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  1. Loads of good news and a lot of excitement for the upcoming products and features. Amazing job, as always!
  2. Henc

    What is Draggin' Dragons?

    I'm still waiting for you guys to announce the option to feed crypto kitties to my dragons. That would be so brutally amusing.
  3. I'll go ahead and say yes, don't think it's going to have a direct effect but will advance the sphere indirectly. ETF would give BTC more exposure, would bring in more volume which in return will provide more liquidity and may boost the prices which will generate more interest. I also think that when BTC gets put in the same bowl with other more widely known financial derivatives, it would legitimize it and make it harder for people who consider it to be just a Ponzi scheme to justify their stance.
  4. Had a sell order sent to me from a private shared MN for 10 shares 0.0000001 Halo per share. No notification appeared on the hamburger menu button so had a look for the active sell orders under the MN manage page. Saw the sell order there but clicking on the "Buy" button renders an error "Failed to purchase the sell order" Tried restarting Feather with no luck. Had the other party cancel the sell order and resend, then after restarting Feather again, got the notification and the transaction got completed. Added a screenshot of the console error that pops up when clicking buy. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jeQUnYsPHG3uNEGi0oG-aiVGJ5mX5-FM/view?usp=sharing
  5. Henc

    Let that Halo glow (Charity)

    I'd also like to invite everybody to share some good charities they may know of that could be added to the bowl for the community to choose from. Maybe you know some honest little organizations that provides computers to schools in India or transports books to Burkina Faso or provides free programming lessons for children in Boston. The main criteria would be that the recommended charity operates in the education/technology area and preferably something you've looked into a little bit so to avoid for profit companies hiding behind the charity label. Obviously the Community vote won't be in the next few days but I think it might be good to start compiling a little list which will also give others the opportunity to research the charities with bit more scrutiny.
  6. Hello, party people in the house! If you've spent any time in one of the Halo's media channels, you've probably noticed that the community consists of some really great people and with the level of benevolence amongst us, it was only a matter of time till this leads to some altruistic community efforts towards a better world. Halo team had the idea of starting up a charity Masternode which will keep pumping away and after every certain period some of the Halo will be sold and donated to some charity that get's chosen by a community vote. The original idea as stated by @Halo-Scott: The community didn't want to be left out and for that purpose there is a dedicated wallet address, where everybody who wants to off-set their negative karma points, improve their perception of self-worth or just help out these the bright little minds who are anxious to contribute to the whole tech industry but lack the access to the required knowledge or technology. The wallet address for all your charity contributions is: 0xaefaffa2272098b4ab6f9a87a76f25944aee746d That address is completely operated by Halo team and maybe somebody from the staff can confirm that to be correct if anybody has any doubts about my intentions. All options to contribute are welcome, whether you just want to make a small one-time donation or you decide to give periodically. I personally set up a separate account and used that to purchase a share in a public MN. That MN keeps generating awards which I'll either reinvest into more shares or will withdraw and sent them to the Halo's Charity Foundation wallet.
  7. Henc

    Taking care of business

    I really love the withdraw button.

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