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Block & Chain Game Studios Weekly Newsletter November 16, 2018

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Block & Chain Game Studios

Weekly Newsletter

November 16, 2018


News @ Block & Chain

This week we began testing our games with Halo Currency. It was really cool to see the platform integrated within the games. One of us may or may not have accidentally dropped all their Halo on a single battle in Blockfight…

We now have wallets integrated into our games and players with Halo wallets will be automatically signed in. No usernames, passwords, no fuss, no muss! Platform credentials are game credentials. Of course, players can also set up a traditional username and password if they wish.

As we complete the Halo Platform wallet integration into our games, we have continued our marketing efforts in the run up to launch.

We are continuing to release the fighter dossiers for blockfight and this week, we introduce the next one in the lineup. We give you Amorial...


We also began introducing the Speed Racers to be featured in the upcoming Draggin’ Dragons beta release. Take a look at our first few racers:



We also featured a Developer’s Blog, where we describe the Dragon’s Concept and where the idea behind the game came from.

We’re excited to launch these games and share the fun we’ve built with everybody!

Game Maker’s Corner

Mary Ngai: Artist

I typically work on character design and art for our games. My usual job is to paint horrifying creatures, nefarious villains and heroic characters, but I have also been helping the Draggin’ Dragons team develop the User Interface (UI).

I’m a HUGE fan of games with a beautiful painted illustration styles like Blizzard’s Hearthstone, or Supergiant’s Bastion, and so I thought UI would be simple -- but boy was I wrong. Creating assets and handling files is a very technical process. Everything MUST be in the right position for each atlas using a specific setup. Knowing JSON makes it a lot easier, since that is how we handle file attributes. There is, of course, the creative aspects of designing the look of everything, but the bulk of my time is spent thinking about design.

Working with the UI team made me realize how well thought out UI is, yet it is one of the most underappreciated aspects of games. Think about that the next time you log into a game and perhaps take for granted the login flow, neat buttons and robust menus, and appreciate all the hardworking artists and programmers who worked on it!

In the News

What’s hot in gaming, on and off the blockchain? Here’s where you find out!

https://www.prweb.com/releases/2018/11/prweb15901783.htm - Contentos, a decentralized global content ecosystem, announces a partnership with Yahoo! Taiwan to educate mainstream audiences about blockchain.

B&C: We are big on gamifying knowledge and the idea of gamifying blockchain knowledge specifically is a fantastic way to educate novice users, curious to dip their toes into the blockchain world. There are many great ways to entice gamers to blockchain technologies. At B&C, our mandate is to make getting into our games as easy as possible. Thanks to the Halo Platform, we have some great tools to onboard new players, enable them to acquire Halo easily and place it in their wallet for gameplay. All our games will walk players through this process. We may even gamify masternodes at some point…

https://www.gamespot.com/articles/all-the-2018-game-awards-nominees/1100-6463220/ - The nominees have been announced for 2018's The Game Awards. This year Sony Santa Monica's God of War and Rockstar Games' Red Dead Redemption 2 are the two front-runners, locked neck-and-neck at eight nominations each including Game of the Year.

B&C: Once upon a time, I used to wait with baited breath to see who would be nominated for the annual game awards. Would a game I worked on be nominated? Would a brave new IP make the cut? Something cool, innovative, fun? Nowadays, console games have become much like the movie industry: focused on blockbuster hits from established franchises (Red Dead 2 arguably is the notable exception here). I mean, how many Gods of War, Grand Theft Autos, Assassins Creeds and Battlefields can there be? More often than not, I find myself digging around Steam or the Apple App Store for a fresh, new, game from an independent developer. There are a lot of good games out there without the massive marketing and cinematic budgets behind them. And yet, some of these are the best games I’ve ever played. I’m convinced the future of gaming lies in the hands of indie developers and the blockchain is the best platform for them to raise capital, develop and thrive!

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