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  2. LATOKEN has opened HALO currency for trading About LATOKEN: LATOKEN is a rapidly growing crypto exchange focusing on liquidity for new tokens: ● $30m+ daily turnover ● More than 80,000 registered traders ● 180+ crypto pairs available for trading Besides crypto trading, LATOKEN users can participate in selected Tokens Sales at pre-sale and crowdsale stages. Go here to register your account and begin trading: https://bit.ly/2CFffJB. About the Halo Platform: The Halo Platform represents the next generation of cryptocurrency management, offering access to the most diverse set of tools, fully customizable to suit your needs, and run on a platform with top-notch enterprise level security. For the first time, users can manage their cryptocurrency in one place, making Halo Platform the ultimate all-in-one system that the crypto community has been waiting for. The Halo Platform features: A lightning fast blockchain with proven speed sustained at 5000 tps The HALO cryptocurrency and wallet An advanced masternode system A state of the art decentralized exchange All wrapped into a simple-to-use Chrome browser extension. Learn more: https://www.haloplatform.tech/ https://community.haloplatform.tech/ https://discordapp.com/invite/PmveA6A https://t.me/haloplatform
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  4. There is a lot of debate and speculation as to whether or not cryptocurrency should be subjected to regulation. Around the world, nations have tackled the problem in a variety of ways. Most recently, the Netherlands opted to allow cryptocurrency trading to take place within the country on the condition that cryptocurrency firms responsible for a traded coin first obtain a license. The ongoing regulatory development in the cryptocurrency space is beginning to change. De Nederlandsche Bank to Regulate Crypto Licensure The Dutch legislature passed a law back in June that required the development of a cryptocurrency licensure system, which will come into effect in 2020. Upon the implementation of nationwide crypto regulation, it will also be required of all member countries residing within the EU to follow the crypto regulation laid out in the Netherlands. The details of the new Dutch cryptocurrency licensing process remain vague, but for the time being the De Nederlandsche Bank appears to be the entity responsible for overseeing cryptocurrency licensure. The Bank has shown interest in blockchain technology since 2016, but January 2018 marked a key point in the development of the organization’s position on cryptocurrency. The De Nederlandsche Bank has a concern about how cryptocurrency might still be incapable of working at a global level. However, the bank has continued to work on blockchain and crypto projects. The Dutch bank insists that banning the use of cryptocurrency is not an acceptable solution, but that users should be cautious when dabbling in digital coin currency trade. Crypto Licenses Require Firms to Follow Key Rules To be awarded a cryptocurrency license, a Dutch firm must fully comply with broad transparency regulations. The crypto firm will need to identify their customers, as well as monitor and report any suspected illicit behavior or unusual transactions. Some issues may arise throughout this process, such as the anonymity of blockchain making it difficult for firms to gather information. However, licensing protocols are designed to mitigate the issues posed by cryptocurrency’s semi-anonymous nature. In the Netherlands, regulators are requiring that crypto firms provide a list of their customers. Only time will tell how effective the regulations will be in eradicating money laundering and fraud, but increasing transparency in volatile cryptocurrency markets will help mitigate some of the natural risks of investing in this market. Regulation Brings Legitimacy to Crypto Markets Now more than ever, the cryptocurrency markets could benefit from effective regulation. Regulation could provide the crypto market with the stability it needs to bring on major investors and decrease overall market volatility. Regulation of the crypto market will ensure additional stability and reduce the market’s volatility, making it more attractive to potential investors and users who have thus far held off due to concerns over the unstable market. Cryptocurrency has sparked a valuation debate that is ongoing to this day, but it doesn’t appear as if this groundbreaking technology is going anywhere. Regulators around the world are coming around to the idea of integrating cryptocurrency and blockchain tech into their existing financial systems, and the Netherlands’ new licensing system is an interesting solution to a problem regulators around the world are wrestling with at this very moment. The Halo Platform understands the importance of legitimizing cryptocurrency around the world. We have a comprehensive compliance program and dedicated staff who ensure adherence to current and new legislation. The Halo Platform and currency are shining examples of crypto done right in the world of emerging legitimacy. Follow us : Halo Platform Twitter Reddit Discord Telegram Medium Steemit Facebook Youtube Instagram Github
