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  1. Two weeks ago, we marked a big step forward in building awareness for blockchain and cryptocurrency technology around the world. World Crypto Con (“WCC”) – a three-day international cryptocurrency conference that took place between October 31 and November 2 – attracted thousands of attendees to the bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip. And while there were celebrity events such as WCC’s own Ultra VIP Party, featuring Grammy Award-winning rapper Lil Jon, most of the excitement at the conference was focused on the incredible potential of blockchain and cryptocurrency. There has been a flood of innovation and new enterprises geared toward building a new economy powered by cryptocurrency and blockchain tech. Halo Platform was right there in the midst of it all, eager to learn what the brightest minds in the crypto community have to offer and make valuable business connections for the platform. World Crypto Con Hosts Global Crypto Entrepreneurs World Crypto Con definitely lived up to its name, attracting an array of international entrepreneurs to the Aria Resort and Casino. Blockchain innovators rubbed elbows with investors and influencers looking to find out about the hottest new thing in the crypto space. According to Jonathan Keim, CryptoCurrencyWire Communications Director, “Everyone we talked to, from exhibitors to attendees, went home as huge fans of the World Crypto Con brand, and we are looking forward to seeing many of the same people and the friends they will inevitably be bringing at the next event.” Of course, the Halo Platform Team is right on the cutting-edge of blockchain tech, and they were pleased to attend this year’s World Crypto Con. Halo Platform CEO Scott Morrison and Business Development Manager Matthew Dowd participated in various globally-oriented events, made a variety of business connections, and took in the latest industry information from insiders on featured panels. And with 200,000 square feet of venue space featuring presentations, seminars, discussion panels, social events, and vendor exhibits all centered around the latest and greatest in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world. Cryptocurrency Grows In Popularity With Every Public Event Plenty of short-sighted individuals have dismissed cryptocurrency as a passing fad, but Halo Platform knows that blockchain tech is here to stay. It will almost certainly evolve over time, taking on new forms and offering new services, but cryptocurrency becomes more popular with each passing day. As more organizations hold events like last week’s World Crypto Con, we’ll be sure to see greater general adoption of cryptocurrency worldwide. Halo Platform is building a place where everyone in the cryptosphere can congregate, organize, strategize, and execute their cryptocurrency activity quickly and easily. It's built to make sure everyone can take advantage of all the great things cryptocurrency and blockchain tech have to offer, which will grow as these incredible technologies continue to gain footing in the mainstream. Join Halo Platform, and experience all of the incredible benefits of cryptocurrency and blockchain tech for yourself. Halo Platform Twitter Reddit Discord Telegram Medium Steemit Facebook Youtube Instagram Github Scrypto
  2. Halo Platform’s Digital Currency To Be Listed on LAToken November 9, 2018 – LATOKEN, a rapidly growing crypto exchange focusing on liquidity for new tokens, will soon be listing Halo Currency. This represents a major step forward for both Halo Platform and its growing family of partners in the cryptocurrency world. LATOKEN is a simple, fast, and secure exchange that allows users to trade crypto and tokenized assets. The rapidly growing cryptocurrency exchange broke into CoinMarketCap’s prestigious Top-50 list in July 2018, and LATOKEN has only continued to grow in popularity from there. Halo Platform is proud to be working with one of the cryptocurrency market’s most popular exchanges, and crypto traders everywhere will soon have access to Halo Currency on the LATOKEN exchange. LATOKEN currently hosts more than $35 million in daily turnover on its crypto exchange. LATOKEN offers more than 250 crypto pairs for trading, but this isn’t all the exchange has to offer. In addition to crypto trading, LATOKEN users can participate in selected Token Sales at the pre-sale and crowdsale stages. The suite of features available on LATOKEN has attracted more than 85,000 registered users to the exchange. Over the next several weeks, LATOKEN will begin accepting deposits on their platform. Trading for HALO will begin shortly thereafter. Keep an eye on our community and social media channels for these announcements. The listing of Halo Currency on the LATOKEN exchange represents a major step forward in the large-scale adoption of Halo Platform’s suite of cryptocurrency-related tools and services. Join Us Halo Platform Twitter Reddit Discord Telegram Medium Google+ Steemit Facebook Youtube Instagram Github
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    We always welcome community ideas!
