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  1. Block & Chain Game Studios Weekly Wrap Up February 15, 2019 Blockfight Update The Ethereum integration into Blockfight has been more challenging than we wanted it to be. The pieces have come together, but we want to perform a set of in-depth internal tests over the next few days and make sure we have 100% confidence in our launch product. And as a reminder, we will kick off our 4-week community giveaway with weekly prize draws right after we launch, including: 20,000 Halo per week grand prize 3 Limited edition t-shirts 6 Sets of exclusive in-game dice Draggin’ Dragons Update This week, we also introduced the next Speed Dragon, Xelbass, a speed demon from the Amazon rainforests: Decimated Update Earlier this week, Keith Wareing held an hour-long livestream with Scott and Stephen Arnold, the CEO of Fracture Labs, the team behind Decimated, the post-apocalyptic multiplayer survival game which is being built on the Halo/B&C platform. Learn more about the development of this exciting game here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=An6CsoK_pH8 Join The Block & Chain Community! Forums Website Youtube Facebook Instagram Twitter Reddit LinkedIn
  2. Halo Platform Roadmap Update Feb. 15, 2019 Now that we’re well into 2019, we want to take a moment to sum up our deliveries in 2018 and share our 2019 roadmap with you. The information below is not exhaustive by any means, but it’s a way for new and old community members alike to see that we’re continuing to make great progress and that Halo Platform is in it for the long haul! Please note, the follow list is not exhaustive and is subject to change, based on the needs of our community. What we delivered in 2018 Blockchain - Our 5000 TPS consensus-driven chain, which powers everything on our platform, including our own cryptocurrency. Feather - The client software with which users can access our diverse array of products. Extension - For Chrome browsers, which provides quick and easy access to your wallet and all applications in our platform. This is your one-stop-shop to manage and trade your currency. Wallet - Secure storage for your HALO coin. Masternodes - Quick and simple to set up and maintain. Users can buy whole or partial masternodes. Currency minted on the Halo blockchain and service fees are pooled and distributed to masternode holders. HaloDEX - Decentralized Exchange for instant trades across an array of supported coins for quick and easy transactions. Coin Split - In December, we conducted an 800:1 split of our coin to add more value and appeal for current and prospective users. AWS Partnership - In December we became an official partner of AWS. Our plan for 2019 We have a lot planned for 2019 and much of the following are already well underway. It is shaping up to be an exciting year for Halo Platform: Real time Data System - We are developing our world class real time data platform that rivals others in the pub/sub data market. This is the foundation of several products we are building, and as such it will be one of our first products released this year. Several benefits for developers and community members will be realized from this, such as block data delivered directly to extensions, contract event data delivered to dapps or back ends without the need to run your own node, real time exchange data for building your own data reports and dashboards, as well as data aggregations from other chains and systems being offered for free to the community. We will also release this as a service for other blockchain developers. All service fees from this software as a service would contribute to masternode pools and rewards. Chat system - Built on top of our real time data system, you will see the initial release of our chat and community system. This system will be targeted to large and small communities alike, with topic systems, chat systems, and community interactions being at the front of the user experience. Since it is built on top of our realtime data system, communities will be able to tap into the open data and utilize live data feeds for coins and data of their choice. Masternodes - You will see changes coming to masternodes that will improve user experience in the dapp. The dapp will be realtime fast, and include an improved marketplace. This year we plan to extend the masternode system to allow for multi asset payouts. This means you will be able to receive BTC, ETH, and other coins/tokens that are gained in service fees across our platform. The capacity to allow approved native platform project airdrops will be added along with multi coin rewards. With one masternode you will be able to generate a diverse portfolio. Extension - We plan to support multiple browsers this year, expanding support to Brave, Firefox and possibly Safari. We also plan to expand current send functionality in the extension to allow sending of supported tokens. As we verify more dapps on the network from 3rd party developers, we plan to add a catalog of verified dapps in an effort to give exposure to 3rd party developers. Wallet - Many new features will come to the wallet this year. The ability to easily add and interact with smart contracts and tokens is coming as well as a revamped UI. There are also plans to add native coin support (currently sending Halo wrapped coins is available only if manually added). HaloDEX - The DEX is going to