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Found 33 results

  1. Halo-Sarah

    Dragon Bio: Dveen

    Dveen, known for scalping his opponents, is the scion of a wealthy family. https://www.blockandchain.games/draggin-dragons.html
  2. Halo-Sarah

    Dragon Bio: Bryndyn

  3. Halo-Sarah

    Battle Track

    With Speed Racing almost finished, the team has been focusing on building game logic and assets for Battle Races. Dragon Breeding is a major feature in Draggin’ Dragons, but we knew from the start we wanted players to have the ability to play with their newborn dragons. Thus, Battle Races were conceived (pun intended)! In Battle Races, you can take the dragons you have bred and race them against other players’ dragons. Unlike Speed Races, these dragons play dirty. Not only are opponent dragons bent on confounding your dragon in the race, the tracks themselves are chock full of obstacles that will slow down your dragon down. Thankfully, you can train your dragons and imbue them with skills to defend against these obstacles and even against other dragons’ attacks. The picture above is an example of a Battle Track, with some of the obstacles your dragon will encounter during the race.
  4. Halo-Sarah

    Did you know?

    Each time you beat a creature, they appear in your Hall of Victory. Collect them all for the ultimate achievement! More fighters will be added regularly for you to conquer.
  5. Halo-Sarah

    What is Draggin' Dragons?

    What is Draggin Dragons? Breed, battle and bet on racing Dragons. Cheer your dragon on as they triumph in a hair-raising run for the championship! https://www.blockandchain.games/draggin-dragons.html
  6. Halo-Sarah

    Dragon Bio: Qimbainod

    Qimbainod, pronounced as ‘chim-by-nod’ and whose name means ‘swift wind’, is one of the fairest and rarest of the Mythic Dragons. https://www.blockandchain.games/draggin-dragons.html
  7. Halo-Sarah

    Blockfight Character: 'Amorial'

    Amorial, also known as the ‘Dream Bender’, is a sociopath who uses his abilities to corrupt and twist the minds of others.
  8. Halo-Sarah

    Dragon Bio: Yrsyntom

    Yrsyntom, pronounced as 'ear-sin-tome', was always the fastest flyer growing up. https://www.blockandchain.games/draggin-dragons.html
  9. Halo-Sarah

    Developers Blog

    Devin Seto, Head of Games: The idea to build a racing game on the blockchain came early in the life of Block and Chain Games. We wanted to demonstrate that blockchain games don’t have to be slow-paced, turn-based and all around boring. Instead, we decided to produce a player experience that was dynamic, exciting and thoroughly engaging. Originally, we wanted to pay homage to 8-bit games of yesteryear. In fact, we still have the prototype of the original gameplay. But we realized as time went by that, if we want to make a real impact on the blockchain industry and make a game that has broad appeal, we really needed higher quality graphics and animations. We also knew we needed to produce value in other ways. Because we work in cryptocurrency, we recognized there was an opportunity to bring about value for players through virtual goods ownership, whereby owners can purchase one of our “House Dragons” and receive a portion of their dragon’s winnings. Suddenly, we didn’t just have a racing game, but a deeper social game, where players compete for dragons and have the opportunity to earn Halo! Our upcoming open beta will be fully functional and will feature our Speed Dragons. Players will be able to play with Dragon Coins (in-game coins) and Halo, which they can also use to buy dragons. So why is it “beta”? Because some of the best features are yet to come! After the open beta, we will launch Dragon Breeding and Battle Tracks, where players can breed up to 140 dragons (and many more special edition dragons down the road) and train them in special skills to compete against each other in fast, furious, and frantic battle races. All in all, Draggin’ Dragons will be our opportunity to showcase the benefits of the Halo Platform and the Block and Chain team’s passion for great games that everyone can enjoy!
  10. Halo-Sarah

    Dragon Bio: Squishy

    Meet ’Squishy’, a loner and outsider among the dragons. https://www.blockandchain.games/draggin-dragons.html
  11. Halo-Sarah

    Dragon Bio: Nozig

    As we get closer to our launch date for Draggin’ Dragons later this month, we would like to share with you the dragon bios, beginning with ‘Nozig’. https://www.blockandchain.games/draggin-dragons.html
  12. As we get closer to our launch date for Blockfight later this month, we would like to share with you the character bios, beginning with 'Prince Panilio'.
  13. Your Player Profile will show your Top Dragons, Top Track, Your Best In Show, and all the dragons you've ever owned! Keep tabs on your stats, and burn up the tracks! https://www.blockandchain.games/draggin-dragons.html
  14. Welcome to the Owner's Paddock! Here you can view the dragons you own. Own dragons to earn a cut of winnings during the races! https://www.blockandchain.games/draggin-dragons.html
  15. Quick sneak peak into our Lootlift Lane Track for our upcoming Draggin Dragons Game. https://www.blockandchain.games/draggin-dragons.html
  16. Our Block & Chain Games Team would like to wish everyone a Happy Halloween with a sneak peek into one of our spooky Draggin’ Dragons Game Tracks, ‘Menace Mire’. https://www.blockandchain.games/draggin-dragons.html
  17. Halo-Jehuti

    Draggin’ Dragons Coming Soon!

