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  1. The marketing campaign idea is brilliant. A great way to incentivize investors to spread the word.
  2. Halo seems to be more walk than talk. That's why they're my go to investment in Cryptocurrency.
  3. Voting on the Blockchain is an excellent example of real world Application. I'm ecstatic Horizon State has partnered with Halo Platform.
  4. Halo is coming together one peice at a time. Imagine where it will be by next year.
  5. DJMTC

    Halo Platform Swag

    Potential customer right here.
  6. DJMTC

    What If?

    What about a built in Masternode earning tabulations. Example: You're about to put 50 Halo into a teir 1 contract, when the confirmation button comes up & it says "Estimated earnings per 24 Hours = 0.016725 Halo".
  7. DJMTC

    What If?

    My Man, You're the Best Shannon. Doing an amazing job btw. I'm impressed with the amount of work that's be put out regularly. I know I'm not the only one who notices.
  8. I'm from Canada, Alberta. The great white north. I first heard about the Halo Platform through the Facebook page "Crypto Coin Trader". After watching the Live with Scott Morrison & Joe Blackburn, I immediately went & read the full whitepaper of Halo. I was hooked & I knew if there was anything close to a sure win as an investment, Halo Platform was the place to invest my Bitcoin.
  9. DJMTC

    What If?

    I know a one click withdrawal will be added where we don't have to confirm each one individually. That will be Huge!!
  10. The forums will help folks who have questions about the Platform find the answers they are looking for. It will also leave pages for people looking for general answers, as they can look back on past forum posts for answers to questions that have been asked before. Thanks for having me on your forums Team Halo. Cheers, DJMTC

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