see many new coin and token additions across many different chains. The new backend is being integrated now for release in our upcoming sprint. Improved history tracking and the possibility to export trades and transfers will come as well as different types of trading, such as market trading and others. HaloX - Trade a wide variety of financial products on our low latency Centralized Exchange. An exchange designed for both beginner and professional traders, featuring peer-to-peer Margin Trading, automated Risk Management, a rich User Interface and a wide variety of advanced order types. Secured by an intricate cold-storage mechanism and government grade encryption where needed, to ensure safeguarding of funds from deposit to withdrawal. Of course, the Block and Chain Games team is also very busy this year. The products below are just some of the games we plan to deliver. Follow us in social media or our forums to receive the latest updates and new game announcements. Blockfight - Blockfight is a visceral online gaming experience, where players pit monstrous behemoths against each other in high-res 3D environments as the dice roll. The fun doesn’t stop at launch, though. Through the year, we will introduce new monsters to fight, new arenas and new dice to roll. And after that, we are going to develop a PvP game where players can equip their creatures with gear and battle each other! Draggin’ Dragons - Breed, Hatch and Trade rare and powerful dragons. Send your Dragons into Speed and Battle races where they can level up their skills. Draggin’ Dragons is launching in 3 phases, beginning with open beta featuring speed races where you can wager and win. Players can buy a dragon and earn a portion of all their winnings! The second phase introduces breeding and battle dragons, which includes RPG elements and an in-game auction house, where players can trade and sell with one another. The 3rd phase will feature special events, where live races will occur and players can watch and participate in realtime! Game Partner Platform - Block and Chain doesn’t just make games. We empower indie developers to easily integrate their games into our system. We have developed API’s for player authorization, smart contracts for interfacing into the Halo Platform blockchain (which is fast enough for realtime gaming!), and wallet integration. These are just a few of the benefits our platform provides. All partner games are included in Player Central, where they are featured and cross promoted within the platform. The platform is live now and we will continue to build onto our stack of SDK’s and other tools throughout the year. Player Central - As gamers, we all enjoy platforms like Steam, Battle.net, Xbox Live Arcade and the Sony Playstore. There is a lot of appeal to an all-in-one platform where players can enjoy not just their favorite games, but a personalized space to celebrate their achievements and socialize with their friends. Block and Chain’s Player Central is our answer to those platforms, bringing your personalized player experience to life on the blockchain. Initially, Player Central will include features such as an integrated player wallet, single sign on to all our games, player profile & stats, achievements, live support, and a news feed. Additional features such as friends, live chat, guilds, and other enhancements will be added throughout the year. As you can see, we have a lot in store for 2019 and look forward to bringing these great products and systems to our community! Follow Us: Halo Platform Instagram Twitter Facebook Youtube Reddit Discord Telegram Medium Steemit Github
  3. Block & Chain Game Studios Weekly Wrap Up February 8, 2019 Blockfight Update As we were working to integrate Ethereum into The Cage this week, we encountered a bug in the core Web3 code. Web3 1.0 beta has an issue in parsing bytes32 parameters for sending to Smart Contracts. Since we use bytes32 to save gas, this obviously became a problem. And given the rather cryptic error, it was quite a pain to track down what the culprit actually was. The Web3 maintainers have been made aware, as it has a very broad impact. Maybe we should get a commission for our services... Fortunately, the team was able to work around the issue and we’re performing our final tests on the system. This does mean Blockfight will come out next week, however. We will keep you posted on our progress. As mentioned last week, we are going to run an incentivized launch campaign once we’re ready to go: And as a “Thank You” for your patience and support as we get ready to launch, we will be upping our weekly giveaway amounts as follows: 20,000 Halo per week grand prize 3 Limited edition t-shirts 6 Sets of exclusive in-game dice This will provide a greater opportunity for more winners across the 4 week campaign. Draggin’ Dragons Update This week, we introduced the next Speed Dragon, Dveen (who may or may not be named after our Head of Games): Our next major milestone is coming up! We will be sending out a request for closed Beta participants sometime in the next two weeks. Like our closed Beta for Blockfight, players will have an opportunity to weigh in on the game and help us curate our Draggin’ Dragons feature roadmap. Stay tuned for your chance to participate in this limited time sneak peek! Join The Block & Chain Community! Forums Website Youtube Facebook Instagram Twitter Reddit LinkedIn It’s coming...