  5. Block & Chain Game Studios Weekly Newsletter January 11, 2019 News @ Block & Chain We promised you an exciting start to the year and we weren’t kidding! There is a lot of great news coming out of Block and Chain Games this week that we are thrilled to share with you. So hold onto your hats for this week’s update... As always, remember to sign up for our newsletter if you want it delivered to your inbox each week. 55Play Partnership Announcement The Asian game market, with China in the lead, currently represents the largest and fastest growing player segment in the industry. Free-to-play games were a $12 billion market in 2018 and it is growing at a steady 4% per year. In short, the Asian market is an incredible frontier for our style of blockchain games and we are intent upon making our mark in those territories. Enter 55 Play… About 55Play 55play aims to become the world's largest blockchain game community platform, focusing on providing a convenient and efficient interactive entertainment platform for global game players and blockchain game manufacturers. With a fair and objective attitude, the platform strictly checks the entry of blockchain game manufacturers, provides diversified blockchain games for game players, encourages interactive entertainment among players, and actively shares and evaluates games. Blockchain game manufacturers can provide players with a friendly community, distribution, invitation of beta testers, promotion, instant messaging, props or other game asset transactions, event hosting and other one-stop services. Most of the 55play team comes from China. The platform has listed 40 blockchain games since its launch in December 2018, and have nearly 15,000 following, including WeChat,Toutiao,QQ, Weibo and other prominent Asian social media platforms. With the continuous launch of functional modules and the improvement of user experience, the number of platform games and players will grow explosively. 55Play is featured on the Block and Chain Games home page as a partner. Our banner, Blockfight and the Block & Chain Games platform have been featured on their site, localized into Chinese, with more games to be added. We’re very excited to be a part of this rapidly growing blockchain game community! Check them out here: https://www.55play.com/ https://www.55play.com/article/135.html Blockfight Update - Closed Beta is Done! We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated in the Beta test and sent us feedback. Thanks to you, we identified (and remedied) some important issues and added a handful of cool new features. A summary list of updates to the game during Beta is below: Disabled Hall of Victory button on slide-out menu when on the fight results screen. Interrupt win amount rollup if placing a new wager while it's still rolling up from the previous fight. Increased scroll sensitivity on dice selection dialog. Added button under currency balances to "Add Halo or Coins" (text changes if hiding Halo or Coins in settings). Added password confirmation field on account registration dialog. Added player setting to keep music playing during fights (defaults is off). Automatically set focus on the input field of the Cage Simulator. We also added a feature to allow players to set a number of fights to play automatically. So, if you enjoy autoplaying a bunch of fights in a row, this is for you! Blockfight vs. Etheroll When we first set out to build Blockfight, we were amazed at the currency players were sinking into Etheroll. We knew we could make a game that had a lot more entertainment value and entice traditional and non-traditional gamers to the blockchain. Special thanks to our community member jchi2210 for putting this great video together! https://youtu.be/M5pp96WbQ_k And of course, if you’re going to fight weird, ugly, alien creatures, it helps to know more about them. Dossiers for Fighters 7 and 8 were released this week: Once we have finished addressing the last few tasks, Blockfight will be ready to launch! And you can believe we’ll sneak in one or two more new features designed to surprise and delight before then... Draggin’ Dragons Update With all the excitement around Blockfight, we have certainly not been idle with Draggin’ Dragons. Our UI Designers are forging ahead on breeding and battle racing, bringing some great RPG elements to your favorite dragon racing game! And when we say “elements”... Earth, Air, Fire, Water...or maybe something maybe more exotic? Tutorial Videos Block and Chain games are built to appeal to players from all walks of life, no matter what their level of cryptocurrency knowledge. It helps that the Halo Platform is very straightforward and easy to use, but we also provide the resources for players to quickly get their hands on our currency so they can get the most out of our games. All of our games include tutorials and with the wiki (coming soon) and tutorial videos, it will be easy as pie to enable players to enjoy HALO play. Here are two of our “getting started” videos, showing everyone just how easy it is to install a wallet and login with our games: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMTnmVqmFxY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rdyb3Jl8TYA In the News What’s hot in gaming, on and off the blockchain? Here’s where you find out! We believe very strongly that 2019 is the year for blockchain games. More and more communities are springing up to support and evangelize this sector of our industry. We’re thrilled be a part of the Blockchain Gaming forum, a new and rapidly growing place for developers and players alike to congregate and discussion the blockchain game evolution. Devin has been added as a Developer on the forum and their Facebook group, and has shared information about the platform and Blockfight, with more to come! We want to encourage all our fans to sign up and participate. Join The Block & Chain Community! Forums Website Youtube Facebook Instagram Twitter Reddit LinkedIn
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    Dex Version 3.1.7

