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  2. Halo-Sean

    Dex Version 5.0.1

    Change Log Improvements Depth Chart was removed. Resolved an issue where multiple popups would spawn from extension when navigating to balances page. Login should persist between loads so users aren't required to login again after refresh. Removed max button Halo related markets only show 2 decimals New Features New logout button to log out. Adds new alert letting users know dex is in active development. Uses localStorage and will not show again once dismissed
  3. Halo-Brandon

    Chrome Extension v1.4.8

    Improvements Popup network bar text is bigger. This wont hurt your eyes too much anymore. You've finally checked out Blockfight, so the games tab notification is now gone. When Draggin Dragons? New shimmer placeholder image while the accounts page loads up when clicking on extension. White screen, gone. New informative UI when a site is attempting to access your accounts data. This confirmation popup is now more informative and all confirmation dialogs now have Halo Platform Extension on them, so you know it's from us
  4. v1.020 (March 26, 2019) - Improved sync between multiple sessions playing at the same time. - Minor fix to show correct hot matchups at startup. - Fixed layering of UI elements on coin purchase confirmation dialog. - Show number of achievements unlocked and total at top of achievements dialog. - Fight history will now refresh with latest data if clicking the tab that's already showing. - Fixed layering of opponent hit particles.
  5. CV8

    HaloDex Duplicate Orders

    Placing buy orders on Halodex results in two duplicate orders showing in "Open Orders"
  6. Loads of good news and a lot of excitement for the upcoming products and features. Amazing job, as always!
  7. Block & Chain Game Studios Update March 22, 2019 Blockfight Update and Airdrop Campaign Since we launched Blockfight nearly a month ago, we have had a good response, both from players and game platforms and publications. Masternode holders have realized the benefits of the revenue from the game in the form of award payouts. In response to player feedback, we have released several revisions to the game and added some great new features, including (but not limited to): Website and social media links added to home screen Added new dice Added Achievements section to game menu Improved instructions explaining commission rates Added Hot Matchups to battle pairings with winning streaks The biggest update is this week's announcement about the launch of the Android version of the game! Thanks to the efforts of our development team, the game is just as much fun on mobile as it is on the web, with all of the same features! You can find the Android application on the Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=games.blockandchain.blockfight To login to your crypto wallet from the mobile game, simply scan the QR code from the web version of the game and you will be logged in automatically. This will allow you to play the game with Ethereum or Halo. Players can still play with the in game currency of they prefer. We recorded a simple video explaining how this works: https://youtu.be/zegI8-zo3SI And there’s more to come! For a full list of new features, check out our forum: https://community.haloplatform.tech/forum/39-blockfight/ Note: This QR code isn’t for a real account. This week, we paid out all players who participated in week 1 of our Airdrop campaign. We are pleased to announce our community has grown to over 1100 people and our Monthly Active Users in Blockfight has increased 6-fold since the airdrop campaign began. The Airdrop will continue to the end of the month and we periodically change the parameters slightly each week to draw attention to different things. Draggin’ Dragons Beta Update! We’ve been putting the finishing touches on Draggin’ Dragons closed beta and we are pleased to announce the winners of the Blockfight community event for early access today have been given the game to play! This means, open beta will follow for everyone else who signed up next week! The game will soft launch in the coming weeks with Speed Races and Dragon Ownership. Players will be able to wager on their favorite dragon in one of 5 themed tracks and place 1st, 2nd or 3rd place to win. Players can also purchase dragons from the in-game market and win 1% of that dragon’s first place winnings from all races. Platform Update The most important components of our game API’s have been polished through the course of Blockfight’s launch, specifically wallet login (aka Block and Chain Games single sign on) and the Crypto Cage. These are assets all games on our platform will benefit from. Improved on-screen messaging in the Crypto Cage for ETH deposits Crypto Cage walkthrough for new users We're focused on refactoring and streamlining our authentication system. Once that's complete, we'll focus on investigating new token standards, like erc1155 and erc721, for Halo Platform. This will enable on-chain asset ownership for games like Draggin’ Dragons. Join The Block & Chain Community! Forums Website Youtube Facebook Instagram Twitter Reddit LinkedIn
  8. We are pleased to announce the release of Blockfight Mobile on Android. Players can now enjoy Blockfight on both phone and tablet. Thanks to the efforts of our development team, the game is just as much fun on mobile as it is on the web, with all of the same features! You can find the Android application on the Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=games.blockandchain.blockfight To login to your crypto wallet from the mobile game, simply scan the QR code from the web version of the game (www.blockandchain.games) and you will be logged in automatically. This will allow you to play the game with Ethereum or Halo. Players can still play with the in game currency of they prefer. See our simple 1-minute tutorial video for more information: If you enjoy the game, please give us a 5 star review. We are also currently working with Apple on the iOS version of the game. Look for an update soon.
  9. v1.010 (March 20, 2019) - Added change password functionality. - Added "Hot Matchups" button to launch dialog listing all the currently hot matchups. - Hot matchups now pay out at the original chance to win instead of the recent win %. - "Pay With" dropdowns no longer show currencies that are hidden in settings. - Improved currency balance syncing when more than one session is open at a time (such as web and mobile). - Halo and Eth deposits will appear in game as soon as they're done processing, without the need to keep the cage open or refresh the game. - Added link to the Android app when viewing www.blockfight.com on an Android device.
  10. v1.003 (2019-03-12) - Fixed bug that caused error when turning off visibility of the currency (from settings) that you used while the fight is still in progress. - The last used dice are now associated with the account instead of the device, preventing confusion about which account owns which dice. - Added "HOT MATCHUP", where if a matchup is winning more than usual in the last 100 fights, the win % of the last 100 fights is shown instead of the pre-calculated win %. - Added support for low quality mode on slower devices (automatically enabled if low FPS is detected). - Display of ties is now more clear that the banked tie amount is added to the total damage when a non-tie is rolled next.
  11. Halo-Brandon