  4. Halo Platform is the next generation in cryptocurrency management. Users can access the most diverse set of cryptocurrency tools on the web, fully customizable to suit your needs. For the first time, crypto traders, and users can manage their crypto activities all in one space, making Halo Platform the ultimate all-in-one management system that the crypto community has been waiting for. The platform will be a central space for wallets, centralized and decentralized exchange, games, portfolio management, block explorer, and much more. Halo Platform Website: https://www.haloplatform.tech Browser Extension and Client Software: https://www.haloplatform.tech/downloads.html Whitepaper: https://www.haloplatform.tech/assets/Halo-Whitepaper.pdf Next Generation Blockchain with Multi Coin Support and Native HALO Coin The Halo Platform is powered by a high speed, secure and fee free blockchain. Users are no longer at the mercy of slow transactions and high gas costs. Platform partners can expect a fully supported system, with fine tuned platform API's. Features: Open sourced blockchain forked from Ethereum, utilizing the Raft Consensus protocol Near instant transaction speeds, stress tested at a sustained 5000 transactions/sec. HALO coin as the native platform cryptocurrency Also supports Ethereum and ERC-20 token standards No transaction fees and ZERO gas Smart contract enabled The HALO Coin is listed on the following exchanges: HaloDEX - https://www.haloplatform.tech/downloads.html STEX - https://app.stex.com/en/basic-trade/pair/ETH/HALO LATOKEN - https://bit.ly/2JmcYVj User Friendly Chrome Browser Extension and Wallet The Halo Platform Chrome browser extension is your window to the entire array of DAPPs and tools on the platform, including your wallet, masternode system, HaloDEX and Block Explorer. Install and set up the extension in moments and enjoy an elegant, simple interface built for users with little to no experience in crypto technologies. Easy-to-use Masternode System with a Generous Rate of Return The Halo Platform masternodes are tiered processing hubs for transactions across the platform. Halo Currency is minted at a rate of 30,400 HALO every four minutes and distributed across the masternodes within an 8 to 24 hour window from the previous distribution. In addition to these distributions, masternodes also receive a portion of service fees generated across the platform at a rate commensurate with each tier. Platform users can set up Masternodes in just minutes with full cloud hosting support, so running your own node has never been easier. Users can set up a solely owned masternode or purchase a portion of a masternode for as little as 5,000 HALO in our masternode marketplace. Fully Integrated DEX The Decentralized Exchange (HaloDex) requires no middle party or trust component, and trades happen extremely quickly thanks to the speed of the Halo Platform blockchain. HaloDEX supports ETH and BTC base pairs and users can trade for HALO and a host of other coins and tokens. HaloDEX features: Simple intuitive web interface Trustless trading powered by a series of comprehensive smart contracts Comprehensive charting functionality High availability network with cloud-based DDOS prevention and SSLv3 encryption Low transaction fees Industry Defining Centralized Exchange (Coming Soon) The Centralized Exchange (HaloX) requires a common intermediary for deposits/withdrawals, but allows for ultra low latency off-chain order execution, margin trading and fiat pairings. HaloX features: Fully customizable dashboard - stretch, scale, duplicate, move components to suit your preferences Full feature charting Bespoke ultra low latency matching engine P2P margin financing Industry grade financial statements High availability network with cloud-based DDOS prevention and SSLv3 encryption Native Debit Card (Coming Soon) Integrated debit card that can be used to make everyday purchases. A quick-and-easy way your business can start accepting cryptocurrency payments. Just swipe, and done! Halo Platform will handle all transactions by managing crypto-to-fiat conversions. On Chain Game Platform Genre-defining games, built by an internal team of game industry veterans, wrapped into a gamified, feature rich gamer hub. Plug-and-play game platform for partner game developers to integrate games on the blockchain quickly and easily. Maximum Security Halo Platform utilizes banking grade security to ensure maximum safety for all users. Security features include: Security and cloud load balancing Consensus driven protocols Smart backups Hot and cold wallet storage mechanism High availability network with cloud-based DDOS prevention and SSLv3 encryption The Halo Platform is a highly competitive product, which sets the standard for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency management!
  5. Halo-Devin

    BnC Weekly Update - 2/1/2019

    Block & Chain Game Studios Weekly Newsletter February 1, 2019 Blockfight Update After much input from our beloved community and deliberation by our team, we have determined that it is essential to launch Blockfight with both HALO and ETH supported to maximize our player potential at launch. Our team has been working day and night to integrate it into the game wallet and Cage systems quickly. So, we will launch next week with full support of native Ethereum. And with that, we give you The Cage: Blockfight Launch Giveaway! Next week also kicks of our month long giveaway for exclusive prizes, including the weekly grand prize of 10,000 HALO! This is a chance for you, the community, to tell the world about Blockfight. Earn entries into the weekly giveaway for following us on social media, joining our chats and, most importantly, referring friends. Seven winners will be selected each week. Spread the word and win! Join The Block & Chain Community! Forums Website Youtube Facebook Instagram Twitter Reddit LinkedIn
