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The Blockchain Game Alliance

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The Blockchain Game Alliance

        Blockchain tech is slowly catching on in the mainstream, and there are lots of people out there who are very curious about this new technology. Online searches pertaining to the blockchain have gone up nearly 250%, and more and more people are becoming informed about this exciting technology.  But there’s one community of people who are particularly plugged in to the tech world and can experience real benefits from the blockchain: online gamers.

        Block and Chain Game Studios recognizes that gamers are the perfect group to help others understand the benefits of blockchain technology. But we can’t be alone in reaching such an obvious conclusion – and of course, we aren’t.


Bringing the Blockchain to Gaming

There are several benefits that blockchain can offer for gamers. The big ones are fairness and transparency, as blockchain technology eliminates the need for a third party in online transactions. Additionally, blockchain tech offers important benefits for online privacy, authentication, and security. In fact, the blockchain has become such a popular topic among the gaming industry that a group of gaming companies founded the Blockchain Game Alliance earlier this year.

The Alliance was announced at the Blockchain Game summit in Lyon, France in September. The Alliance is composed of French gaming giant Ubisoft, as well as a suite of other influential companies like Alto, Gimli, Fig, Ultra, B2Expand, ConsenSys, Everdreamsoft and Enjin. The Alliance is focusing on integrating blockchain tech and creating common practices and standards for blockchain use among gaming companies. According to Nicolas Gilot, co-CEO of Alliance member Ultra, the Blockchain Game Alliance will “democratize blockchain within the gaming industry.” The Alliance will bring together these gaming giants to discuss how to use blockchain tech positively in the gaming industry.

Stakeholders are invited to an open meeting by the Alliance to look at studies that show new ways to implement this technology into the development of video games. For example, Ubisoft is working on partnering up with Google to develop a cloud gaming system. New trials and projects conducted by Alliance members – as well as the fresh faces in blockchain gaming - will assist in mainstreaming blockchain and cryptocurrency technology.


Facilitating Tech Adoption Through Gaming

The video game industry has always been effective at encouraging the mainstream adoption of new virtual experiences, and it will prove critical in building industry practices and for using blockchain technology in entertainment. As a result, the gaming industry will play an important part in mainstream adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. The formation of the Blockchain Gaming Alliance is a meaningful step in the right direction, but there’s still a far way to go.

        The utilization of blockchain technology is becoming more popular throughout the gaming industry, and big gaming companies like Ubisoft are trying to place themselves ahead of the rest of the market. But with influential companies such as Ubisoft, Microsoft and Sony embracing blockchain, how much longer will it before corporations gobble up all of the new opportunities this technology has to offer?

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