    We are extremely excited to announce that Draggin’ Dragons open Beta launches this November! https://www.blockandchain.games/draggin-dragons.html
  18. A typical industry’s lifecycle culminates in the consolidation phase - that is, market participants eventually merge with other related companies to form larger conglomerates. Although these mergers typical show signs of stability and maturity, this process also consolidates wealth and exacerbates income inequality. Left to their own devices, private enterprises would swell into monopolies that dominate the market and impact all of our lives with their political and social influence. Many fear the FAMGA tech giants – Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon – are becoming monopolies, wielding all of their massive power to improperly influence our political and economic systems. Blockchain technology, however, is a counterbalance to these mighty megaliths. Economists have been cautioning against the consolidation of the tech industry for quite some time. Politicians on both sides of the aisle have questioned the effectiveness of antitrust enforcement based on the seemingly unstoppable growth of the FAMGA and similar conglomerates. In fact, these tech giants now dominate the S&P 500—a stark difference from just over ten years ago when ExxonMobile and General Electric topped the list. Now, many fear this concentration of wealth is stifling innovation. Moreover, with only a limited number of companies prospering, tech giants’ control of the tech market allows them to manipulate our behavior. This is a particularly critical concern now that the Obama-era net neutrality rules have been rescinded. Decentralized, open source blockchain-based services may prove to be the very type of market disruption that the tech industry badly needs. It can be applied to mitigate the issues that tech giants’ consolidated wealth is causing to our virtual lives. Blockchain is a groundbreaking new innovation that is often compared to the emergence of the internet. Just as no one person, government, organization, or corporation owns the internet, neither does any one entity own blockchain. So, there is a relatively lower risk that a blockchain-based tech market would consolidate into a few monopolistic companies as it has under the traditional internet. When market control is properly distributed, the system becomes safer and more private. Moreover, innovation, due to blockchain’s immutable characteristics, opens a wave a new use uses. However, the decentralized nature of blockchain is a benefit to consumers and the average citizen who has ceded control of his or her personal data to consolidated tech giants. FAMGA and other tech companies do not only store our data, but they often bundle and sell it at an enormous profit. As a result, decentralized blockchain serves to benefit the average citizen by returning privacy controls to the individual, and even opens paths for consumers to benefit from the sale of their data. Halo Platform understands that blockchain technology is not the latest widget or gadget. It’s a totally new way to interact with people and services online. As the internet continues to play an increasingly important role in each of our daily lives, we will be relying on blockchain technology more and more. In order to make sure that nobody is left out of this next digital revolution, Halo Platform is developing an all-in-one cryptocurrency platform that everyone can use. Soon, we won’t all be subject to the economic and social pressures created by the increasingly powerful FAMGA conglomerate. Join the revolution, and check out Halo Platform today. Join the Halo Platform Halo Platform Twitter Reddit Discord Telegram Medium Google+ Steemit Facebook Youtube Instagram Github
  19. Last year, the crypto markets saw thousands of coin launches. As we all now know, plenty of these turned out to be out-right scams. Fraudulent ICOs have left many investors skeptical about ICOs. After all, with little regulatory oversight, what’s to stop companies from launching a new coin and then pocketing the funds? Fortunately, rather than running off with bags of cash to countries without extradition, many ICOs are actually working hard to develop the products they got funding for. Given cryptocurrency’s recent challenges with frauds and schemes, this is a very good sign. Lots of crypto companies are actually using the capital they raised from their coins to create exciting new products for the crypto community, and this is increasing investor confidence across the market. Halo Platform was developed by a team of people who really believe in the future of blockchain technology and the important services it can provide to its community of users. We launched a very successful ICO last year, but that’s just the beginning of our story. We’ve used the resources provided to us by our community to develop some exciting new products, and today we are working with reputable ICO’s to launch their coins and tokens on the Halo Platform blockchain! Strong ICO-Funded Product Releases Make for a Bullish Crypto Market Media coverage of ICOs is shifting from a focus on exit scams and Ponzi schemes to a recognition of the new products and services being developed from this new approach to venture capital. Halo Platform is proud to be among the most productive participants of last year’s ICO wave. This is definitely good news for the cryptocurrency market as a whole, which has seen prices creeping upwards throughout this month. Based on the recent performance of the crypto markets, the HODL crowd is breathing a sigh of relief. Crypto investors are hopeful that markets will see another bull run in 2018 as more and more companies who ran ICOs launch products. Halo Platform is Powering the New Wave of the Crypto Revolution ICOs have raised hundreds of millions of dollars over the past couple of years, and this is a lot of capital to fund new ventures. It’s critical for the health of the overall markets that crypto companies make good on their promises. If not, the exciting new technology that cryptocurrency represents may be dismissed by the mainstream as just another money grab. Halo Platform believes in the crypto revolution, and we’re doing everything we can to make sure it succeeds. Our products aren’t just something that we’re doing for ourselves, they are meant to have a positive impact on the blockchain community as a whole. As Halo Platform continues to create better and more useful products, Halo Platform users can expect good things for the future. We’re working hard to create value for the community, and soon we’ll all be experiencing the benefits of a hard-won battle for the future of the blockchain. Connect with us: Twitter — https://twitter.com/Halo_Platform Reddit — https://www.reddit.com/r/HaloPlatform/ Discord — http://discord.haloplatform.tech/ Telegram — https://t.me/haloplatform Google+ — https://plus.google.com/u/0/108336112327687734137 Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/HaloPlatform.tech/ Youtube — https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZqP3U9jFO0XTV6EYNt1dqg Instagram — https://www.instagram.com/halo_platform/ LinkedIn — https://www.linkedin.com/company/haloplatform/ Github — https://github.com/haloplatform
  20. Halo-Devin