    Change Log: Removes the need to have extension installed to use dex via a browser
  7. Halo Platform Weekly Newsletter Week of: Jan. 5, 2018 – Jan. 12, 2019 Hello Halo Platform Community – we hope your 2019 is off to a great start! As usual, we have been busy developing new features, so be sure to stay up-to-date with our current tech. We’ve also been hard at work building partnerships with well-known names in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Read on for this week’s update. Announcement: LATOKEN Now Accepting Deposits for HALO Yesterday, LATOKEN listed the HALO currency for deposits. LATOKEN is a rapidly growing crypto exchange focusing on liquidity for new tokens: ● $30m+ daily turnover ● More than 80,000 registered traders ● 180+ crypto pairs available for trading Besides crypto trading, LATOKEN users can participate in selected Tokens Sales at pre-sale and crowdsale stages. Go here to register your account and make a deposit: https://bit.ly/2D3YIQx. Trades will commence early next week. Look out for a formal announcement at that time. Halo Currency & Exchange Halo Platform is multi-faceted and adaptable, which is why we’re continuing to thrive when other crypto companies are struggling. Here are some exciting new things going on with HaloDEX and the HALO currency: HaloDEX has been listed on Delta Direct! Delta Direct is a direct link for token teams to connect with existing and potential future investors and is seamlessly integrated into the Delta app. We’re proud to see the HaloDEX included in this renowned platform. Access Delta Direct here: https://delta.app/direct Horizon State’s coin (HST) has gone live on HaloDEX Horizon State has been a great partner and has been using the Halo Platform Blockchain to power their voting platform since late 2018. We’re excited to see more and more throughput coming from Horizon State’s platform! New Releases Halo Platform sets itself apart from other companies in the crypto space by offering a space that’s useful for everyone in the cryptocurrency community. So far this year, we’ve been focusing on addressing community concerns and improving the performance of existing Halo Platform products. The Halo Platform user experience just gets better and better, starting with the new Halo Platform Block Explorer was launched this week, available at: https://explorer.haloplatform.tech/. The main advantage of new explorer is that it is twice as fast as the previous one, primarily due to a comprehensive database upgrade. In addition to some UI cleanup, the new explorer includes the following improvements and new features: In the Address page, a user now is able to determine contract addresses on the green "Contract" badge next to the block address The Transaction page has new fields: "Status", "Gas Sent", Index of transactions in a block and we also renamed "Number of transactions made by the sender prior to this one" field into "Nonce" In the Address page, the Internal Transaction section which shows all internal transactions of the selected address To see what the Halo Platform Team is working on at any given time, take a look at our Status Board. Please take a moment to update your bookmarks to our status page where we report any live operations outages: https://status.haloplatform.tech/. Other News IMPORTANT REMINDER! Blockchain technology is not the same as traditional client server technology. It’s decentralized and anonymous. This means that your personal information remains on your local machine and Halo Platform staff does not have access to it. Simply put, we cannot recover your password if you lose it. It’s critical that everyone follows the installation instructions for the browser extension and Featherlite clients, back up their private keys in multiple places and keep their password somewhere they can remember it. Thankfully, we have made exporting private keys extremely simple. If you are unsure how to do this, you can watch this minute long video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7zydYDyzLo Did you know? There are detailed instructions and walkthroughs of the Halo Platform on our wiki and tutorials on our YouTube channel. Let us know if there is something you’d like to see there, and we will gladly add it! Halo Platform Instagram Twitter Facebook Youtube Reddit Discord Telegram Medium Steemit Github
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  9. In response to some great feedback from our Beta test community, we have made the following updates to the game: - Disable Hall of Victory button on slide-out menu when on the fight results screen. - Interrupt win amount rollup if placing a new wager while it's still rolling up from the previous fight. - Increased scroll sensitivity on dice selection dialog. - Added obvious button under currency balances to "Add Halo or Coins" (text changes if hiding Halo or Coins in settings). - Added password confirmation field on account registration dialog. - Added player setting to keep music playing during fights (defaults is off). - Automatically set focus on the input field of the Cage Simulator. If you want to join our beta, there's still time. Please contact us at bnc@blockandchain.games to join. Beta ends Friday January 11, 2019.
  10. Columbia University and tech giant IBM recently announced the launch of two new technology accelerator programs focused on blockchain technology. The pair of accelerator programs aims to support both new and existing startups that are currently operating in the blockchain space. The partnership aims to foster innovation within these companies at a scale far beyond their current capacity. The accelerator programs also intend to provide these select startups with many other forms of assistance intended to help cover most of the cost of building a successful blockchain network. This includes access to IBM cloud technology, technical support, assistance in graphic design, and access to Columbia’s collegiate student talent and research community. The establishment of the accelerator programs with the capability to offer blockchain-based startups an opportunity to see their innovations executed to scale. This is a huge step in the right direction for the widespread adoption of blockchain technology. Halo Platform has built its own blockchain, and it’s one of the fastest on the web. We know how much goes in to building a blockchain company, and we’re glad to see researchers and large institutions taking the blockchain as seriously as we do. Columbia University and IBM Partner Up The Columbia-IBM partnership encompasses two programs. The first program, the IBM Blockchain Accelerator, is an eight-week program that targets later-stage blockchain-based companies throughout the world. This approach focuses on structuring a sustainable business network and customer base. The program will have a virtual presence, but will also be implemented in-person in both New York and San Francisco. The second program, the Columbia Blockchain Launch Accelerator, is also eight-weeks long. However, it will target idea-stage startup companies with Columbia and other select New York City-based University associations. The program will take place on-site in New York City, and will give participants access to tools and training on how to construct a blockchain startup. What Will the Accelerator Programs Offer? Columbia and IBM have their sights set on leading the development of blockchain technology by power-leveling blockchain innovation into its next generation. IBM’s cloud space operates a hyper-based ledger blockchain platform with an end-to-end forte, ensuring the total security of its user’s transactions. For Columbia University’s part, the world-class institution will be contributing human capital and the infrastructure available to budding tech entrepreneurs in the university community. Each accelerator program will support ten startup blockchain-based companies. The startups will be provided with access to a network of business mentors, entrepreneurs, blockchain network creators, and world wide access to expertise and resources. For blockchain startups that are a bit more mature than others, the programs offer opportunities to help those startups function at a larger scale and establish a strong network in the business community. Columbia and IBM have stated that their aim is to help blockchain network developers translate their own ideas into something that can be inflated to a larger scale while also remaining sustainable. In doing so, the accelerator programs have the potential to nourish the blockchain industry and its creators. This will encourage new levels of innovation in blockchain technology adoption and serve as a driving force in business productivity throughout a vast majority of industries. Follow us : Halo Platform Twitter Reddit Discord Telegram Medium Steemit Facebook Youtube Instagram Github
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    SEO consulting

