some companies still provide the “QA Opportunity”, where you can be hired as a contract Tester and after many long shifts and cutthroat competition, someone may notice you and maybe they’ll give you an opportunity.

But let’s face it, getting into game development is hard. It’s a smaller world than you may think and people tend to hire game makers they’ve worked with before (myself included with the likes of Harold, Michelle, Ali, and Todd). Combine that with the smaller teams needed to build today’s mobile and casual games and the opportunities are fewer and farther between.

Thankfully, the same tools and tech that allow for easier game development are available to anybody and free tutorials are all over the web. I often say to people “you and I could go into my basement this afternoon and start making a game”, then we can publish it on the app store and market it on social media and it just might be a hit! And thanks to the many review sites and platform rating systems out there, we can easily see how well a game is received. Nowadays, when I want to find a talented game maker, and my personal network isn’t yielding the desired results, I look for freelance game makers. I play their games and look at their ratings. I am rarely disappointed with what I encounter, as our two very talented game makers Adam and Anh will demonstrate.

In the News

What’s hot in gaming, on and off the blockchain? Here’s where you find out!

https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com/ethereum-blockchain-game-developer-reveals-the-thrills-of-creating-his-first-dapp/ - Building a DApp on Ethereum is a challenge that many developers have not faced before. One such developer is Michael J. Cohen, who is a front-end developer in NYC. He spent the summer creating a Dapp. The Dapp was a fantasy football game known as Blockgame. He has now decided to share his journey with the world.

B&C: Thanks to open sourced blockchains like Ethereum’s and well, ours, independent game makers can dive in and build really good games on the blockchain. It’s projects like this one B&C likes to work with because indie game makers seldom think of things like community management, product support, low friction economies and viral marketing when building their games. As we mentioned when we published our whitepaper, we seek to find passionate, talented indie game makers and provide a platform for them to showcase their craft and launch the games of their dreams.

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Halo is coming together one peice at a time. Imagine where it will be by next year.

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