  4. Block & Chain Game Studios Weekly Newsletter November 9, 2018 News @ Block & Chain Marketing for Blockfight and Draggin’ Dragons continued in high gear, with several features on our social media and partner platforms. This week, we also completed a low-friction onboarding flow for our games, which allows Halo Platform wallet holders to go straight into our games and use their Featherlite wallets to play. No more usernames and passwords to remember! Last week, we introduced the backstory for Blockfight and explained how all of the grotesque beings came to inhabit this planet and became the puppets of their overlords. This week we started to introduce the monsters on our forum and social media, starting with the dastardly Prince Panilio: In Draggin’ Dragons, we’ve built immersive, interactive environments. Watch dragons zoom over and under environment objects in their race to victory. Lootlift Lane, a track inside of a long lost Egyptian pyramid, is a great example of one such track. We also completed the Player Profile and Owner’s Paddock, where you can see all of the dragons you’ve ever owned and bask in your many victories! Look for Blockfight and Draggin’ Dragons open Beta to launch later in November! Decimated News Our friends at Fracture Labs have been very busy building their amazing post apocalyptic MMO. So much so that we are going to feature their major updates in our newsletters going forward. In fact, we’re publishing this week’s newsletter early to let everyone know that the Fracture Labs team are doing an interview in AltspaceVR this Friday at 8pm Central European Time (11:00 am to 12:00 PM PST). Click here to learn more: https://facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=567120730413441&id=457143298077852 If you don’t have time to watch the VR presentation and just want to see what’s new with Decimated, you can see the latest news along with their latest game trailer here: https://medium.com/@fracturelabs/a-multiplayer-online-survival-game-powered-by-blockchain-interview-with-stephen-arnold-the-ceo-f05950eabfb5 Game Maker’s Corner Devin Seto: Head of Games While working at Electronic Arts, I had the opportunity to teach part-time at the Vancouver Film School. The head of the Game Design program was an EA Alum (former Development Director for the NHL Hockey Franchise) and he liked to bring teachers in who worked in the industry so students could understand what game making was really like. Many people in my class (and since) have asked the question: How do I get into the games industry? Well, you can spend $50K+ plus in a game design program like that one and it might help. I would say roughly 10% of my students ended up in the industry long-term. And some companies still provide the “QA Opportunity”, where you can be hired as a contract Tester and after many long shifts and cutthroat competition, someone may notice you and maybe they’ll give you an opportunity. But let’s face it, getting into game development is hard. It’s a smaller world than you may think and people tend to hire game makers they’ve worked with before (myself included with the likes of Harold, Michelle, Ali, and Todd). Combine that with the smaller teams needed to build today’s mobile and casual games and the opportunities are fewer and farther between. Thankfully, the same tools and tech that allow for easier game development are available to anybody and free tutorials are all over the web. I often say to people “you and I could go into my basement this afternoon and start making a game”, then we can publish it on the app store and market it on social media and it just might be a hit! And thanks to the many review sites and platform rating systems out there, we can easily see how well a game is received. Nowadays, when I want to find a talented game maker, and my personal network isn’t yielding the desired results, I look for freelance game makers. I play their games and look at their ratings. I am rarely disappointed with what I encounter, as our two very talented game makers Adam and Anh will demonstrate. In the News What’s hot in gaming, on and off the blockchain? Here’s where you find out! https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com/ethereum-blockchain-game-developer-reveals-the-thrills-of-creating-his-first-dapp/ - Building a DApp on Ethereum is a challenge that many developers have not faced before. One such developer is Michael J. Cohen, who is a front-end developer in NYC. He spent the summer creating a Dapp. The Dapp was a fantasy football game known as Blockgame. He has now decided to share his journey with the world. B&C: Thanks to open sourced blockchains like Ethereum’s and well, ours, independent game makers can dive in and build really good games on the blockchain. It’s projects like this one B&C likes to work with because indie game makers seldom think of things like community management, product support, low friction economies and viral marketing when building their games. As we mentioned when we published our whitepaper, we seek to find passionate, talented indie game makers and provide a platform for them to showcase their craft and launch the games of their dreams. Join The Block & Chain Community! Forums Website Youtube Facebook Instagram Twitter Reddit LinkedIn
