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  1. So much exciting stuff to look forward to.
  2. They are going to love the speed of the chain.
  3. recourier

    Dragon Bio: Nozig

    He's a sleeper. Doesn't look like much, but then outta nowhere, bam!
  4. recourier

    What is Draggin' Dragons?

    Looking forward to it!
  5. recourier

    Halo Platform Swag

    Yeah, let's get on this.
  6. Really looking forward to this. It's gonna be very cool.
  7. ..... I get rejected. Any reason why there are permissions on education?
  8. recourier

    When I click Education.....

    Rock on, thanks!
  9. recourier

    When I click Education.....

    What he said.
  10. Long load times for full node even right after being in it and finicky MN Dapp. Reporting for posterity. Running full node. Windows 10. High speed fiber internet service. - Open/unsleep computer. - Boot up feather and sync full node. GLO error 1 time. Takes 10+ minutes to sync, last sync 12-14 hours previously - Masternode sync bars says NaN% then stops loading, no MN load. Hit refresh and same behavior persists. -Reboot computer - Boot up feather and sync full node. GLO error 1 time. Takes 6-8 minutes to sync, last sync immediately prior to reboot just a few minutes ago - Ping remss.halotech.net 4 packets Min=16ms Max=20ms - Open MN Dapp, doesn't sync automatically. Hit refresh then it finally syncs.
  11. recourier


    --------> Halo ? <-------- Was apparently not as funny as I thought.
  12. recourier


    Halo ? That's all I got guys. Gave it my all.
  13. recourier


    Ouch...that one stung.
  14. recourier

    Taking care of business

    This is game changing and so easy. The ability to buy and sell portions of masternodes with ease is really amazing. Smashing down the barrier to entry is epic. I also love that I can still earn rewards on masternodes as they sit for sale in marketplace.
  15. Upstate NY. CCT, Todd & Joe. Lurked for a while to do research then jumped in. Was researching masternodes with reasonable entries that weren't fly-by-night or pure vapor. Also love the goal of an all in one platform, it's desperately needed. Also being from NY, the state that loves to beat crypto into submission, and with all the US tax laws, it was nice to be looking at a project that had those issues in mind.
  16. recourier

    What If?

    For me my aliases keep disappearing. As I understand it this is a caching issue with brave. Getting that resolved soon would be great. In marketplace it's great that the sales are rolled up by contract, but it would be cool if the price per share(or a range) and total shares showed up without having to expand out the list. It would save some clicks. Auto Tier combine. It would be cool if there was a mechanism where if you had two T1s, you could select them and just say combine to T2. So on the admin side you would see it and it could in one step cancel the T1s and voltron them together into a T2. And to be really baller, you could do that with setting up a private say T3 or T4. So instead of adding just addresses and amounts of halo, you could add a whole or multiple masternodes and it could be mixed. So your invite to lets say a private T3 could be 750 Halo from wallet address #1, and 750 Halo from wallet address #2, and a whole established T2 from that masternodes address. Notifications go out, everyone hits accept.....technology magic.....new T3.

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