    Chrome Extension v1.4.7

    CHANGELOG Preparation for cross-browser development Minor bug fixes and performance improvements
  12. Halo-Sean

    Masternode DAPP v2.7.4

    Change Log: Fixes a bug preventing users on RPC from creating self hosted masternodes
  13. Halo-Sean

    Dex Version 5.0.0

    To see the new dex in action go to: https://halodex.io Change Log: Integrated with new halo backend api for dex which includes giant speed increases for dex frontend and a new authentication system to protect your dex data All rounding issues are resolved due to the new backend api Landing page has a major speed increase and loads within a second instead of taking upwards of 10 seconds Added USDC as a new base pair Added a new "Login" button that is housed under the "Lock" icon in the toolbar Login button must be pressed before any user data (orders, trades, balances) can be queried from backend (It uses your halo address and signs a message to generate a unique token to prove who you are) Trading View now has full history at the 24h interval available Trading View is now much faster due to new backend Account History will now offer full trading history and will show all currencies at once not just the selected pair Account History for transfers is now also based on all currencies and not just selected pair Removed duplicate pairs (ex ETH/BTC | BTC/ETH) To see the new dex in action go to: https://halodex.io Please make sure you use the new login button if you notice your order, trade or balance data is not showing up
  14. Halo-Brandon

    Chrome Extension v1.4.6

    Version 1.4.5 will also ship with this version of the chrome extension. While preparing to deploy 1.4.5, we noticed a small optimization that could be made and decided to hold release until this improvement was made. Below is the changelog for both releases. Bug Fix Fixes a bug that would slow down initialization of the extension Fixes bug that would not allow whitelisted actions to persist between loads
  15. Halo-Brandon