    Speed Bumps to Mobile Currency Mining

    Some of the top altcoin miners hit a bump in their road to digital coin riches this week when Google Play banned all cryptocurrency mining apps from the Play Store. This policy mirrors the ban Apple put into place back in June, which excluded software that runs digital coin mining activities on local machines. The blockchain and cryptocurrency revolution has come, and it’s changing the internet as we know it. The giant tech companies may not like it much, but Bitcoin and the top altcoins are spinning off companies that may soon pose a major market threat to the likes of Google and Apple. However, it’s possible that this type of corporate-driven regulation is a good thing for cryptocoin markets. In fact, rather quashing competition from up-and-coming blockchain and cryptocurrency companies, Google’s policy may be another example of the type of private-side regulation that has helped legitimize the growing cryptocoin markets. Mining Apps Banned from Google Play Blockchain currency has travelled a long road to mainstream acceptance. However, digital coins still face an uphill battle in before they are able to earn the respect that the blockchain and cryptocurrency deserve. The FAMGA tech giants — that being Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon — have not been particularly friendly to blockchain currency since the cryptocoin market really started taking off over the past couple of years. In fact, some digital coin enthusiasts have accused FAMGA of wielding its massive collective market power to improperly influence our opinions of digital coins. After all, FAMGA basically owns the internet at this point, and blockchain and cryptocurrency poses a major threat to their increasingly powerful monopoly. Like Apple’s new policy, Google does still allow for cloud-based mining, in which digital coins are mined through offsite servers rather than people’s devices. This move is part of a larger policy that Google is working to integrate across its platform, as the company prohibited Chrome extensions that mine cryptocurrency back in April, and it banned digital coin ads in its flagship search and display advertising services. Halo Platform’s Masternode Technology Makes Mining Irrelevant Anti-cryptocurrency conspiracy theories aside, Google Play’s decision to remove mining apps was part of a larger cleanup effort. And the company may have good reason to target miners. Mining apps have gotten a bad reputationdue to the prevalence of malware and other less-than-legitimate software applications involving digital coin mining. However, with the rise of mastermode technology, the debate over mining software may soon become irrelevant. For those new to the concept, a Masternode is a computer that processes transactions on a blockchain. Masternodes are an important part of howcertain blockchain transactions operate. Masternode-powered cryptocurrencies, including some of the best altcoins like Dash and the Halo Coin, are designed to be easier to run and more efficient. That means there’s less of an incentive to use malware to hijack computing power from unwitting victims, as has been the case in digital coin mining activities. The Halo Masternode System operates much more efficiently than typical mining operations. Our masternode network is designed to operate in four tiers, distributing transactions and allocating data in a structured and efficient manner. This masternode configuration makes transactions on the Halo Platform lightning fast, and at no cost. The rise of masternodes may soon make mining a thing of the past, and if so Halo Platform will be leading the charge in the next wave of the blockchain and cryptocurrency revolution. Halo Platform Twitter Reddit Discord Telegram Medium Google+ Steemit Facebook Youtube Instagram Github Scrypto

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