  5. Horizon State Chooses the Halo Platform Blockchain Network The leadership and development teams at the Halo Platform are happy to announce our recent blockchain hosting partnership with the exciting project, Horizon State As they explain in their whitepaper, “Horizon State has built a token-based blockchain voting and decision-making platform that delivers unprecedented trust through the integrity and post-unforgeable attributes of DLT. Horizon State delivers a secure digital ballot box, wherein results are immutable and voter identities are protected. Votes cast can be counted transparently, in real time, by anyone in the world. These counts can happen in perpetuity, as results are permanently retained on the blockchain and are immutable. More than that - Horizon State allows voters to verify that their own vote is accounted for, while maintaining their anonymity” (https://horizonstate.com/Horizon-State-Whitepaper.pdf) Their voting system has already been chosen as the exclusive voting solution to be used by The Democratic Party of India and just this week it was announced that they will be used by New Zealand’s Opportunity Party, to conduct their leadership election next month. The Halo Platform blockchain will handle tens of thousands of transactions during each vote. (https://micky.com.au/blockchain-voting-to-be-used-in-new-zealand-politics/) Horizon State uses blockchain technology and their advanced architecture to deliver on three core needs present in the voting/election space… “considered deliberation of decisions, effective mobilization of communities, and facilitation of secure voting.” When these powerful tools are offered to the public at large, it is possible to make “every voice count on a global scale.” The team behind Horizon State studied the strengths and weaknesses of the various blockchain networks available today and decided that the Halo Platform Blockchain was clearly the best choice of network provider. As their platform use grows, it is possible (and very likely) that the Horizon State system will be handling voting sessions with millions of transactions over a short period of time. The Halo Platform not only offers a lightning-fast network with zero gas fees (zero transaction cost), but is also secured at an enterprise level that could rival the security of many banks. Obviously, to ensure the trust and reliability of engagements ranging from shareholder voting to official government elections, network security was a major factor in the decision made by Horizon State. The Horizon State platform stresses the importance of increased engagement and is working hard to “empower communities with decision making tools that inspire trust” fueled by the use of their Decision Tokens (HST). The HST token will soon be listed for trade on HaloDEX , the Halo Platform’s advanced decentralized exchange, backed by one of the fastest and most secure blockchain networks available today. For more information regarding the Horizon State platform: inbox@horizonstate.com. For information regarding exchange listing and blockchain hosting opportunities please contact the Halo Platform’s Business Development Manager: Matthew@haloplatform.tech.
  6. We have made some important changes on our website to bring more information and insight to our users. First, we have added a Status Board to the bottom of our Roadmap. Click this link to see what we're working on each day. Second, we have added menu items under our Community section for users to Report a Bug or Request a Feature. We curate these lists daily and take all input into consideration for our roadmap, so please make good use of them!
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    Blockfight Backstory

    As we approach our official launch, we would like to share some glimpses into the backstory and characters of Blockfight. What are they? How did they come to be here? And why are they engaging in these epic battles? We will endeavor to answer these questions and more as we lead up to the launch.