    Hey! We can talk about seo consulting here. Since we all know that online promotions and marketing is very important in today’s time. It is good to create a forum that has information regarding something important. I would love to know more about these services and techniques.
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    Dex Version 3.1.6

    Change log: Removed limitation that required making VET wrapper account before DBET/VTHO wrapper accounts Updated logic to match new wrapper system (releases HST)
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    The Growing Blockchain Gaming Job Market

    By: Samantha Joule Fow Millennials are the largest generation active in the workforce, with about 56 million young people either working or looking for a job in 2017. But there is a notable shift in the working culture between the up-and-coming millennials and the Gen-Xers that still occupy many workplace leadership positions. As a result, many millennials entering the workforce face frustrating communication barriers with employers. They often feel restricted in working environments where they are not afforded creative or intellectual outlets. In order to avoid these issues, more and more millennials are looking at job opportunities in more progressive workplaces, which are commonly found in the tech, gaming, and entertainment space. The gaming industry has become a big business, and more people are aiming for careers in video game development because of how much the market has grown over the years. With blockchain technology continuing to evolve the video game industry, more companies need skilled employees to help develop and test out these games. As a result, blockchain technology has not only impacted the gaming industry but has also created an appealing new job market, particularly for millennials Growing Up Comfortable with Technology and Risk Millennials grew up alongside technology. They were the first generation to have access to the internet, cellphones, and social media, and they’ve developed a degree of comfort working on digital platforms since they were young. Because they grew up with technology all around them, millennials have become more comfortable using it. Moreover, they are willing to continue to learn as technology evolves. Their natural tech-savviness and curious natures have put millennials ahead of the game in the growing blockchain gaming market. They are becoming the future of technology, aiding in the growth of the growing blockchain gaming space. Altogether, millennials are poised to become the leaders that our increasingly digital economies need, and blockchain tech is creating the opportunities they need to shine. Millennials grew up with the convenience of technology in a time of notable political and social uncertainty. Major world events like the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the global recession of 2008 has caused many of us to question the reliability of the social infrastructures many of us take for granted. This has affected the way millennials view the world as well as their roles in it. Blockchain technology may provide a growing sense of job security to this generation, as it creates a trustless transaction environment that leaves out a third party. Gaming Will Change Our Future The gaming industry has been growing by leaps and bounds for a generation, and it will only continue to grow and improve as new innovations emerge. However, in order for the next generation of blockchain tech and gaming companies to succeed, they will need skilled workers who can function in our ever-evolving digital markets. Fortunately, as gaming companies continue to grow more and more innovative, they will become increasingly attractive workplaces for younger people entering the job market. And without a doubt, innovation in gaming will revolve around blockchain technology. Blockchain tech is being used in both video games and in the real world, and tech-savvy millennials are going to be an important part in developing mainstream applications of blockchain technology. Video games create a digital world where players have their own communities and ecosystems, but it doesn’t end there. Now, in-game assets and achievements can be bought and sold in the real world, and soon everything in our economies will become more digitized. Blockchain developers are becoming increasingly important, and tech companies are hiring blockchain tech experts as fast as they can. As the gaming industry continues to grow, so will the demand for employees who possess the specialized skills they need to continue to develop games in the age of blockchain technology. Join The Block & Chain Community! Forums Website Youtube Facebook Instagram Twitter Reddit LinkedIn
  14. Halo Platform Weekly Newsletter Week of: Dec. 30, 2018 – Jan. 5, 2019 Happy New Year! The Halo Platform Team has kept busy this holiday season, and we’re working full throttle now that January has rolled around. There’s lots of exciting stuff going on around the Halo Platform offices, so let’s dig right in! Halo Currency & Exchange Halo Platform is pleased to announce that trading has opened on STEX. We’ve also been working hard on opening deposits with LATOKEN, however they are currently working through some issues on their backend. We expect these issues to be resolved soon and Halo Platform community members can expect to see deposits open right away thereafter. On the HaloDEX, HST support is ready to go and we will be turning it on at the beginning of next week. BTC support is coming hot on its heels with final testing in progress. New Releases Since the last update, we have continued to improve the platform and address issues encountered by our users. As a result of these updates and new releases, users should see improvements across all systems, particularly the Masternode DAPP. We launched a New Masternode DAPP and completed a major refactor refactor of our AWS architecture to improve stability for lower bandwidth users and overall