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  1. Great Announcement Halo team. Looking forward to the outstanding progress that 2019 will bring.
  2. Well done B&C Game Studio team. Leading the way I see. 👍
  3. Abe

    One health bar!

    You are in the wrong hood my friend. But since you’re here. Check out the up and coming games.
  4. Abe

    One health bar!

  5. Abe

    Dex Version 3.0.2

    Thank you Sean. You are my hero.
  6. I’m from the west coast US. I heard about Halo Platform from the king himself, Todd B. I knew if he was flipping his wig about how exciting this was, I had to check it out. Best community in crypto and proud to be a part of it.
  7. Abe

    Taking care of business

    How many of you are using Feather to fulfill Scott’s vision? (Congregate. Organize. Strategize. Execute.) The ability this dapp gives to buy, sell, swap, and pool masternodes is amazing and unlike anything the crypto space have ever given us. Tell us what your favorite part of the masternode dapp is.
  8. Abe

    What If?

    I would like to be able to place more than one private sell order at once.
  9. Abe

    What If?

    I’m on it.

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