  8. With so many new users joining the cryptosphere, we wish to provide a refresher on the basics of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. Blockchain technology is said to be more of a game-changer than even artificial intelligence, and it is predicted to transform the global economy in relatively short order. Within the next decade, blockchain and cryptocurrency will become a common part of our financial and technological infrastructure. That means just about everyone – from the most analog-happy traditionalists to tech-savvy revolutionaries – will be using cryptocurrency in just a matter of years. Halo Platform is building a place where anyone can become familiar with how cryptocurrency works and why it’s beneficial for just about everyone. To help achieve this mission, we provide an array of educational content aimed at helping people get to know how the exciting new technology behind digital coins actually works. This includes helpful video tutorials, an informative wiki, topical blog posts and other content aimed at making sure everyone understands what’s going on in the cryptocurrency world. Blockchain Tech 101 Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have been around long enough now for the general public to have a basic grasp on how they work. The mechanisms of blockchain technology are a series of successive blocks. These blocks are cryptographically linked together through a verification process run by a decentralized network of users. Each individual block is made up of a few components, but for the most part it’s an unchangeable and permanent recording of a transaction that occurred on the blockchain. Each block is added to the chain according to a complex computer algorithm that creates something called a hash. The hash acts as a digital fingerprint, and every block of transactions needs an eligible hash to be verified and added to the blockchain. Because this is such an important part of how blockchains work, most blockchains are programmed to reward users who run the hashing algorithms. This reward-based verification system is typically done through mining. Cryptocurrency Mining and the Next-Generation In general terms, mining is about calculating the hash value for the newest block being added to the chain. Mining is generally done using a Proof-of-Work (“PoW”) system, which in most cases relies on massive centralized computing power. Using their powerful computers to run hashing algorithms, miners transform outstanding transactions into blocks and add them to the blockchain Mining may have been among the first ways to power a cryptocurrency blockchain, but innovative entrepreneurs are developing faster, more efficient technology. They’re using this technology – such as Halo Platform’s lightning-fast masternodes – to power blockchain transactions at never-before-seen speeds. Masternode Technology Masternodes are a much faster next-generation technology being used more frequently among the top blockchain tech companies. This may be a direct result of increasing mining difficulty, which is a product of total hashing power. This is what determines how hard it is for miners, in terms of time and power, to find eligible hash for their block and thus reap the rewards. As a result of increasing mining difficulty across cryptocurrency markets, cryptocurrency mining profits are down for 2018. Using consensus-driven masternodes rather than traditional mining speeds up the block production rate. That’s because masternodes facilitate faster transactions and thus can offer a relatively higher rate of return than hardware mining. Top blockchain networks like Halo Platform are taking advantage of this technology by building masternode systems into their blockchain-powered operations. Halo Platform supports the cryptocurrency community with regular educational content. To learn more about this exciting new technology, join our community! Join Us Halo Platform Twitter Reddit Discord Telegram Medium Google+ Steemit Facebook Youtube Instagram Github Scrypto
  9. Block & Chain Game Studios Weekly Newsletter November 2, 2018 News @ Block & Chain This week, we kicked our road-to-launch marketing efforts into top gear for Blockfight and Draggin’ Dragons. We invite everyone to follow our forums and social media channels for these gems! Fiction plays an important role in any game, no matter how simple. Blockfight, while it is a mechanically straightforward game also has a rich backstory. Today, we want to share that story with you. Don’t feel sorry for any of these denizens as you battle them to the death! Blockfight is our launch title and it will be ready to play later this month! We also announced the launch of Draggin’ Dragons with a killer “movie poster”. The Draggin’ Dragons fully playable open beta launches later this month! We will share more details on the beta features and instructions to play in the coming weeks. will Spread the word! Game Maker’s Corner Todd Gillissie: Principal Game Developer I often get asked by friends if I would be willing to talk to their child who is interested in getting into gaming as a career. I love to encourage kids to create art, so I have no problem talking to those