  6. Blockchain technology and virtual reality (“VR”) are a great match together as they work hand-in-hand to create an enhanced experience for gamers. Recently, Apple’s app store featured the first blockchain-based augmented reality game, Augmentors. The development of blockchain-based games is helping to bring blockchain technology and cryptocurrency mainstream, and the pace of adoption is accelerating as gaming companies are finding better applications of blockchain tech in gaming. Merging VR and Blockchain Tech Augmentors allows players to own creatures called Augmentors, which have their own unique characteristics and skills. The game’s founders, Michael Deon and Kyle Haffenden, brought the idea to Shark Tank South Africa in 2016 where they were able to obtain an investor, Vinny Lingham. The game platform, which is based on Bitcoin, allows players to train and trade Augmentors within the game. One thing that makes Augmentors unique is that it relies on cryptocurrency and blockchain tech to create a more authentic VR experience. The game uses an in-game currency called Emeralds that run on the Bitcoin blockchain. Players can earn or purchase Emeralds, which can be exchanged with the cryptocurrency called Databits (DTB) and at a ratio of 1 DTB to 1000 Emeralds. Blockchain Technology and Virtual Reality: a Match Made in Heaven The gaming industry has come a long way since the 1970s. New technological innovations took us from the coin-operated arcade games of the past to modern MMORPGs complete with their own social and economic systems. Now, we’re looking at increasingly authentic and immersive gaming experiences coming from the marriage of blockchain tech and virtual reality. Virtual reality offers an amazingly realistic gaming experience. VR allows players to feel like they are really experiencing their own virtual world. And just like in the real world, good VR involves social and economic interactions as well as physical sensations. Virtual reality games are moving towards increasingly realistic interactions with the physical world. In the future, VR gaming experiences may allow players to create and maintain virtual assets that have value outside of the gaming experience. Blockchain technology has created a way for gamers to obtain and own assets in a VR experience that are secure. This could lead to a virtual economic system where players can buy, sell, and trade assets among each other in a trustless environment. Blockchain Tech’s VR Applications are Changing the Player Experience Cryptocurrency and blockchain tech are creating more immersive, and authentic gaming experiences by creating a more realistic virtual space in which players can interact with each other. The first Blockchain-based augmented virtual reality games are already stimulating awareness of blockchain technology’s many potential applications in the gaming industry. Blockchain technology can benefit a variety of games within the industry, but it’s still an emerging field. Block and Chain Game Studios is pleased to be able to offer a platform which supports VR game development for major game engines! To find out more about how Block and Chain Game Studios is improving the blockchain gaming space, join us on social media. Join The Block & Chain Community! Forums Website Youtube Facebook Instagram Twitter Reddit LinkedIn
  7. Block & Chain Game Studios Weekly Newsletter January 25, 2019 News @ Block & Chain We’re putting the finishing touches on “The Cage”, aka your in-game wallet used across all of our games, as we prepare to launch Blockfight. But that’s not all we’ve got going on this week. Read on for more! As always, remember to sign up for our newsletter if you want it delivered to your inbox each week. Blockfight Update As we prepare for Blockfight’s launch, we’re looking to our beloved community to raise awareness and tell the world about this great game. We’re setting up an incentivized viral marketing campaign and contest so people can earn actual Halo (among other things) for referring players to our games. Look for the campaign to launch next week! Draggin’ Dragons Update Last year, we introduced the first of our Speed Dragons (see their bios here). As we march towards Draggin’ Dragon’s open beta (aka “Soft Launch”) date, we are pleased to continue showcasing these speedy racers. This week, we give you Bryndyn: Did you know? Most dragons are named after B&C Games staff (or their spouses) Player Central This week, we began “Feature Wednesday”, a new blog post we’re publishing each week to hone in on a specific feature of one of our games or the platform. This week, we delivered a Player Central featurette, which showcased the Splash Page, the firsts creen players see after they login.This page provides an array of exciting content for your favorite games! Read the full article for a deep dive on each element of the page. Marketing Update We have continued expanding our presence on http://forum.blockchaingaming.com/. It’s a new forum, but it is growing quickly and we aim to be part of this group as it expands from its humble beginnings. This week, we announced our partnership platform to the community and demonstrated that we’re not just another vanilla Ethereum or Bitcoin platform. We’re better, faster and have a whole lot more to offer game developers! http://forum.blockchaingaming.com/index.php?topic=32.0 We are continuing to seek partnerships in North America and beyond. Several such discussions are underway and we look forward to announcing more partnerships in the coming weeks. Tutorial Videos These short videos showcase how simple it is for players to set up and login to our games with the Halo Platform: Tutorial 1: Setting up a Halo Platform Wallet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMTnmVqmFxY Tutorial 2: Using your Halo Platform Wallet to log into our games https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rdyb3Jl8TYA Tutorial 3: So now you’ve played with in-game currency and you want to get some HALO currency. Start with buying some Ethereum or Bitcoin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4b6lQ5WNqGA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMwcaciWHnQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHLHbxPjHuo Note, these videos do not represent an endorsement by Block and Chain Games for any of these platforms, nor do we support any illegal activities. Join The Block & Chain Community! Forums Website Youtube Facebook Instagram Twitter Reddit LinkedIn
