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  1. Halo-Sean

    Dex Version 4.0.6

    Change Log Improvements Updated calculations of depth chart and it is now more accurate
  2. Halo-Sean

    Dex Version 4.0.5

    Change Log v4.0.5 New Features: Thousands and above now have commas Bug Fixes: BTC pricing will display properly now on landing page
  3. Halo-Sean

    Masternode DAPP v2.7.3

    Change Log: Fixed Bug that caused selling all of the shares in a masternode would error and prevent creating the sell order Bug that would leave sell shares button enabled when user had 0 shares left to sell New Features: A max button when selling shares
  4. Halo-Sean

    Dex Version 4.0.4

    Change Logs: Fixed a bug that caused lowercase routes to 404 Landing page now shows more than 5 market pairs Fixed a bug that prevented real time updates of balances on balance page BTC is now a new base on HaloDEX ZRX, OMG, USDC, and BAT are now trading on HaloDEX
  5. Halo-Sean

    Dex Version 4.0.0

    🔧 Bug Fixes bignumber.js: remove possibility for exponential notation decimals: properly normalize values when using different decimals 🚀 Features routing: manage market token by route SellOrders: align numbers to the right TradingView: improve data visualization and performance and more than 24 hour history!
  6. Halo-Sean

    Masternode DAPP v2.7.2

    Release Notes: Displays current rewards contract address when provisioning a self hosted masternode Users can now have more than 2 public sell orders at a time
  7. Halo-Sean

    Dex Version 3.1.7

    Change Log: Removes the need to have extension installed to use dex via a browser
  8. Halo-Sean

    Dex Version 3.1.6

    Change log: Removed limitation that required making VET wrapper account before DBET/VTHO wrapper accounts Updated logic to match new wrapper system (releases HST)
  9. Halo-Sean

    Masternode DAPP v2.7.1

    Change Log: Fixes a bug that prevents private masternodes to be joined through Join Private menu Fixes a bug that prevents joining a private masternode after manually adding it Fixes a bug that caused watched masternodes to persist even after they were removed/deleted from existence (SC side) Fixes a bug that prevented private sell orders to an address from being detected and presenting a notification badge on the menu Fixes a bug that caused some watched masternodes to error out and not be shown on Monitoring Fixes a bug that prevented using withdraw all rewards function
  10. Halo-Sean

    Masternode DAPP v2.7.0

    Change Log: Statistics panel is now open by default Changed Initializing to Funding Updated description of public halo hosted nodes when provisioning Fixed all rounding and decimal display issues T3 and T4 masternodes can only be created privately again
  11. Halo-Sean

    Wallet DAPP v1.2.0

    Change Logs: UI updates to better match newer Halo DAPPs Removed account locking/unlocking abilities Auto add supported wrapper tokens Fixed a bug when attempting to show all the supported wrapper tokens in token select drop down Fixed a bug when renaming accounts from wallet
  12. Halo-Sean

    Masternode DAPP v2.6.0

    Change Logs: Remove locking accounts Fixed Monitoring view loading Fixed a bug when buying shares Added new Address Book view/feature Removed loading bar on Marketplace view Updated to match new v1.1 masternode smart contracts
  13. Halo-Sean

    Dex Version 3.1.5

    Change Log: User order query now only fetches open user orders
  14. Halo-Sean

    Dex Version 3.1.4

    Change Log: Fixes bug that prevented Halo from being withdrawn from dex wallet to personal wallet Fixes a bug that would cause orders created using the max button to fail
  15. Halo-Sean

    Dex Version 3.1.2

    Change Logs: Fixed issue that would cause Balances page to not show all supported tokens
  16. Halo-Sean

    Dex Version 3.1.1

    Change Logs: Fixed a bug that would cause stack issues and break the UI
  17. Halo-Sean

    Dex Version 3.1.0

    Things we added 5d14b32 Added new ticker component Things we fixed 20a7e34 Improved long text display in the total field with detailed information about the currently selected base/token 0f52003 Fixed UI for multiple screen sizes down to iPhone5 beaf23a Fixed a bug that caused the maximum value used when clicking the max button in an order 5bb6fbc The Landing page will now properly show a progress loader in dark mode
  18. Halo-Sean

    Dex Version 3.0.3

    Change Logs: VTHO support
  19. Halo-Sean

    Dex Version 3.0.2

    Change Log: Fixed display bug for prices on trade history Fixed a bug that would cause balances to not update in real time Fixed a bug that would cause order books to not update upon changing markets
  20. Halo-Sean

    Dex Version 3.0.1

    Change Logs: Adds support for DBET Fixes validation bug when creating order that would cause balance to drop below required amount to make same order again
  21. Halo-Sean

    Dex Version 3.0.0

    Change Log: Adds VeChain support Updates to match new wrapper system Adds background coloring to Market Orders (trade history) and removes the pricing color highlight Added a header to Open Orders Order fields will no longer correct what you are typing if you go over your balance Market Orders (trade history) can now be toggled to just show your previous trade history for that market UI now fully responds to a user being signed out of extension or account being locked in feather client Wrapper deposits are no longer shown on Balances page, but instead a button is shown to open a dialog to copy your deposit address (helps users with smaller screens/resolutions) Rounding errors should all be fixed
  22. Halo-Sean

    Dex Version 2.0.4

    Change Logs: Added new feature to show login status for extension/feather Fixed Trading View bugs Fixed white screen of death (may still require 1 last application cache clear)
  23. Halo-Sean

    Dex Version 2.0.0

    Change logs: Added the long awaited dark theme The landing page has gotten a fresh look Updated to work correctly with new smart contract updates Orders section on bottom of exchange now only shows open orders
  24. Halo-Sean

    Dex Version 1.0.0

    HaloDEX now has a couple days under its belt and has been working pretty smoothly so far! We figured now is a good time to officially move the version to 1.0.0 (just in time for extension launch later today!) Below you will find the change logs since the last beta release. Change Log: Fixed Trading View bug that caused "Loading" to flash forever Removed a lot of Trading View console errors Fixed a case where changing token before an interval would break Trading View Fixed a bug that caused subscriptions to unsubscribe incorrectly Added live volumes to side nav bar Fixed trade history showing trades for all users and not just the Halo Prime Added a check to ensure the currently shown balances are the most recent balances in database Fixed some bugs in the withdraw from dex dialog Added batching when depositing smart contract tokens into dex Fixed a bug that caused order matching to fail on sell orders Fixed a bug that caused fees to be displayed incorrectly Added a Legal page and a footer to the bottom of the dex Fixed some display bugs on user transfer history Fixed a bug that caused past trades view to show prices incorrectly on trades against buy orders Removed some features of Trading View we do not currently support Update user orders table to display more info Fixed a bug that could cause order matching to match incorrectly
  25. Halo-Sean

    Dex Version 2.1.0 Beta

    Change Logs: Lots of Trading View bugs fixed Lots of console warnings and errors also fixed Side navbar now shows live ticker data when expanded Fixed a bug that would cause all trades to be shown under "Your Trades" (should only show your Halo Prime account's trades) Fixed a bug that would cause older balances to show on UI Fixed a bug that prevented balances from unsubscribing and re-subscribing properly Fixed alignment bugs inside of Account History Depositing ERC20 tokens is now batched and only requires 1 halo.js confirmation Added a favicon to prepare for use in browser Fix how fees are displayed and calculated when making trades Update withdraw dialog validations to prevent incorrect actions from happening

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