that are interested. I know, you may be thinking, "video games are art?", to which I say "absolutely!" Anything that starts as an idea and turns into a real piece of entertainment is art to me. However, just like in filmmaking, there are a lot of vocations required in order to create that single piece of final art. It starts with an idea, which turns into a design. The initial design doesn't need to involve any visual art. I see a lot of confusion from people thinking that "designing" is the process of creating visual art. Visual art is a completely different skill of its own, and can even be broken down into various sub-skills: 3D modeler, concept illustrator, texture artist, animator, user interface designer, and more. The importance of music and sound are often overlooked until you realize how dull a game is without good audio. The programmers pull all of these elements together and make it interactive. Finally, play testers make sure everything works properly before the game is released. In addition to all of the technical and creative skills required, producers have to coordinate everyone and make sure everything is on schedule. For games that get regular updates, there are product managers that figure out how to keep the game engaging over time, and data analysts that figure out what players like and dislike. For large game studios, there are usually people that specialize in each of these skills, but in a small studio such as Block & Chain Games, we all wear multiple hats to serve these functions. Personally, I love working in a small studio because I enjoy working with many disciplines, and having a direct impact on the quality of the games we're working on. In the News What’s hot in gaming, on and off the blockchain? Here’s where you find out! https://sludgefeed.com/neo-exec-sees-gaming-as-lowest-hanging-fruit-for-crypto/ - “We believe that in the future digital assets will cover so many areas we can’t even imagine. But from today’s point of view, the lowest hanging fruit within the space are native digital assets, and games are already in a digital form on your laptop or your phone. These are areas that are quite easy for game developers and game players to adopt.” B&C: At B&C we understand and appreciate the value blockchain technologies bring to gaming. We love to see indie game developers realize their dreams (and not become beholden to venture capitalist) because of the crowdfunding abilities that blockchain enables and seek thes developers to join our platform. Also, blockchain game servers don’t run the risk of shutdowns by big corporations like “typical” games do. WoW will end one day. If it was on the blockchain, it might well live forever! https://blockonomi.com/gaming-blockchain-mainstream/ - Now that blockchain is creeping into other areas, people are wondering if it could be a tool for gamers to create new ways to play. So far blockchain game development has been limited, but that is changing. B&C: While “traditional” blockchain games like Crytokitties suffered from severe performance issues, they and the Ethereum network paved the way for games to come. The phenomena of these early games and the impact they had in the cryptosphere are undeniable. Today, we see more and more companies going after more traditional game mechanics, requiring much faster networks to be played in “realtime”. At B&C we are extremely lucky to have the Halo Platform blockchain at our disposable. We don’t have to work around any performance limitations and can build games with mass appeal that can bring millions of casual gamers to the blockchain! Join The Block & Chain Community! Forums Website Youtube Facebook Instagram Twitter Reddit LinkedIn
  10. October 29, 2018 – Block and Chain Game Studios, an up-and-coming powerhouse in the blockchain gaming market, has released the first version of its Whitepaper, available here. The publication of the Whitepaper marks an important milestone for the company, which is committed to building a community around the integration of gaming and blockchain tech. Block and Chain Game Studios is building a blockchain gaming platform that creates value for both players and developers. Gamers are always looking for new titles, and developers need support to create the next big thing in mobile or PC gaming. Block and Chain is offering a solution for these needs by creating a space where gamers and content creators can come together. After all, Block and Chain Game Studios is staffed by a team of game industry veterans, and they’re using their skills and experience to build much more than just another gaming site. Block and Chain community members can expect a stream of exciting new original titles, starting with its own first release – Blockfight, an eye-popping creature vs. creature turn-based battle experience. But platform users can expect a lot more than just creative and immersive blockchain-gaming experiences built by the top-notch team. Using the same tools and systems built for their own games, the Block and Chain team provides a plug-and-play platform for game developers. To make sure that blockchain game creators have what they need to see their projects through to the end, Block and Chain