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  1. Halo-Brandon

    Chrome Extension v1.4.8

    Improvements Popup network bar text is bigger. This wont hurt your eyes too much anymore. You've finally checked out Blockfight, so the games tab notification is now gone. When Draggin Dragons? New shimmer placeholder image while the accounts page loads up when clicking on extension. White screen, gone. New informative UI when a site is attempting to access your accounts data. This confirmation popup is now more informative and all confirmation dialogs now have Halo Platform Extension on them, so you know it's from us
  2. Halo-Brandon

    Chrome Extension v1.4.7

    CHANGELOG Preparation for cross-browser development Minor bug fixes and performance improvements
  3. Halo-Brandon

    Chrome Extension v1.4.6

    Version 1.4.5 will also ship with this version of the chrome extension. While preparing to deploy 1.4.5, we noticed a small optimization that could be made and decided to hold release until this improvement was made. Below is the changelog for both releases. Bug Fix Fixes a bug that would slow down initialization of the extension Fixes bug that would not allow whitelisted actions to persist between loads
  4. Halo-Brandon

    Chrome Extension v1.4.4

    Bug Fixes Fixes issue where users were getting "locked out" of the extension and given a "Please launch feather to setup accounts" message from popup. This has been resolved and will retroactively fix the bug for all users.
  5. Halo-Brandon

    Chrome Extension v1.4.3

    Bug Fixes Fixes a bug where some users would change their halo prime address in the popup and it wouldnt be reflected imediately. Fixes a bug where the switching of halo prime address and immediate use of the signer tool would use the wrong address. Improvements Adds password wizard on master password screen to encourage good security practices Improves onboarding UI. New Adds new games tab to the extension
  6. Halo-Brandon

    Chrome Extension v1.4.2

    CHANGELOG Adds new signing tool that allows user to sign arbitrary messages with their prime address private key or verify a signature given a message. Extension no longer opens the feather tab when installed Testnet Explorer outages will no longer show alerts to the user
  7. Halo-Brandon

    Chrome Extension v1.4.1

    CHANGELOG Bug Fixes Fixes a bug where input validation for halo amount was incorrect in the send dialog and some users were not able to send halo from a non-prime account that had less funds than prime.
  8. Halo-Brandon

    Chrome Extension v1.4.0

    Extension Popup Popup login now indicates if password was entered incorrectly Popup balances now have commas Popup send to field is now a combobox similar to Wallet dapp Popup should now correctly show when a status message is at status.haloplatform.tech Popup main screen UI cleaned up: Removed multiple send and export buttons Changed from field in send dialog to be a select Added export all button to the toolbar Reorganized menus Feather Tab in Extension Account list now has a maximum height and will be scrollable instead of extending infinitely Fix whitelist error on feather launch if not logged in Added back button to import account in onboarding Added loading indicator to importing in onboarding
  9. Halo-Brandon

    Chrome Extension v1.3.1

    Things we fixed Resolves a bug where inputting the wrong password on the popup UI would result in a blank screen and require closing and reopening to fix.
  10. Halo-Brandon

    Chrome Extension v1.3.0

    New Features Warning notification messages when https://status.haloplatform.tech is reporting an issue of some kind. Popup UI now allows you to send HALO to other accounts and view your balances Popup UI now has feature parity with account control Rename account has been added to extension Balances update in real time when popup is open Bug Fixes Resolves an issue where users could experience login lag when loading MN marketplace Resolves an issue where users could not login during RPC outage. Improvements Stability improvements for when RPC is experiencing issues.
  11. Halo-Brandon

    Chrome Extension v1.2.5

    Fixes UI Issue causing whitelist permissions to not show up in the UI of feather settings.
  12. Halo-Brandon

    Feather Client v1.1.3

    CHANGELOG: Removes block number polling Changes MAINNET rpc URL to https://mainnet.haloplatform.tech/ New Downloads available: https://www.haloplatform.tech/downloads.html
  13. Halo-Brandon

    Extension v1.2.4

    CHANGELOG: Fixes Fixes issue causing errors with private key/seed phrase import
  14. Halo-Brandon

    Chrome Extension v1.2.3

    Fixes Fixed account import error when importing from private key/phrase Fixed bug that sometimes allowed users to view recovery phrase without verifying it first and user would be unable to verify phrase Fixed UI issue where user appeared logged out after logging in when RPC requests fail Improvements Improves UX of dialog popups throughout extension to be more visually consistent
  15. Halo-Brandon

    Chrome Extension v1.2.1

    Improvements: Improved UI to confirm whitelistable actions. The "Add to Whitelist" button is now on the initial dialog and no longer requires navigating to a new "step".

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