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Halo Platform Weekly Newsletter Week of: Nov. 25 – Dec. 1, 2018




Halo Platform Weekly Newsletter

Week of: Nov. 25 – Dec. 1, 2018


Hello Halo Platform community. Thanks as always for following us on our journey through the cryptospace. Here are some of the happenings at Halo Platform this week:

Halo Platform & Exchange

The cryptocurrency markets have taken a wild ride over the past couple of weeks, but Halo is still going strong. Our team is working hard to add Horizon State (HST) and Bitcoin (BTC) wrappers to HaloDEX as we continue to grow our coin support. Otherwise, our main priorities are the coin split and v1.1 of the master node system, which is required to support the split and changes our minting rates. Essentially, the split is a hard fork and we need to make sure all of our current systems support the change. Extensive testing is providing assurance that our system is ironclad and airtight.

Thanks for supporting us as we build a bigger, better cryptocurrency platform.

New Releases

As always, we’re working to improve the Halo Platform user experience. Over the past 2 weeks, we delivered the following new releases:


Chrome Extension Release v1.1.1:


DEX Version 3.1.0:

  • Added new ticker component

  • Improved long text display in the total field with detailed information about the currently selected base/token

  • Fixed UI for multiple screen sizes down to iPhone5

  • Fixed a bug that caused the max value used when clicking the max button in an order

  • The Landing page will now properly show a progress loader in dark mode


During Thanksgiving week, we also released DEX versions 3.0.2 and 3.0.3, which:

  • Fixed display bug for prices on trade history

  • Fixed a bug that would cause balances to not update in real time

  • Fixed a bug that would cause order books to not update upon changing markets

  • Added VTHO coin support

To see what we are currently working on at any time, take a look at our Status Board.

Marketing Update

The Halo Platform and Block and Chain Game Studios website developers are working hard to create new website content. This includes ongoing development of the Player Central platform for Block and Chain Games, which will serve as the primary user interface for the entire gaming platform. Player Central will be ready for testing shortly, so stay tuned for a testnet release. A Halo Platform website revamp is also in the works. Look for a detailed announcement regarding the new changes in December.

New Business

In our efforts to spread the word about all of the great things Halo Platform has to offer, Business Development Manager Matthew Dowd and Halo Platform VP of Operations Devin Seto attended the Blockchain Expo-North America, in California’s Silicon Valley. The event, which ran from the 28th through the 30th of November, focused on content from leading brands embracing and developing cutting edge blockchain technologies. This is exciting for both Halo Platform and Block and Chain Game Studios as the team met to evangelize the strengths and benefits of our superfast and low-cost platform. We have several follow up meetings with potential partners coming next week and Matt will be meeting in person with a number of companies based in New York.



Matt Dowd (Business Development Manager) and Devin Seto (VP of Operations)



Blockchain in the Entertainment Industry Panel - We spoke with these panelists from the TV, Music and Video Game industries



We met with Kingsley Hendrickse, co-founder of Sushi Chain, getting ready to beta test Guardians of Axum, a collectible blockchain card game


Platform Partner Updates



Horizon State just celebrated another great milestone. The Opportunities Party (New Zealand) vote commenced this morning, enabling over 4000 members to vote for their next leader and board representative. The vote will run until 12:00 noon on the 8th of December, and is using the Halo Blockchain to manage the election.


Did you know? There are detailed instructions and walkthroughs of the Halo Platform on our wiki and youtube channels. Let us know if there is something you’d like to see there and we will gladly add it.

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Halo seems to be more walk than talk. That's why they're my go to investment in Cryptocurrency.

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The weekly updates from Halo and Block and Chain Games Studio are a great way to stay apprised of the latest news. Sign up so you don't miss any.

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Once again a solid update and again spelled out easisly enough in laymen terms. As always - keep building and the people will come.

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