is offering the technical assistance and market access that up-and-coming gaming companies badly need. This is because Block and Chain Game Studios is working to change the face of gaming as we know it, and this just isn’t possible without an engaged community of both gamers and game-makers. Block and Chain is a division of the Halo Platform committed to encouraging blockchain gaming and introducing the gaming community to the benefits of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. This means that gaming experiences on Block and Chain are not only provably fair and secure by nature of the platform’s integration of blockchain technology, they’re also high-resolution and low-latency. To learn more about Block and Chain Game Studios, or to view the whitepaper, go to the website: https://blockandchain.games/ Join The Block & Chain Community! Forums Website Youtube Facebook Instagram Twitter Reddit LinkedIn
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    Dex Version 2.0.3

    Patch Notes: Add max button on conversion dialog Update snackbar to say conversion complete when converting Clear convert form when its closed Auto update wallet balances always Add validation to convert dialog Updated some lang Update to Landing page column ordering (High/Low flipped)
  12. Welcome to the Halo Platform Bi-Weekly newsletter! This is where we provide updates on recent developments and announcements for upcoming news, products, and events. Now that the decentralized exchange is live on Main Net, the team is working on hardening the current systems. We are also kicking up our marketing efforts, which include advertisements, interviews, live streams, and other content that we’re developing to help grow our community. In addition to this, Block and Chain Game Studios will be launching exciting new game titles in the near future. Some of the most recent content can be found below. Yesterday, there was an AMA with Halo Platform CEO Scott Morrison and Keith Wareing to bring everyone the latest news: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzlWJp_jTTU&feature=youtu.be We are also thrilled to share this HaloDEX and Masternode Walkthrough with Randy Hilarski. (Please note: With the latest HaloDEX release, the Wrapper sub-menu is removed and you can now manage your ETH from within the Balances screen) https://steemit.com/crypto/@hilarski/halodex-and-masternode-walkthrough The HaloDEX press release, went out to over 100 news outlets yesterday. http://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2018/10/25/1627403/0/en/Halo-Platform-Launches-Decentralized-Exchange.html HaloDEX Updates After the launch of HaloDEX, there were numerous fixes applied in quick succession. Below is a detailed log of recent patch notes. Dex Version 2.0.2 Change logs: Fixes some dark theme bugs Fixes typos in convert dialog Adds dynamic image on Help page based on theme Links on help page now open in new tab Dex Version 2.0.0 Change logs: Added the long-awaited dark theme The landing page has gotten a fresh look Updated to work correctly with new smart contract updates Orders section on the bottom of exchange now only shows open orders Dex Version 1.0.0 Change Log: Fixed TradingView bug that caused "Loading" to flash forever Removed a lot of TradingView console errors Fixed a case where changing token before an interval would break TradingView Fixed a bug that caused subscriptions to unsubscribe incorrectly Added live volumes to side nav bar Fixed trade history showing trades for all users and not just the Halo Prime Added a check to ensure current balances are the most recent balances in database Fixed some bugs in the withdraw from dex dialog Added batching when depositing smart contract tokens into dex Fixed a bug that caused order matching to fail on sell orders Fixed a bug that caused fees to be displayed incorrectly Added a Legal page and a footer to the bottom of the dex Fixed some display bugs on user transfer history Fixed bug that caused past trades view to show prices incorrectly on trades against buy orders Removed some features of TradingView we do not currently support Update user orders table to display more info Fixed a bug that could cause order matching to match incorrectly New Dark Mode in HaloDEX Featherlite  Browser Extension Earlier this week, we released our browser extension version of Featherlite. Downloading and installing the extension is simple. Just go to the Chrome Web Store here and click “Add to Chrome": https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/halo-platform-browser-ext/oaebcmidkgapfllemhdeghglmokiakci Featherlite will start in your browser as soon as it's installed. From there, you will be taken through the new user flow. We've implemented a recovery phrase and verification dialog to make sure you saved your phrase. Keep it secret, keep it safe! More detailed instructions can be found here: https://wiki.haloplatform.tech/HPBE Please note, you need to import your wallet to the browser version of Featherlite. Simply export your account(s) out of the Featherlite client (remember your password) and import them with the extension. This is a huge leap forward for the Halo Platform, and we couldn’t