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  1. Halo-Tristan

    Masternode Dapp Version 2.5.0

    Version 2.5.0 includes an early implementation of our masternode API which will significantly improve masternode loading speed, the API is still under development so expect to see more performance optimizations in the coming updates. Changelog: Improved masternode loading time Improved statistics loading time Fixed issue that caused masternode alias to not update automatically after changing alias in masternode manage view Fixed reward balance sometimes not updating automatically for individual withdrawals from masternode list view Fixed issue that sometimes caused multiple "are you sure" confirmations to create a sell order Fixed issue that sometimes created several blank additional account fields when provisioning a private node Fixed issue that caused provisioning a private node to fail if additional account fields were left blank
  2. Halo-Tristan

    Feather loading and MN Dapp

    Hi can you go to the console and see if you have any errors the next time you run into this issue?
  3. Halo-Tristan

    What If?

    The aliases will be fixed eventually, it requires a much bigger rework of how we currently handle local data so it will take some time. We could show a range of price per share and total shares on the row for compressed sell orders but it might be confusing for users and the amount of space we have to work with in each column is limited as we are trying to keep the tables as narrow as possible.
  4. Halo-Tristan

    What If?

    The requirement of entering a leading number before a decimal place has been removed and will go out in the next release.
  5. Halo-Tristan

    MN statistics dials

    I personally think the way it is currently makes more visual sense.

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