    Chrome Extension v1.4.4

    Bug Fixes Fixes issue where users were getting "locked out" of the extension and given a "Please launch feather to setup accounts" message from popup. This has been resolved and will retroactively fix the bug for all users.
  16. Version 1.002 - Fixes for some stats & achievements not registering. - Fixed some achievements progress display values. - More clarity on commission rates.
  17. BLOCK & CHAIN GAME STUDIOS LAUNCHES BLOCKFIGHT DICE ROLLING BATTLE GAME FIRST RELEASE FOR NEW PLATFORM February 27, 2019 – Block and Chain Game Studios (https://blockandchain.games/) is pleased to announce the public release of Blockfight - an exciting creature-centered dice battle game built using blockchain technology. This visually immersive and technologically cutting-edge battle game is the first title published by Block and Chain Game Studios, an up-and-coming blockchain gaming platform. Blockfight is an immersive online gaming experience where players battle grotesque monsters, displayed in high-res 3D. The beasts take massive hits all based on the roll of the dice, which rely on blockchain technology to ensure truly random and provably fair results. Just select your character and how much you want to risk on the fight and your characters will battle it out to the bitter end. The creatures battle for guts, glory, and valuable rewards. Beat them all and fill your trophy room – and your digital coin wallet! Players can play completely free to test the waters, thanks to a generous allotment of in-game coins provided by Block and Chain. Users who want a bigger thrill will undoubtedly want to try their luck with a favorite cryptocurrency, such as Ethereum and HALO. Blockfight is free-to-play and can be accessed directly on the web: https://www.blockfight.com/ Blockfight may be a new title from Block and Chain Game Studios, but it’s built on top of blockchain technology that is well-established. This is possible due to Block and Chain Game Studios’ partnership with Halo Platform, which has built some of the most robust and reliable blockchain technology available today. This cutting-edge platform will make gameplay and cryptocurrency flows on Block and Chain’s platform nearly seamless. If you’re a developer and have your own crypto-based experience you’re wanting to show the world, we suggest you roll the dice around in Blockfight a few times just to see how easy and seamless it is to integrate with the Halo Platform. Block and Chain Game Studios is a division of the Halo Platform aimed at encouraging the development of blockchain gaming and introducing the gaming community to the benefits of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. To learn more about Block and Chain Game Studios, check out our website at https://blockandchain.games/ or contact us at bnc@blockandchain.games. To find out more about the Halo Platform, see their website at: https://www.haloplatform.tech/ As a thank you to our loyal players, we have kicked off a weekly giveaway campaign where players can earn free HALO. Check out the campaign on our home page: Like, share and play to win!
  18. Client version 1.001 - Added new dice - Changed dice selection dialog to use 2D images (fixes the dropdown overlay issue too) - Added achievements dialog (from slide-out menu - I'm making a build that also opens it when you click the achievement toast) - 3D dice asset bundles are now loaded as needed instead of all at startup.
  19. Halo-Brandon

    Chrome Extension v1.4.3

    Bug Fixes Fixes a bug where some users would change their halo prime address in the popup and it wouldnt be reflected imediately. Fixes a bug where the switching of halo prime address and immediate use of the signer tool would use the wrong address. Improvements Adds password wizard on master password screen to encourage good security practices Improves onboarding UI. New Adds new games tab to the extension
  20. Client Version 1.000: - Website and social media links added to home screen. - Sign Out button added to bottom of slide-out menu. - Rematch button stays visible at the end of a fight even if you don't currently have enough to fund it. Clicking the button brings up the dialog to get currency if you don't have enough. - Fixed bug where flying dots can get stuck on the screen. - Fixed bug preventing Ethereum won stats from appearing properly on player profile. - Added mention of Ethereum on the "Learn More" dialog.
  21. Block and Chain community! We have been working hard and you’ve been wonderful in keeping our spirits high. Now that BlockFight is live and you’re playing, we wanted to start rewarding those of you who’ve kept us going. So starting this week, we will be recognizing those of you who are enjoying the game. Head into our Discord by 20:00 PST Sunday Night each week, and post a screenshot of your player profile (click your player name in the top right corner of your screen to bring that up). Come play the game here: https://www.blockfight.com/ Each week we will reward a group of you for different reasons. This week, we will give the top 20 players - the 20 of you who play THE MOST rounds - an exclusive, limited edition set of dice to use in the game. It doesn’t matter what currency you play with, just enjoy the game any way you like. So head to our Discord channel at http://discord.haloplatform.tech/ to say hi, and start rolling those dice!
  22. Guest

    Blockfight Has Launched!

