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Found 1 result

  1. Halo-Sean

    Dex Version 5.0.0

    To see the new dex in action go to: https://halodex.io Change Log: Integrated with new halo backend api for dex which includes giant speed increases for dex frontend and a new authentication system to protect your dex data All rounding issues are resolved due to the new backend api Landing page has a major speed increase and loads within a second instead of taking upwards of 10 seconds Added USDC as a new base pair Added a new "Login" button that is housed under the "Lock" icon in the toolbar Login button must be pressed before any user data (orders, trades, balances) can be queried from backend (It uses your halo address and signs a message to generate a unique token to prove who you are) Trading View now has full history at the 24h interval available Trading View is now much faster due to new backend Account History will now offer full trading history and will show all currencies at once not just the selected pair Account History for transfers is now also based on all currencies and not just selected pair Removed duplicate pairs (ex ETH/BTC | BTC/ETH) To see the new dex in action go to: https://halodex.io Please make sure you use the new login button if you notice your order, trade or balance data is not showing up

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