be more proud of what we’re now able to offer to our community of users. People can continue to expect great things as we continue to make the Halo Platform widely available. Featherlite Browser Extension Block & Chain Game Studios updates This has been a big week for us and we are pleased to announce to our community (before everyone else), that we have published our whitepaper! The Block and Chain Game Studios whitepaper features information on the type of games we are making and, more importantly, the advantages of building games on our platform. Unlike the numerous blockchain games out there, the speed of the Halo Platform blockchain and the features of the platform itself offer advantages that our competitors simply cannot. The whitepaper will be a centerpiece of our business development efforts and will be a tool to grow our game ecosphere through vital development partnerships such as Decimated. The whitepaper has been published to our website and will be launched on partner sites and press releases next week. A couple of weeks ago, we announced our partnership with the Crypto Gamers Community. We are proud to be featured on their homepage this week. Their CEO is very excited about our upcoming game launches and has been showcasing the B&C game platform to blockchain game makers at conferences and other events. Sign up on our website to receive our weekly Block and Chain newsletter to learn more. Business Development Updates There is less than a week until Halloween, and it’s scary how much great stuff is getting done at Halo Platform. Aside from the launch of our HaloDEX, we have been busy building relationships and fostering partnerships with various projects and exchanges in the cryptosphere. I know in the past I have teased about the projects and partnerships we have been in discussions with, so I am now happy to announce we will be working with FairAccess (www.fairaccess.io) as a blockchain network partner. This group has developed one of the fastest and fairest online queuing systems that can be used to get smarter access to things in high demand (ICO’s, sports tickets, concert ticket, etc). FairAccess sees the advantage of the Halo Platform and has started developing on our chain with plans to release a token on our network as well. Expect to read about new partnerships in each future newsletter. The team behind the Halo Platform will be proudly represented at the World Crypto Con (https://worldcryptocon.com/) in Las Vegas next week from 10/31 to 11/02. Our CEO Scott Morrison and Matt Dowd (that’s me… the business development guy) will be making the rounds and spreading the word about everything offered by the Halo Platform. We will be giving out Halo Platform t-shirts (the same ones that people were snatching up at TokenFest!), so be sure to look for us if you are lucky enough to attend this year’s World Crypto Con. HaloX Updates This past sprint was focused on wallet node monitoring, API development, and a full test suite for our Matching engines. Once Integration Testing is completed, we will be able to quickly and easily test current and future builds for expected functionality and expose any vulnerabilities early on. The priority for next sprint is to hook up the front end and wallet architecture to the back end. Feedback and requests made to HaloDEX will be incorporated while development on HaloX continues. Halo Platform Portfolio Updates This sprint the team has been working on behind the scenes, backend performance updates and beginning development on our conversion API to get real-time pricing for coins in commonly preferred base currencies (e.g. prices in USD). Resources Masternode Instructions Setting up and using a masternode is simple with the Halo Platform. Featherlite walks you through the necessary steps to acquire, deploy, join, watch, and collect awards from your masternode. For detailed instructions with images, go here: https://wiki.haloplatform.tech/Masternodes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7BNkGWqJ4o Masternode Estimated Reward Payouts If you’re curious about masternode reward payouts, refer to the below spreadsheet. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ghIixsf4WSrd9RYEAEc3lzuB8pq9MX9mi27h39GJL-U/edit#gid=826076888 HaloDEX Instructions https://wiki.haloplatform.tech/HaloDex Block Explorer Check out our searchable block explorer to take a close look at any block or transaction on the chain. In the coming days you’ll be able to see transactions for each wallet address on chain: https://explorer.haloplatform.tech/. View our progress on our roadmap. https://www.haloplatform.tech/roadmap.html Connect with us in social media: Official Forum - https://community.haloplatform.tech/ Twitter -  https://twitter.com/Halo_Platform Reddit -  https://www.reddit.com/r/HaloPlatform/ Discord -  http://discord.haloplatform.tech/ Telegram - https://t.me/haloplatform Google+ - https://plus.google.com/u/0/108336112327687734137 Steemit -  https://steemit.com/@haloplatform Medium -  https://medium.com/@haloplatform Facebook -  https://www.facebook.com/HaloPlatform.tech/ Youtube -  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZqP3U9jFO0XTV6EYNt1dqg Instagram -  