  8. This week wrapped up our current release cycle, with lots of exciting additions to our platform. Read on to see what we’ve been up to! Halo Currency & Exchange HaloDEX Update With yesterday’s major release, HaloDEX now supports additional coins: Bitcoin (BTC) - Also available as a new base trading currency 0x (ZRX) OmiseGO (OMG) USD Coin (USDC) Basic Attention Token (BAT) Our system allows ERC-20 based tokens to be added to the DEX quickly and easily. Support for additional coins and tokens is already underway. A Note on BTC Sweeps With the addition of BTC, we have had a number of questions with regards to timing and frequency of sweeps. Simply put, users wonder how long will it take for BTC to appear in HaloDEX. We’ve published this handy guide to help answer that: Every 20 minutes we check balance of all deposit addresses for BTC and if it has a balance great enough for us to sweep, then transfer the BTC from your deposit account into our holding account We then wait for 3 confirmations on the tx (deposit -> holding) before we allow that sweep to be credited halo BTC Continuing on the 20 minute sweep cycle we also check for tx's with at least 3 confirmations and then credit the halo BTC We are continuing to work on optimizations to the system to perform sweeps more frequently in upcoming releases. HaloX Update It has been a while since we gave you an update on HaloX progress. With HaloDEX taking the spotlight, the centralized exchange has flown under the radar for a few sprints. That's not to say there hasn’t been progress though! The team have been hard at work on hardening and testing the system. Over the past few sprints the team has: Completed the integration test suite which allows us to execute over 100 intensive tests after making any changes / additions to the codebase Created extensive procedure documentation for deployment / operations Tested system scalability and made improvements to the API layer that will allow for a larger user base Hardened all back end code to mitigate attacks or system failures Performed various optimizations to the back end code base including risk calculations and matching performance updates Right now the team is wrapping up work on the Wallet API that will allow deposits/withdrawals to be made; in addition to further hardening, testing, and optimizations. We will focus on the exchange website in the coming few sprints. New Releases This week we had a series of major releases to bring user experience and performance enhancements to the platform. Details of each release are below: Chrome Extension v1.3.0: Warning messages when https://status.haloplatform.tech is reporting an issue Popup UI now allows you to send HALO to other accounts and view your balances Popup UI now has feature parity with account control Rename account has been added to extension Balances update in real time when popup is open Resolves an issue where users could experience lag when loading MN marketplace Stability improvements for RPC More wallet functionality in the extension popup A new look with the same easy access to your favorite Dapps Masternode DAPP v2.7.2: Displays current rewards contract address when provisioning a self hosted masternode Users can now have more than 2 public sell orders at a time HaloDEX v4.0.0 and v4.0.4: Properly normalize values when using different decimals Improve data visualization on Trading view and display more than 24 hour history Landing page now shows more than 5 market pairs Fixed a bug that prevented real time updates of balances on balance page BTC is now a new base on HaloDEX ZRX, OMG, USDC, and BAT are now trading on HaloDEX Other News As our presence in the greater community continues, we are excited to be listed on cryptorank.io. CryptoRank provides crowd-sourced and professionally curated research, analysis and market-moving news to help market participants make more informed trading decisions. You can see our price performance page here: https://cryptorank.io/currencies/halo-platform/price-chart. HALO Coin on CryptoRank HaloDEX on CryptoRank Did you know? There are detailed instructions and walkthroughs of the Halo Platform on our wiki and tutorials on our YouTube channel. Let us know if there is something you’d like to see there, and we will gladly add it! Follow Us: Halo Platform Instagram Twitter Facebook Youtube Reddit Discord Telegram Medium Steemit Github
  9. Block & Chain Games Featurette Player Central Splash Page Player Central is a customizable portal for players to manage their user profile and digital currency for all games across the platform. Player Central allows gamers to access their favorite titles without any additional client software or plugins. When they access Player Central, players will experience a dynamic, gamified, and socially-enabled center where they can manage all aspects of their in-game activities. When players launch Player Central, the first screen they see is our landing page. This page provides an array of exciting content for your favorite games, such as: Trailer video - Watch a clip of the video in Player Central or click to watch the entire video. This section will cycle through teasers, trailers and tutorial videos. Instagram feed - View the latest news about the game, including new features and content. Key art and info banner - Gorgeous poster art that takes you to the game’s information page on the Block and Chain Games website. Coming soon news feed - A list of features in upcoming game releases. Block and Chain games each have a cadence of new features and content to keep the games fresh and exciting. Each game on our platform has a dedicated splash page, which can be accessed by clicking the game icon above Under the game information section, there is a scrolling list of banners. This is one place where we can cross promote all of the titles on our platform. Players can access their favorite game quickly and easily. Want to learn more about the Block and Chain Game Platform? Check out our website: https://blockandchain.games/platform.html Join our community: https://t.me/blockandchainchat or http://discord.haloplatform.tech/ Email us: bnc@blockandchain.games