speed of the remote RPC. A summary of releases completed in the past week are below: Masternode DAPP v2.7.0 Statistics panel is now open by default Changed status Initializing to Funding Updated description of public halo hosted nodes when provisioning Fixed all rounding and decimal display issues T3 and T4 masternodes can only be created privately again Masternode DAPP v2.7.1 Fixes a bug that prevents private masternodes to be joined through Join Private menu Fixes a bug that prevents joining a private masternode after manually adding it Fixes a bug that caused watched masternodes to persist even after they were removed/deleted from existence Fixes a bug that prevented private sell orders to an address from being detected and presenting a notification badge on the menu Fixes a bug that caused some watched masternodes to error out and not be shown on Monitoring Fixes a bug that prevented using Withdraw All rewards function Other News We’re happy to announce we have built a new live status page. Users can now see realtime status of each of our systems and a log of past outages. Take a moment to update your bookmarks to the new link: https://status.haloplatform.tech/ and check it out if you experience any downtime. Efforts are underway to amp up our marketing initiatives. Scott and Devin met earlier this week to professionally record a new set of videos in which we are each personally talking about the company and product vision for Halo Platform and Block & Chain Games. These videos are in the editing room now so you can expect to see them in the next couple weeks. We are also in the process of updating our company website to make it more informative, exciting and simpler to navigate. Look for us to announce these updates in the near future. To see what the Halo Platform Team is working on at any given time, take a look at our Status Board. Did you know? There are detailed instructions, videos and walkthroughs of the Halo Platform on our wiki. Let us know if there is something you’d like to see there, and we will gladly add it! Halo Platform Instagram Twitter Facebook Youtube Reddit Discord Telegram Medium Steemit Github
  15. Block & Chain Game Studios Weekly Newsletter January 4, 2019 News @ Block & Chain Happy New Year everyone! It’s 2019 and we have some big things coming your way. You’ve heard plenty about Blockfight and Draggin’ Dragons. Both of those games are nearing release as you know, but we also have a smorgasbord of new game announcements, partnerships and other exciting updates coming your way this year! Stay tuned and sign up for our newsletter if you want it delivered to your inbox each week. Announcing Player Central! We’ve teased Player Central in our newsletters and in our whitepaper, but today, we are opening the kimono. As gamers, we all enjoy platforms like Steam, Battle.net, Xbox Live Arcade and the Sony Playstore. There is a lot of appeal to an all-in-one platform where players can enjoy not just their favorite games, but a personalized space to celebrate their achievements and socialize with their friends. Block and Chain’s Player Central is our answer to those platforms, bringing your personalized player experience to life on the blockchain! Initially, Player Central will include features such as an integrated player wallet, single sign on to all our games, player profile & stats, achievements, live support, and a news feed. Additional features such as friends, live chat, guilds, and other enhancements will be added throughout the year. This is a real competitive advantage for Block and Chain Games, with very few blockchain competitors offering a gamer-centric platform like this. For us, it’s just another great way to bring great games to our players. Look for Player Central v1 launching later this quarter! Each game has its own feature page you can explore before you play. Or you can just dive right into the game! Blockfight Update - Closed Beta has begun! Our limited time pre-launch beta has begun. Those who have signed up to participate are playing the game as we speak and assisting us in making Blockfight the best game it can be! And feedback has been extremely positive so far. We will be running the beta until January 11th so there is still time to participate. If you want to get in on this limited time opportunity simply sign up on our contact page: https://blockandchain.games/support.html Once we have finished polishing the game, it will be ready for launch! Congratulations Mary Ngai! Block and Chain Artist Mary Ngai recently made headlines this week, winning the Academy of Art 18 VIS Grad award for the "Web and Mobile" category. Mary recently completed her Master’s Degree from the Academy and has contributed her amazing talents to several of our games. We’re proud to have Mary on our team! In the News What’s hot in gaming, on and off the blockchain? Here’s where you find out! https://blockonomi.com/crypto-art-puzzles-games/ - The idea of a crypto art that hides a puzzle which pays cash is a new one. There aren’t many precedents for something that is both art and a paying puzzle. B&C: It has been said in game circles that all the great ideas have been used up and new games are simply a different spin on existing mechanics. Yet, here we are with a totally new type of puzzle game that could only come about with the power of blockchain technology. Imagine solving procedurally generated puzzles that offer varying ranges of payoff determined by the blockchain. Now imagine if those puzzles could be user generated and could be sold or traded with other players. Do you keep a puzzle in the hopes of solving it for an unknown reward or do you sell it to another player for a more certain return? The possibilities are endless in this blockchain-only game genre. When someone next asks you “why blockchain” for games, here is a perfect response! Join The Block & Chain Community! Forums Website Youtube Facebook Instagram Twitter Reddit LinkedIn
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    Masternode DAPP v2.7.1

