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Block & Chain Game Studios Weekly Newsletter December 14, 2018

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Guest Halo-Devin




Block & Chain Game Studios

Weekly Newsletter

December 14, 2018


News @ Block & Chain

Blockfight Update

Morken is a larger-than-life former gangster serving his penance in the blockfight world. He’s one of our toughest fighters and, in spite of his elevated pedigree, is an extremely effective killing machine.



Did you know?

Players can choose from a wide variety of dice styles. Find your lucky dice and stick to them or change them up for variety!



Choose your lucky dice!


Draggin’ Dragons Update

With Speed Racing almost finished, the team has been focusing on building game logic and assets for Battle Races. Dragon Breeding is a major feature in Draggin’ Dragons, but we knew from the start we wanted players to have the ability to play with their newborn dragons. Thus, Battle Races were conceived (pun intended)! In Battle Races, you can take the dragons you have bred and race them against other players’ dragons. Unlike Speed Races, these dragons play dirty. Not only are opponent dragons bent on confounding your dragon in the race, the tracks themselves are chock full of obstacles that will slow down your dragon down. Thankfully, you can train your dragons and imbue them with skills to defend against these obstacles and even against other dragons’ attacks.

Below is an example of a Battle Track, with some of the obstacles your dragon will encounter during the race.


Don’t let the pretty flowers fool you. This track is dangerous!


HALO Coin vs “Soft Currency”

We’ve had a number of questions recently around the two types of currencies offered in each of our games and we want to clarify what these are, how they work and why we are offering more than Halo alone.

Bar none, the best proven model for attracting players and payers to games is the free-to-play or “freemium” model of monetization. Now, “free-to-play” is a bit of misnomer because free play will allow players access to some of each game’s features, but not all of them.

Let’s take Draggin’ Dragons as an example. Players can wager on races for soft currency and they can win soft currency, but that currency has no value outside the game. It’s a means of sampling the game mechanic before investing hard currency (Halo) in a race. Once the breeding feature is introduced, players can use soft currency to buy common dragons, but the more rare dragons can only be purchased with Halo. And in our auction house, players will only be able to buy and sell their dragons with Halo. So, while Dragon Coins, the soft currency for Draggin’ Dragons, allows players to get into the game and play the basics, advanced features require Halo. This significantly widens the player funnel because, let’s face it, who wants to pay for something before they’ve had a chance to try it out. For us, it’s also a way for non-cryptocurrency users to get onto our platform and, once in, we can show them how easy it is to set up a wallet and get their hands on Halo.

Soft currency can be acquired for free from in-game loot drops, daily “drips” and other methods. If players don’t feel like they have enough soft currency, they can purchase it with a credit card or even Halo if they wish. But unlike Halo, soft currency has no value outside the game. Halo, on the other hand, is used as a game currency across all titles on our platform, now and forever. It has value outside the game and can be moved in and out of the games or the platform, just like any other cryptocurrency. And once we complete our multi-currency wallet, we are set up to accept non-Halo currencies as well.

This model provides players with a variety of methods to play our games and it opens the non-crypto user funnel wide. It is one of our primary strategies for player growth across our platform.


Business Development Update

My name is Matt Dowd and my job is Business Development for the Halo Platform and Block and Chain Games. I have had the pleasure of recently attending three of the bigger conferences in the blockchain space (TokenFest, World CryptoCon, and Blockchain Expo) and it is clear that the industry has definitely taken notice and more importantly, a focused aim at the well over 2.5 BILLION active gamers worldwide. Present at every blockchain/cryptocurrency event attended are multiple examples of how the technology is getting used to further the gaming industry.

We have been able to make great contacts (and have since been furthering the relationship with the B&C Game platform) with projects producing fun and inviting games that range from fantasy card games to exotic car collecting and racing…all built on the blockchain. When the strengths of our platform were explained, people were quick to exchange business cards and ask for meetings. I am not able to mention all the relationships by name yet, but will be making regular announcements as formal agreements are solidified.

In the News

What’s hot in gaming, on and off the blockchain? Here’s where you find out!

https://hackernoon.com/huobi-special-report-blockchain-games-9f3e62e01e14 - We believe that traditional game industry is a perfect target for blockchain integration, which could potentially result in mass adoption and popularization of blockchain technology.

B&C: We are often asked what makes the blockchain useful for digital games and why players should care about it. Huobi published this article back in September and it does a great job of explaining the currency and future benefits of the blockchain for game development. Currently, the blockchain provides a number of key benefits to the player, such as:

  • Gameplay with cryptocurrency

  • Provable fairness of random outcomes

  • Persistency and portability

  • Virtual goods ownership

  • The ability to give away or earn cryptocurrency in-game

The way we like to explain it is that blockchain technology revolutionizes gameplay by giving more freedom and control to the player. But the future is even more compelling. We’re beginning to see a de-coupling of blockchain from cryptocurrency. Future iterations of blockchain games will utilize mechanics that don’t necessarily rely on cryptocurrency such as free-to-play gaming, user generated (and incentivized) content, and incorporating blockchain functions like mining and masternodes into game mechanics. The possibilities are inspiring and Block & Chain is already taking aim at some of these.


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