  10. New York’s Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) recently authorized a blockchain-based digital platform for the regulated exchange of funds. The project – dubbed Signet - will be launched by a fully-regulated New York financial institution, the New York Signature Bank. On December 4, NYDFS Superintendent Maria T. Vullo announced that the Department would allow Signature Bank to offer its own virtual payment platform to clients throughout the state. Halo Platform is committed to seeing the expansion of blockchain technology within the financial sector and beyond. While some may find it concerning that big financial institutions are taking this grassroots technology for their own gain, it’s always good to see more people using cryptocurrency and blockchain tech. Historical Approval Rides on Stipulations After conducting a stringent analysis of the bank’s platform and its investor protection systems, the NYDFS awarded Signature Bank a permit allowing the bank to move forward with the launch and development of its blockchain-based real-time payment system. The final platform will undergo a rigorous inspection by the regulator’s examiners and independent consultants before it goes live to the public, which demonstrates the potential positive impact that effective regulation can have on cryptocurrency markets. The Signet Platform will be jointly developed by Signature Bank and trueDigital Holdings, LLC, a New York-based crypto firm focused on building financial structures around blockchain technology. The blockchain-based system is structured to allow funds to be transferred between two commercial clients from Signature bank in real time. It works by quickly converting U.S. dollars into tokens, or Signets, in a manner that is compliant with Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard. The system utilizes blockchain technology to allow its clients to transfer money at their convenience, 24-hours a day, seven days a week, without any transaction fees. The Signet approval makes history. It is the first blockchain payment system of its kind to have attained regulatory approval in the state of New York. However, approval rides on Signature Bank’s ability to comply with a few conditions, which were designed to ensure that the bank is maintaining robust, up-to-date policies and procedures to minimize user risk and fortify compliance with New York’s strict anti-money laundering and fraud laws. The Signet Platform is Part of a Bigger Plan The Signet Platform will only be available to Signature Bank customers for the time being, but this early blockchain innovation is part of a much larger plan. The bank is on track to eventually have the capability to connect to with any user without the need of an intermediary. The banking industry is evolving rapidly, and if banks are going to survive the cryptocurrency movement they need to hop on the blockchain track before it’s too late. They’re already facing increasing competition from companies who have been working with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology for years now – including Halo Platform. Halo Platform has built its own blockchain, and it’s lightning-fast. The big banks are seeing some competition from up-and-comers like they never have before, and Halo Platform is right there gunning for them! Follow us : Halo Platform Twitter Reddit Discord Telegram Medium Steemit Facebook Youtube Instagram Github
  11. Halo-Devin

    Can Gaming Revive Cryptocurrency Markets?

    It’s no secret: the cryptocurrency markets have been struggling. We saw thefts, frauds, and losses wipe out billions in cryptocurrency last year, and the HODLers are dwindling. But at the same time, the gaming industry is thriving. Cryptocurrency and blockchain tech have unique applications in gaming, and the synergistic relationship between blockchain and gaming may help breath new life into the lagging crypto markets. Blockchain technology in the gaming industry has been booming. Up-and-coming gaming companies are developing new blockchain-based video games every day, and the new online experiences made possible by this groundbreaking technology are nothing short of mind-blowing. Using blockchain tech, players will soon be able to move their creations across a decentralized network securely, trustlessly, and instantaneously. There’s no doubt blockchain and cryptocurrency technology make a strong value case in gaming, but can gaming save the struggling crypto markets? Crypto’s Rough Year After a boom year in 2017, cryptocurrency investors saw demonstrable losses last year. In December 2017, Bitcoin hit an all-time high value of $19,000. As of writing, Bitcoin’s value is about at $4,000 with an overall market capitalization of about $71 billion. No matter how you look at it, this kind of volatility creates a rough environment for any financial instrument, and it has raised serious concerns among cryptocurrency and blockchain tech supporters. The cryptocurrency market may have seen a drop in the past year, but technology is resilient. Crypto may be down, but it’s not out — and as we see more applications of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in secondary markets, a revival may be right around the corner. And with the enormous growth we’ve seen in gaming over the decades, the gaming industry may be the solution to bringing the cryptocurrency market back to stability. Could Gaming Bring the Next Crypto Boom? Despite massive losses, cryptocurrency supporters remain hopeful. And many are speculating that the cryptocurrency market may have a lucrative future if blockchain gaming keeps expanding. After all, there’s a natural synergy between blockchain, cryptocurrency, and gaming, and there’s no indication that the growth in this area is slowing down. Gamers are pretty comfortable using tokens for in-game purchases, but the potential for cryptocurrency and blockchain in gaming doesn’t end there. By relying on blockchain ledgers, players can actually own their in-game assets and achievements. From there, they can buy, sell and trade amongst each other in secondary markets, which often spill over into the real-world economy. This is a clear use case for cryptocurrency, which has struggled to find a foothold in mainstream markets. There’s no telling what will happen in the cryptocurrency markets, but it’s nearly certain that gaming will continue its astronomical rise in popularity. This is particularly true as the gaming industry continues to utilize blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Investors and venture capitalist are observing the benefits the gaming industry is experiencing from the utilization of both, which may help facilitate the adoption of the technology by other industries. Considering an investment in the growing blockchain gaming space? Block and Chain Game Studios delivers fun, immersive blockchain-powered gaming experiences for gamers around the world. Investors may contact Block and Chain at bnc@blockandchain.games.
