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Halo Platform Weekly Newsletter Week of: Dec. 9 – Dec 15, 2018

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Halo Platform Weekly Newsletter

Week of: Dec. 9 – Dec 15, 2018


Hello Halo Platform community, and thanks as always for following us on this exciting journey through the growing crypto-space.

We’ve been keeping our heads down this week, working hard at building new products, services, and partnerships . Here’s what’s going on around the Halo Platform's virtual offices.


Halo Currency & Exchange

The Halo Coin is splitting! We have been stress testing it thoroughly this week. We expect the split to broaden the appeal of the Halo coin vis a vis other popular currencies in the cryptosphere, so there should be plenty of benefits to be realized from this new move for the platform and set us up for a winning year in 2019.


Currency Split Details - Please Read!

We have been actively working on the currency split for some time now and we are ready to make it happen early next week. Before we can do that, we need to release version 1.1 of our masternode system.

The Masternode v1.1 reset will start later today (look for an announcement from Scott). We will do one more final payout before wiping all current masternode contracts. All funds, collateral and rewards, are automatically distributed to each owner of a masternode, dependent on their percent ownership. All existing masternodes will be reset. This will lead us into the Coin Split early next week.

All services will still be accessible up until the split with the exception of the Masternode Dapp.  It will be taken offline and no new Masternodes will be able to be started until after the split occurs. The change will occur in the background and the masternode system will be brought back online right after the split is complete. After the masternode system is reset, users must set up their masternodes again. Rewards will begin again 7 days after the split is complete.

During the split, we will have to take down the platform for 6-8 hours wherein wallets, masternodes, and the DEX will not be functional. We will announce to everyone in advance of that time so you can prepare accordingly. No action is needed on your part during this time.

Once the split is complete, all Halo balances will reflect the 800:1 new ratio. Please note, the split doesn’t affect any other currencies users may have in their DEX wallet. ETH, DBET, VET, VTHO balances will be unaffected.


Marketing Contest Results Announced

Congratulations to our Week 1 contest winners! We had winners from around the globe: Italy, UK, and USA. We’re proud to have such a broad following and want to thank everyone for spreading the word about the power of the Halo Platform!

The contest will continue after our exciting new website revamp, which we will be happening next week.


New Releases

We continued to release some fixes and improvements to the Chrome Extension this week. Here is a summary of release content:

Extension v1.2.0:

  • Actions requiring confirmation now can be whitelisted by dapp/action. (e.g. Feather extension can be whitelisted for creating accounts without asking for permission again) **NOTE**: Sending Txs or Contract Interactions are _ineligible_ for whitelisting. See sample below. Clicking "Next" will allow you to add this action only to the whitelist for "Feather Chrome Extension" only.


  • Dapps will need to be approved before for being allowed to interact with the extension. See image below. This is a security feature, wherein if a dapp is rejected by you, all requests to the extension are ignored and no data can be returned. You can manage these lists in Feather settings.


  • Actions that deal with account security such as account export now require master password verification.

  • Due to performance improvements, there is now a refresh button in the status bar located in the footer of Feather. Network/Balance/Halo Prime changes will need to be manually refreshed.

  • Account export now includes account name, previous account exports are still compatible

  • Added block explorer to popup

  • Popup now changes dapp links based on  network type (mainnet, testnet)

  • Block number removed from Feather tab to improve performance and reduce the number of requests being made by the extension.


Extension v1.2.1:

  • Improved UI to confirm whitelistable actions. The "Add to Whitelist" button is now on the initial dialog and no longer requires navigating to a new "step".

Extension v1.2.1:

  • Fixed an issue where users were experiencing an auto-logout earlier than expected. This has been resolved. Moving/Clicking the mouse in the feather tab/sending transactions will refresh this timer.

Next week, we are also releasing an updated version of the featherlite client to bring it up to parity with the extension.

To see more details on our current and past releases, visit our user forums.


New Business

We’ve received tons of great feedback and new contacts from the cryptocurrency and blockchain events Halo Platform has attended recently. We’ve had meetings daily with crypto entrepreneurs with projects that need network hosting and coins that they want to get listed on our exchange. Everyone has been excited to hear about the speed and strength of the Halo Platform network, which we provide transaction fee free. It’s a natural progression for partners to go from hosting their projects on our blockchain to a listing on our lightning-quick DEX.

We’ve also got a whole new social media campaign that we’re set to launch in the New Year, so we’re excited about the growing buzz surrounding Halo Platform’s online presence. Help us spread the word by following us on social media and sharing our posts.


If you haven’t already, come follow us on social media:









Did you know? There are detailed instructions and walkthroughs of the Halo Platform on our wiki. Let us know if there is something you’d like to see there, and we will gladly add it!




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