    Change Log: Fixes a bug that prevents private masternodes to be joined through Join Private menu Fixes a bug that prevents joining a private masternode after manually adding it Fixes a bug that caused watched masternodes to persist even after they were removed/deleted from existence (SC side) Fixes a bug that prevented private sell orders to an address from being detected and presenting a notification badge on the menu Fixes a bug that caused some watched masternodes to error out and not be shown on Monitoring Fixes a bug that prevented using withdraw all rewards function
  17. Halo-Sean

    Masternode DAPP v2.7.0

    Change Log: Statistics panel is now open by default Changed Initializing to Funding Updated description of public halo hosted nodes when provisioning Fixed all rounding and decimal display issues T3 and T4 masternodes can only be created privately again
  18. Atari, which has been around since 1972, is one of the earliest video gaming companies in existence. Well-known for developing legendary games such as Asteroids and Centipede, Atari is responsible for introducing video gaming to the late-bloomers and basement-dwellers that eventually became the first generation supporters of what is now a multi-billion dollar worldwide industry. However, video gamers are always looking for the next best thing, and Atari is looking towards blockchain tech to help it modernize its brand. Gaming Legend Goes Blockchain Atari has not been shy about joining the cryptocurrency revolution. The company has even created its own cryptocurrency, the Atari Token. But now that Atari has seen some early success in its cryptocurrency and blockchain tech investments, it’s continuing to work this new technology into more and more of its offerings. In fact, Atari is now moving towards greater blockchain adoption by partnering with Animoca Brand to develop blockchain versions of Atari games such as RollerCoaster Tycoon and Goon Squad. Atari has been interested in advancing their games using blockchain technology for some time. Former company chairman Frédéric Chesnais stated that “blockchain technology is all set to take a very important place in our environment and to transform, if not revolutionize, the current economic ecosystem, especially in the areas of the video game industry and online transactions.” The company has decided to partner with Animoca Brands to refurbish two of Atari’s game titles, but more may come if the venture is a success. Gaming Companies Make Big Moves in Blockchain Tech Atari and Animoca are working hard to launch the next-generation titles of popular franchises, and gamers are hopeful that there will be more to come. The two gaming companies signed a Memorandum of Understanding that will allow them to explore other prospects in game development, product advancement, and how to incorporate blockchain technology into player experiences. According to former Atari Group CEO Frédéric Chesnais, both Atari and Animoca are thrilled by the prospects created by this new deal. According to Chesnais, Atari is set to “become a shareholder in one of the most exciting innovators in the world of decentralized gaming,” – the blockchain. The partnership agreement involves Animoca Brands paying Atari $250,000 in exchange for limited game rights. Atari will receive a portion of the revenue once Animoca Brands makes at least $500,000 in gross revenue. The agreement runs through the spring of 2022 and the new version of the games are expected to launch before the end of the year. The partnership between the two companies is more than just recreating the iconic games Atari has in its product line. Even more significant, it contemplates the development of more opportunities that will benefit them both. Atari and other gaming companies are partnering with blockchain tech companies to help bring this exciting technology to the mainstream. With the advancement of blockchain technology, we won’t just see older games such as RollerCoaster Tycoon relaunched with better builds, we’ll see entirely new titles and experiences. The many potential benefits of blockchain technology have been catching the eye of the legendary video game companies left-and-right, and there’s little doubt that we’ll see many exciting new applications of blockchain tech in gaming as progress continues. Join The Block & Chain Community! Forums Website Youtube Facebook Instagram Twitter Reddit LinkedIn
  19. Halo-Devin

    China Eases Tight Grip on Crypto Markets

    The People’s Republic of China closely regulates financial products and services within its jurisdiction. Virtual currency represents a stark ideological opposition to this top-down centralized control, and Chinese financial regulators have never taken kindly to them. However, a recent arbitration decision deeming cryptocurrency assets legal property in China is giving advocates hope that the PRC is slowly easing its tight grip on the mainland’s cryptocurrency markets. Cryptocurrency Earns Legal Recognition in Chinese Courts The Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration (SCIA), the branch of China’s court system responsible for resolving disputes in arbitration, recently ruled that Bitcoin assets will be treated as legal property. The case at issue before the SCIA addressed the issue of whether a Chinese investor who invests using cryptocurrency is entitled to the same protection of the nation’s investment laws as an investor using traditional money. An investor filed suit in the SCIA against a person employed to manage around half a million dollars’ worth of Bitcoin assets. The plaintiff, a private investor, brought the case against the asset manager after he allegedly refused to return the Bitcoin assets to the investor after a dispute regarding business strategy. The assets manager, however, argued that there was no legal recourse for the investor to retrieve his funds since they were in the form of cryptocurrency. Because Bitcoin and cryptocurrency assets were not recognized as a form of currency in China, the defendant claimed, there were no ‘funds’ to be returned. After considering the facts of the case, the arbitrator dismissed the defendant’s reasoning. The SCIA ruled that regardless of the fact that China does not recognize cryptocurrency as a form of legal currency, it is not illegal to own. Rather, virtual currency assets are personal property. As such, and like any other personal property, cryptocurrency owners deserve the full protection of Chinese law. SCIA Ruling Foreshadows Shift in Policy This landmark ruling may have been passed down from a local arbitration court, but it indicates a larger shift in China’s approach to cryptocurrency. And while some media outlets are claiming that this case ends the nation’s de facto ban on using and trading cryptocurrencies, it’s important to understand that progress in this regard will be gradual. Notably, the SCIA’s ruling does not have any influence on China’s existing financial regulations. However, the precedent set by the SCIA does indicate that Chinese citizens may have grounds to claim their crypto assets as personal property for other legal disputes in the future. This ruling could help boost digital coin activity on the mainland providing investors and consumers with the confidence of knowing that their transactions are protected by the Chinese courts. This case could earmark a turning point in China’s larger policies regarding cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. The country’s regulations had previously left very little wiggle room for the use of cryptocurrencies. China’s government has had a notably restrictive stance on cryptocurrency, and this case has significantly changed the tone surrounding fintech policies in the PRC. China’s approach to regulating cryptocurrency has recently begun to soften. Adoption of blockchain technology on the mainland has been soaring, and cryptocurrency would surely follow suit if it were unburdened by financial regulations. While we’re unlikely to see a total reversal of the PRC’s restrictive digital currency regulations, the recent ruling of the SCIA will now allow Chinese citizens interested in cryptocurrency or blockchain technology to explore this new world without fear. And with a growing number of cryptocurrency platforms like Halo Platform offering localized divisions for Chinese markets, there are plenty of fintech innovations for this growing marketplace to explore. Follow us : Halo Platform Twitter Reddit Discord Telegram Medium Steemit Facebook Youtube Instagram Github
  20. fish broccoli

    One health bar!