  12. We’ve got some great updates to share with you next week as the Halo Platform team continues to expand the product and streamline the experience for our users. We wish to extend a special thanks to our community members, who have been hard at work evangelizing the platform on social media, blockchain forums, and other online channels. To see what our community has been up to, join us on Discord and check out the #community-and-social channel. Halo Currency & Exchange After much anticipation, Bitcoin support on HaloDEX has been tested and is going to be live on main net early next week. We’re excited to bring this new base currency to our users! Our users will also see some additional tokens supported next week. Look for more information on specific coins supported in next week’s release notes. We believe strongly that the HaloDEX will become a leading exchange in 2019 and compete with many centralized exchanges for volume. In the near future, we will begin working on new features like stop limit, market orders and plenty more in addition to that. HALO can now be traded on LAToken. See our announcement for more details (https://community.haloplatform.tech/blogs/entry/113-announcement-trade-halo-now-on-latoken/) or go here to trade: https://bit.ly/2CFffJB. New Releases (Coming Soon) We’ve been talking to our Discord Community about our backend rewrite and want to share our progress with a larger audience. Several members of our team are re-building the database and API’s, which will make our industry-leading performance even faster! Some highlights you can expect to see in an upcoming release: On HaloDEX getting ticker data for just one pair was taking up to 15 seconds: it is going down to 60 MS The Scraper used to take up to 4 hours for one smart contract: the new system will scrape all of them in 4 minutes Expect to see these improvements, and many more, when we launch the new back end in the near future. Other News The Halo Platform has earned an Amazon Web Service (AWS) partner endorsement: https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/seller-profile?id=4292b9b0-799f-44d4-a027-078946689ef7&ref=dtl_B07KMBMHB7. In addition to a listing in the AWS marketplace, Halo Platform receives premium support from Amazon and a host of other benefits. Our CTO, Mike, is working daily with AWS to earn an even higher level of partner status. Look for a press release with more details shortly. Did you know? There are detailed instructions and walkthroughs of the Halo Platform on our wiki and tutorials on our YouTube channel. Let us know if there is something you’d like to see there, and we will gladly add it! Halo Platform Instagram Twitter Facebook Youtube Reddit Discord Telegram Medium Steemit Github
  13. Block & Chain Game Studios Weekly Newsletter January 18, 2019 News @ Block & Chain It’s been another busy week at Block and Chain Game studios. The momentum is hot right now for blockchain games and we aim to stay ahead of the curve! Read on to see what we’ve been up to. As always, remember to sign up for our newsletter if you want it delivered to your inbox each week. Partner Platform Two weeks ago, we announced Player Central, a value added element of our game platform, both for our players and for our platform partners. But there is a lot more to our game platform, as our partners are quickly learning. API’s for player authorization, smart contracts for interfacing into the Halo Platform blockchain (which is fast enough for realtime gaming!), and wallet integration are just a few of the benefits our platform provides. And of course, all partner games are included in Player Central, where they are featured and cross promoted within the platform. We are actively seeking additional game developers for our platform. Interested parties can read more about the platform on our newly published platform web page or in our whitepaper. Blockfight Update This week, we introduced our last two fighters: Player Favorite, King Wezztle and Korsek, our grand champion, featuring two very large, very painful maces on the end of each arm. These are two of the toughest, ugliest warriors in our arenas and players bold enough to take them and win on can boast of their accomplishment within the Hall of Victory! And with the last of our fighters introduced, the Blockfight arena must now go dark as we prepare the battle arena for the final countdown to launch. Get ready for Blockfight to go live within the next two weeks! Decimated Update Our Friends at Fracture Labs have been very busy promoting their soon-to-be-hit game. We’re proud to share the good news about their acceptance into Nakamoto's Den Blockchain Conference, February in Cyprus. Decimated was 6th of only 60 projects chosen to pitch to a panel of investors. We wish them good fortune in their pitch! Marketing Update Last week, we announced our partnership with 55Play. We are continuing to make contacts in Asia and throughout the world in both crypto and mainstream gaming communities. In preparation for launch, we Crypto Gamers Community has posted Blockfight in their Top Community Games, for maximum visibility. We would also like to sincerely thank members of our community who are taking the Block and Chain message viral in places like the Bitcoin Talk Forum, the Cryptocurrency Reddit Forum, and the Blockchain Game Reddit forum. In a world where word of mouth is still the most powerful form of marketing, it really does take a village to launch a game. We wish to heartily thank our community members who believe in our games and do all they can to make them successful. Keep up the great work! Tutorial Videos Our original plan this week was to continue our “Getting Started” video series this week with a “How to buy Ethereum and Bitcoin” tutorial, but there are so many good videos out there already we decided to just bring them to light for our players. Players can acquire Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) with fiat to trade for HALO on the Halo Platform Decentralized Exchange, and once that is done, they are ready to play our games with crypto! Tutorial 1: Setting up a Halo Platform Wallet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMTnmVqmFxY Tutorial 2: Using your Halo Platform Wallet to log into our games https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rdyb3Jl8TYA Tutorial 3: So now you’ve played with in-game currency and you want to get some HALO currency. Start with