    It is with great great pleasure that we announce the launch of our inaugural title Blockfight! The game is now live and can be played at https://www.blockfight.com/ . Many thanks to everyone in our community for all of your support. And to recognize your support, we will be running a series of community events over the next week JUST FOR YOU, our community! Play Blockfight with your Halo wallet using the browser extension and play with HALO or ETH (you'll need Metamask if you're playing with ETH). If you need help installing and running the browser extension and Crypto Cage, check out the Block and Chain wiki here: https://wiki.blockandchain.games/ In the event you run into an issue, post it here or on our support page: https://blockandchain.games/support.html Happy Battling!
  23. Halo-Sean

    Dex Version 4.1.0

    Change Log: Flash coin has been added to the dex as a new token
  24. Block & Chain Game Studios Weekly Wrap Up February 15, 2019 Blockfight Update The Ethereum integration into Blockfight has been more challenging than we wanted it to be. The pieces have come together, but we want to perform a set of in-depth internal tests over the next few days and make sure we have 100% confidence in our launch product. And as a reminder, we will kick off our 4-week community giveaway with weekly prize draws right after we launch, including: 20,000 Halo per week grand prize 3 Limited edition t-shirts 6 Sets of exclusive in-game dice Draggin’ Dragons Update This week, we also introduced the next Speed Dragon, Xelbass, a speed demon from the Amazon rainforests: Decimated Update Earlier this week, Keith Wareing held an hour-long livestream with Scott and Stephen Arnold, the CEO of Fracture Labs, the team behind Decimated, the post-apocalyptic multiplayer survival game which is being built on the Halo/B&C platform. Learn more about the development of this exciting game here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=An6CsoK_pH8 Join The Block & Chain Community! Forums Website Youtube Facebook Instagram Twitter Reddit LinkedIn
  25. Halo Platform Roadmap Update Feb. 15, 2019 Now that we’re well into 2019, we want to take a moment to sum up our deliveries in 2018 and share our 2019 roadmap with you. The information below is not exhaustive by any means, but it’s a way for new and old community members alike to see that we’re continuing to make great progress and that Halo Platform is in it for the long haul! Please note, the following list is not exhaustive and is subject to change, based on the needs of our community. What we delivered in 2018 Blockchain - Our 5000 TPS consensus-driven chain, which powers everything on our platform, including our own cryptocurrency. Feather - The client software with which users can access our diverse array of products. Extension - For Chrome browsers, which provides quick and easy access to your wallet and all applications in our platform. This is your one-stop-shop to manage and trade your currency. Wallet - Secure storage for your HALO coin. Masternodes - Quick and simple to set up and maintain. Users can buy whole or partial masternodes. Currency minted on the Halo blockchain and service fees are pooled and distributed to masternode holders. HaloDEX - Decentralized Exchange for instant trades across an array of supported coins for quick and easy transactions. Coin Split - In December, we conducted an 800:1 split of our coin to add more value and appeal for current and prospective users. AWS Partnership - In December we became an official partner of AWS. Our plan for 2019 We have a lot planned for 2019 and much of the following are already well underway. It is shaping up to be an exciting year for Halo Platform: Real time Data System - We are developing our world class real time data platform that rivals others in the pub/sub data market. This is the foundation of several products we are building, and as such it will be one of our first products released this year. Several benefits for developers and community members will be realized from this, such as block data delivered directly to extensions, contract event data delivered to dapps or back ends without the need to run your own node, real time exchange data for building your own data reports and dashboards, as well as data aggregations from other chains and systems being offered for free to the community. We will also release this as a service for other blockchain developers. All service fees from this software as a service would contribute to masternode pools and rewards. Chat system - Built on top of our real time data system, you will see the initial release of our chat and community system. This system will be targeted to large and small communities alike, with topic systems, chat systems, and community interactions being at the front of the user experience. Since it is built on top of our realtime data system, communities will be able to tap into the open data and utilize live data feeds for