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  1. Pesh

    Sending ETH to Halo DEX

    There's 20 minute sweep times at the moment. So it could take up to 20 minutes after it arrives at the receiving address. Yes you can trade for HALO.
  2. Pesh

    Cannot send Hot to my wallet

    This is HALO not HOT. H(A)LO not H(o)lo
  3. Pesh


    Halo burried treasure tattoo on my wrist
  4. Pesh


  5. Pesh

    Community Proposal-002: Split Amount

    Where's the lucky numbers bit? ?
  6. Pesh

    When I click Education.....

    Yeah. Same here. Education in the Welcome channel.
  7. Pesh


  8. Pesh

    Main Net Chain Snapshot: 9/14/2018

    If you are loading full node for the first time, downloading this and replacing the chaindata folder with it will trim hours from your sync time.
  9. That number 1 in halo contribution has something to do with it. Should say 1ewatever. If I switch prime accounts to the account getting the order it will show up right away in the dapp. But unless I load pending orders I will get an error trying to buy it.
  10. Pesh


    Credit Randy Hilarski
  11. Pesh


  12. Pesh

    Let that Halo glow (Charity)

    Good post, Henc. ✊
  13. Pesh


  14. I would like to have the option to collapse the top menu(application, edit, view, etc). Just to squeeze a we bit more screen space. Thank you for reading this and I hope you have a wonderful day!
  15. Pesh

    MN statistics dials

    So this is obviously a rough sketch to give you the idea. Once loaded you have basic stats in the gears. The gears are interactive. You can click on any gear and see more detailed stats like history and payouts or a chart showing the timeline and rate of MN creation, estimated time to full. Stuffs like that.

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