    @Abe lol i know, this game’s ancient. I couldn’t really find any good forums tho, so I went here. Thanks tho, I guess it is best to just restart
  21. Abe

    One health bar!

    You are in the wrong hood my friend. But since you’re here. Check out the up and coming games.
  22. Abe

    One health bar!

  23. fish broccoli

    One health bar!

    I’m playing the original Halo Combat Evolved, and I’m in the middle of Truth and Reconciliation, perhaps even close to the end! Somewhere in the middle, I made the mistake of walking into an explosion, lowering my health to one bar. There have been no health kits since and I have gone through many checkpoints. Now I am at one part where there are two allies along with me, and there is an alien with an energy sword (called a sangheili??). Normally, I would be able to go through swiftly, but since I have one health bar, I am stuck! Please help! I have considered restarting the level, but that means I’d lose so much progress that I’ve made. I’m really not willing to do that.
  24. Block & Chain Game Studios Weekly Newsletter December 28, 2018 News @ Block & Chain Blockfight Update - Beta is coming... Last week, we announced that we will be offering an exclusive, limited time beta test to members of our community who sign up through our contact page: https://www.haloplatform.tech/contact We will launch the beta next week, so keep an eye on your email for detailed instructions. Feel free to direct friends, family and anyone else interested to join. We appreciate a multitude of feedback! Draggin’ Dragons Update Now that we’re wrapping up Speed Races, we have recorded our Speed Race trailer video. Take a moment to enjoy all that Draggin’ Dragons speed races will have to offer! https://youtu.be/XpePNfkQZc4 Game Maker’s Corner Ali Buntemeyer: Lead Game Designer The question I receive the most from friends, family, and random strangers is, “What does a Game Designer do?” A Game Designer doesn’t just ‘design games’. We are problem solvers, liaisons, and master communicators. We are broken into many different categories: Narrative Design, Content Design, and Systems Design to name a few, which can break down to anything from A.I. Designers to Level Designers and more, depending on the size of the team! Some of us wear many hats, but we are all artisans and craftsmen. So let’s look at 3 types of designers! A Narrative Designer is someone who writes and manages the fiction content. They are able to craft the story, and have it fit seamlessly within the systems, mechanics and levels of the game. Here at Block & Chain, our narrative designer manages any story or copy tied in with any of our games. The profiles from BlockFight are just one example, and there are many more to come. If you like writing a lot of stories, or creating rich characters, this one’s for you! Content Designers are the bread and butter of our industry. They design and produce the assets and features of the game. Your favorite feature in a game probably started in the mind of the Content Designer. These guys are the workhorses of the industry, implementing that feature and making sure it works correctly with the rest of the moving parts of a game. Content Designers are often considered jack-of-all-trades, and will fill any gaps that are needed, whether it's asset design (creatively coming up with items, weapons, etc), or reward design (That super cool horse mount you just got? That’s content.) Finally, there are System Designers, who to me are the unsung heroes of our industry. System designers make the game function - they’re responsible for the mechanics, and the stats of your game. Have an RPG with an item system, where everything has attack chance and defensives? System Designer. Health and skills of your enemies? Systems Designer. XP curve? Systems designer. These masters of numbers live in Spreadsheets, and run simulations to bring you the best ‘nervous system’ that game can offer. Here at Block and Chain, I mostly do the second and third type of design, with a little of the first. Remember that comment about being well rounded? It really helps here in the industry. This also includes having a secondary discipline. Some of us were Artists first, or QA Testers, or even Developers. Having those backgrounds really help us to be an effective liaison with the other members of the team. Together, it is our goal to bring you the best games on the blockchain. In the News What’s hot in gaming, on and off the blockchain? Here’s where you find out! https://www.forbes.com/sites/ginaclarke/2018/12/21/crossing-the-blockchain-game-divide-with-collectibles-at-the-heart/#a9516bec52c9 - With the video game industry now worth billions, the ability to buy and sell in-house collectibles has long been mooted by blockchain enthusiasts. But although buoyant, blockchain gaming is yet to really take off. B&C: There are two points we would like to make about this article. First, we wholeheartedly agree that collectibles are a significant and relevant driver for gamers. They are also a natural fit for the blockchain, which enables provably fair random generation of collectibles and true asset ownership. We also believe the collection compulsion alone does not a good “game” make. The collectibles need to DO something. Let’s take a look at Draggin’ Dragons. Players will be able to breed dragons and vie for those much-sought-after Legendary Dragons, but then they will be able to take their dragons into Battle Races and watch them beat the crap out of other dragons as they run around the track. Suddenly, we have collection combined with skills to bring forth a much richer gameplay experience. Second, the article talks about the friction of current crypto wallets and the need to provide a simple solution to non-crypto gamers. While we won’t comment on the legalities of Blockchain Cuties’ use of a fiat gateway, we agree on the principal here. Our internal wallet is powered by the Halo Platform browser extension and once a player has set up their wallet (a <30 second effort), the wallet serves as their frictionless login and storehouse for their game currency. https://techcrunch.com/2018/12/27/epic-fortnite-3-billion-profit/ - Fortnite, which is free to play but makes money selling digital items, has popularized the battle royale category — think Lord of the Flies meets Hunger Games — almost single-handedly, and it has been the standout title for the U.S.