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  1. fish broccoli

    One health bar!

    @Abe lol i know, this game’s ancient. I couldn’t really find any good forums tho, so I went here. Thanks tho, I guess it is best to just restart
  2. fish broccoli

    One health bar!

    I’m playing the original Halo Combat Evolved, and I’m in the middle of Truth and Reconciliation, perhaps even close to the end! Somewhere in the middle, I made the mistake of walking into an explosion, lowering my health to one bar. There have been no health kits since and I have gone through many checkpoints. Now I am at one part where there are two allies along with me, and there is an alien with an energy sword (called a sangheili??). Normally, I would be able to go through swiftly, but since I have one health bar, I am stuck! Please help! I have considered restarting the level, but that means I’d lose so much progress that I’ve made. I’m really not willing to do that.

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