https://www.instagram.com/halo_platform/ LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/company/haloplatform/ Github - https://github.com/haloplatform Block and Chain Game Studios - https://www.blockandchain.games/ Halo Platform/Block and Chain Game Studios international community: Available languages: Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, and Russian. https://community.haloplatform.tech/forum/41-localized-forums/ Where to Get Help If you run into any issues with any of our products (and you’ve tried refreshing and full node and that doesn’t fix it), there are numerous ways to reach out to us: Email: support@haloplatform.tech Discord: http://discord.haloplatform.tech/ (our moderators and support are online almost 24 hours a day. Special thanks to Moggy, Abe, Jay B., Pesh, and SeriousBasil237). Website (we have a support platform built in): https://www.haloplatform.tech/ — ^Everyone @ Halo Platform
  13. Block & Chain Game Studios Weekly Newsletter October 26, 2018 With Halloween nearly upon us, we at Block and Chain studios want to wish our fans a ghoulish night. May all your cobweb wishes and coffin dreams come true! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_uRALZjyzk News @ Block & Chain This has been a big week for us and we are pleased to announce to our community (before everyone else), that we have published our whitepaper! The Block and Chain Game Studios whitepaper features information about the games we are making and, more importantly, the advantages of building games on our platform. Unlike the numerous blockchain game platforms out there, the speed of the Halo Platform blockchain and the features of the platform itself offer advantages that our competitors simply cannot. The whitepaper will be a centerpiece of our business development efforts and will be a tool to grow our game ecosphere through vital development partnerships such as the one we have with Decimated. The whitepaper has been published to our website and will be launched on partner sites and press releases next week. A couple of weeks ago, we announced our partnership with the Crypto Gamers Community. We are proud to be featured on their homepage this week. The CGC CEO is very excited about our upcoming game launches and has been showcasing the B&C game platform to indie blockchain game makers at conferences and other events. Sign up on our website to receive our weekly Block and Chain newsletter to learn more. Game Maker’s Corner Michelle Pope: Artist & UI Designer Hey all, my name is Michelle and I work mostly on UI/UX these days; having recently made the switch from illustration. Ever had a button that doesn't work? A weird menu system that causes anxiety and confusion? I've seen it, experienced it, and it's all I think about on a daily basis. If you've played the game Journey, you know what an absolutely beautiful, minimalistic UI looks and feels like (if you haven't played it I recommend it!). I love the game World of Warcraft and it’s my most favorite game (seriously my account time played is in years)! I've spent countless hours setting up my UI to fit my play style. The importance of good UI can be the difference between frustration and full immersion and I plan to deliver a great UI experience to the players of our games! In the News What’s hot in gaming, on and off the blockchain? Here’s where you find out! https://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/gaming/2018/10/26/red-dead-redemption-2-rockstar-games-western-classic/1650295002/ - Lovers of vastly explorable action video games won't need much persuading to saddle up for "Red Dead Redemption 2," the blockbuster game out Friday for Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One B&C: Red Dead Redemption 2 captivated audiences the world over this week. Not everyone loves the unadulterated violence of Grand Theft Auto, Rockstar Games' popular open world title, where you can kill cops, steal cars and listen to heavy metal. However, it's hard not to love Red Dead Redemption. Yes, it's gritty and violent but in that old timey way that only a digital spaghetti western can supply. A good open world game provides not only immersion, but freedom of choice. No matter what kind of gamer you are, you can find something in here you'll enjoy. Thankfully, we're starting to see open world games come to the blockchain (I'm dropping a subtle hint here), so we can bear witness to the coming together of two great technologies. I'm a PC gamer so I have to wait a little longer for my copy of Red Dead 2, unfortunately... Join The Block & Chain Community! Forums Website Youtube Facebook Instagram Twitter Reddit LinkedIn
  14. Halo-Devin

    Dex Version 2.0.2

    Patch Notes: Fixes some dark theme bugs Fixes typos in convert dialog Adds dynamic image on Help page based on theme Links on help page now open in new tab
  15. Halo-Devin

    Dex Version 2.0.1

    Patch Notes: Fixed halo wallet balance in dex Updated warnings on withdraw/convert dialogs Fixed some dark theme inconsistencies Remove ability to transfer to another halo address when withdrawing Added a new help page Normalized decimals throughout app

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