coins and data of their choice. Masternodes - You will see changes coming to masternodes that will improve user experience in the dapp. The dapp will be realtime fast, and include an improved marketplace. This year we plan to extend the masternode system to allow for multi asset payouts. This means you will be able to receive BTC, ETH, and other coins/tokens that are gained in service fees across our platform. The capacity to allow approved native platform project airdrops will be added along with multi coin rewards. With one masternode you will be able to generate a diverse portfolio. Extension - We plan to support multiple browsers this year, expanding support to Brave, Firefox and possibly Safari. We also plan to expand current send functionality in the extension to allow sending of supported tokens. As we verify more dapps on the network from 3rd party developers, we plan to add a catalog of verified dapps in an effort to give exposure to 3rd party developers. Wallet - Many new features will come to the wallet this year. The ability to easily add and interact with smart contracts and tokens is coming as well as a revamped UI. There are also plans to add native coin support (currently sending Halo wrapped coins is available only if manually added). HaloDEX - The DEX is going to see many new coin and token additions across many different chains. The new backend is being integrated now for release in our upcoming sprint. Improved history tracking and the possibility to export trades and transfers will come as well as different types of trading, such as market trading and others. HaloX - Trade a wide variety of financial products on our low latency Centralized Exchange. An exchange designed for both beginner and professional traders, featuring peer-to-peer Margin Trading, automated Risk Management, a rich User Interface and a wide variety of advanced order types. Secured by an intricate cold-storage mechanism and government grade encryption where needed, to ensure safeguarding of funds from deposit to withdrawal. Of course, the Block and Chain Games team is also very busy this year. The products below are just some of the games we plan to deliver. Follow us in social media or our forums to receive the latest updates and new game announcements. Blockfight - Blockfight is a visceral online gaming experience, where players pit monstrous behemoths against each other in high-res 3D environments as the dice roll. The fun doesn’t stop at launch, though. Through the year, we will introduce new monsters to fight, new arenas and new dice to roll. And after that, we are going to develop a PvP game where players can equip their creatures with gear and battle each other! Draggin’ Dragons - Breed, Hatch and Trade rare and powerful dragons. Send your Dragons into Speed and Battle races where they can level up their skills. Draggin’ Dragons is launching in 3 phases, beginning with open beta featuring speed races where you can wager and win. Players can buy a dragon and earn a portion of all their winnings! The second phase introduces breeding and battle dragons, which includes RPG elements and an in-game auction house, where players can trade and sell with one another. The 3rd phase will feature special events, where live races will occur and players can watch and participate in realtime! Game Partner Platform - Block and Chain doesn’t just make games. We empower indie developers to easily integrate their games into our system. We have developed API’s for player authorization, smart contracts for interfacing into the Halo Platform blockchain (which is fast enough for realtime gaming!), and wallet integration. These are just a few of the benefits our platform provides. All partner games are included in Player Central, where they are featured and cross promoted within the platform. The platform is live now and we will continue to build onto our stack of SDK’s and other tools throughout the year. Player Central - As gamers, we all enjoy platforms like Steam, Battle.net, Xbox Live Arcade and the Sony Playstore. There is a lot of appeal to an all-in-one platform where players can enjoy not just their favorite games, but a personalized space to celebrate their achievements and socialize with their friends. Block and Chain’s Player Central is our answer to those platforms, bringing your personalized player experience to life on the blockchain. Initially, Player Central will include features such as an integrated player wallet, single sign on to all our games, player profile & stats, achievements, live support, and a news feed. Additional features such as friends, live chat, guilds, and other enhancements will be added throughout the year. As you can see, we have a lot in store for 2019 and look forward to bringing these great products and systems to our community! Follow Us: Halo Platform Instagram Twitter Facebook Youtube Reddit Discord Telegram Medium Steemit Github
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