-based game publisher. B&C: If there was ever a use case that demonstrates the efficacy of the free-to-play game model, Fortnite is it! But again, the game needs to be compelling. Battle Royale games are hot because PvP competition is hot. It’s in our nature to want to win and people, demonstrably, will spend big money to acquire the ability to do so. Games like this must also be balanced, though, and not just “play to win”, lest game makers alienate the masses. Fortnite seems to do a pretty good job of that. To us, this is a great use case vindicating our free-to-play approach to blockchain games. And before people ask, yes we MAY have a Battle Royale game in our roadmap... Join The Block & Chain Community! Forums Website Youtube Facebook Instagram Twitter Reddit LinkedIn
  25. Учитывая количество новых пользователей, начинающих свой путь в криптосфере, мы хотим рассказать об основах криптовалюты и блокчейн-технологий. Считается, что блокчейн-технологии окажут влияние на наше будущее даже сильнее чем искусственный интеллект. Им уготовано изменить мировую экономику в короткие сроки. В ближайшее десятилетие блокчейн и криптовалюты станут частью нашей повседневной финансовой и технологической инфраструктуры, а значит, почти все — от закоренелых традиционалистов до технически-подкованных революционеров — начнут использовать криптовалюту в ближайшие годы. Halo Platform создает площадку, где каждый может узнать о том, как работает криптовалюта и почему от этого выиграют абсолютно все. Для достижения этой цели мы создаем массив образовательных данных, позволяющий узнать о новых технологиях в основе цифровой валюты, в том числе: полезные видеоуроки, викистатьи, тематические блоги и другие материалы, которые помогут каждому разобраться, что происходит в мире криптовалют. Blockchain Tech 101 Криптовалюта и блокчейн-технология существуют уже достаточно давно, чтобы широкая общественность имела общее представление о том, как это работает. Механизмы блокчейн-технологии — это набор последовательных блоков. Данные блоки криптографически связаны посредством процесса подтверждения, запускаемым децентрализованной сетью пользователей. Каждый отдельный блок состоит из нескольких компонентов, но в большинстве случаев он представляет собой неизменяемую и постоянную запись о транзакции в блокчейне. Каждый блок добавляется в цепочку согласно сложному компьютерному алгоритму, который создает хэш. Хэш работает как цифровой отпечаток, где каждый блок транзакций требует подходящего хэша для подтверждения, и затем он добавляется в блокчейн. Поскольку это является основным принципом блокчейна, большинство блокчейнов запрограммированы на поощрение пользователей, запускающих хэш-алгоритмы. Система подтверждения, основанная на принципе поощрения, зачастую реализуется в виде майнинга. Майнинг криптовалюты и новое поколение В общих чертах майнинг касается вычисления значения хэша для нового блока, добавляемого в цепь. Обычно майнинг осуществляется на основе принципа Доказательства выполнения работы (PoW), который в основном опирается на масштабные централизованные вычислительные ресурсы. При помощи мощных компьютеров, запускающих алгоритмы хэширования, майнеры преобразуют незавершенные операции в блоки и добавляют их в блокчейн. Пусть майнинг и был одним из первых способов реализации криптовалютного блокчейна, но современные предприниматели намерены создать более быструю и эффективную технологию. Они собираются использовать данную технологию — такую как молниеносные мастерноды Halo Platform — для обеспечения транзакций блокчейна на невиданных скоростях. Технология мастерноды Мастерноды являются наиболее быстрой технологией нового поколения, которую уже используют ведущие блокчейн-компании. Они могут стать решением проблемы возросших нагрузок на майнинг, который является продуктом общих хэш-мощностей. В результате возрастающих нагрузок на майнинг на рынках криптовалют в 2018 доходы криптовалютного майнинга упали. Консенсусные мастерноды, в сравнении с традиционным майнингом, увеличивают скорость создания блоков, что достигается благодаря тому, что мастерноды способствуют ускорению осуществления транзакций, а значит, могут предложить сравнительно высокий уровень доходности по сравнению с майнингом. Ведущие блокчейн-сети, такие как Halo Platform, пользуются преимуществами новой технологии, внедряя собственные системы мастернод в блокчейн-операции. Halo Platform поддерживает криптовалютное сообщество, постоянно добавляя образовательные материалы. Для получения подробной информации об этой новой удивительной технологии, присоединяйтесь к нашему сообществу! Присоединяйтесь Halo Platform Twitter Reddit Discord Telegram Medium Google+ Steemit Facebook Youtube Instagram Github Scrypto
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