buying some Ethereum or Bitcoin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4b6lQ5WNqGA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMwcaciWHnQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHLHbxPjHuo Note, these videos do not represent an endorsement by Block and Chain Games for any of these platforms, nor do we support any illegal activities. Our next video will showcase how to move your Ethereum and Bitcoin to the HaloDex to trade it for Halo Coin. In the News What’s hot in gaming, on and off the blockchain? Here’s where you find out! https://blockonomi.com/crypto-art-puzzles-games/ - Square Enix, the publisher of smash-hit, gaming franchises Tomb Raider, Kingdom Hearts, and Final Fantasy, is preparing its investors for a foray into the world of blockchain. B&C: Yet another big-name game maker joins the blockchain! As more and more such companies join the foray into this great technology, we are galvanized in our efforts to make great games on a great platform. More and more companies are seeking investment capital and Block and Chain Game Studios is no exception! Final Fantasy on the blockchain? We say, “yes please!” Join The Block & Chain Community! Forums Website Youtube Facebook Instagram Twitter Reddit LinkedIn
  14. LATOKEN has opened HALO currency for trading About LATOKEN: LATOKEN is a rapidly growing crypto exchange focusing on liquidity for new tokens: ● $30m+ daily turnover ● More than 80,000 registered traders ● 180+ crypto pairs available for trading Besides crypto trading, LATOKEN users can participate in selected Tokens Sales at pre-sale and crowdsale stages. Go here to register your account and begin trading: https://bit.ly/2CFffJB. About the Halo Platform: The Halo Platform represents the next generation of cryptocurrency management, offering access to the most diverse set of tools, fully customizable to suit your needs, and run on a platform with top-notch enterprise level security. For the first time, users can manage their cryptocurrency in one place, making Halo Platform the ultimate all-in-one system that the crypto community has been waiting for. The Halo Platform features: A lightning fast blockchain with proven speed sustained at 5000 tps The HALO cryptocurrency and wallet An advanced masternode system A state of the art decentralized exchange All wrapped into a simple-to-use Chrome browser extension. Learn more: https://www.haloplatform.tech/ https://community.haloplatform.tech/ https://discordapp.com/invite/PmveA6A https://t.me/haloplatform
  15. There is a lot of debate and speculation as to whether or not cryptocurrency should be subjected to regulation. Around the world, nations have tackled the problem in a variety of ways. Most recently, the Netherlands opted to allow cryptocurrency trading to take place within the country on the condition that cryptocurrency firms responsible for a traded coin first obtain a license. The ongoing regulatory development in the cryptocurrency space is beginning to change. De Nederlandsche Bank to Regulate Crypto Licensure The Dutch legislature passed a law back in June that required the development of a cryptocurrency licensure system, which will come into effect in 2020. Upon the implementation of nationwide crypto regulation, it will also be required of all member countries residing within the EU to follow the crypto regulation laid out in the Netherlands. The details of the new Dutch cryptocurrency licensing process remain vague, but for the time being the De Nederlandsche Bank appears to be the entity responsible for overseeing cryptocurrency licensure. The Bank has shown interest in blockchain technology since 2016, but January 2018 marked a key point in the development of the organization’s position on cryptocurrency. The De Nederlandsche Bank has a concern about how cryptocurrency might still be incapable of working at a global level. However, the bank has continued to work on blockchain and crypto projects. The Dutch bank insists that banning the use of cryptocurrency is not an acceptable solution, but that users should be cautious when dabbling in digital coin currency trade. Crypto Licenses Require Firms to Follow Key Rules To be awarded a cryptocurrency license, a Dutch firm must fully comply with broad transparency regulations. The crypto firm will need to identify their customers, as well as monitor and report any suspected illicit behavior or unusual transactions. Some issues may arise throughout this process, such as the anonymity of blockchain making it difficult for firms to gather information. However, licensing protocols are designed to mitigate the issues posed by cryptocurrency’s semi-anonymous nature. In the Netherlands, regulators are requiring that crypto firms provide a list of their customers. Only time will tell how effective the regulations will be in eradicating money laundering and fraud, but increasing transparency in volatile cryptocurrency markets will help mitigate some of the natural risks of investing in this market. Regulation Brings Legitimacy to Crypto Markets Now more than ever, the cryptocurrency markets could benefit from effective regulation. Regulation could provide the crypto market with the stability it needs to bring on major investors and decrease overall market volatility. Regulation of the crypto market will ensure additional stability and reduce the market’s volatility, making it more attractive to potential investors and users who have thus far held off due to concerns over the unstable market. Cryptocurrency has sparked a valuation debate that is ongoing to this day, but it doesn’t appear as if this groundbreaking technology is going anywhere. Regulators around the world are coming around to the idea of integrating cryptocurrency and blockchain tech into their existing financial systems, and the Netherlands’ new licensing system is an interesting solution to a problem regulators around the world are wrestling with at this very moment. The Halo Platform understands the importance of legitimizing cryptocurrency around the world. We have a comprehensive compliance program and dedicated staff who ensure adherence to current and new legislation. The Halo Platform and currency are shining examples of crypto done right in the world of emerging legitimacy. Follow us : Halo Platform Twitter Reddit Discord Telegram Medium Steemit Facebook Youtube Instagram Github

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