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Found 11 results

  1. Halo-Sarah

    What is Draggin' Dragons?

    What is Draggin Dragons? Breed, battle and bet on racing Dragons. Cheer your dragon on as they triumph in a hair-raising run for the championship! https://www.blockandchain.games/draggin-dragons.html
  2. Halo-Sarah

    Dragon Bio: Qimbainod

    Qimbainod, pronounced as ‘chim-by-nod’ and whose name means ‘swift wind’, is one of the fairest and rarest of the Mythic Dragons. https://www.blockandchain.games/draggin-dragons.html
  3. Halo-Sarah

    Dragon Bio: Yrsyntom

    Yrsyntom, pronounced as 'ear-sin-tome', was always the fastest flyer growing up. https://www.blockandchain.games/draggin-dragons.html
  4. Halo-Sarah

    Developers Blog

    Devin Seto, Head of Games: The idea to build a racing game on the blockchain came early in the life of Block and Chain Games. We wanted to demonstrate that blockchain games don’t have to be slow-paced, turn-based and all around boring. Instead, we decided to produce a player experience that was dynamic, exciting and thoroughly engaging. Originally, we wanted to pay homage to 8-bit games of yesteryear. In fact, we still have the prototype of the original gameplay. But we realized as time went by that, if we want to make a real impact on the blockchain industry and make a game that has broad appeal, we really needed higher quality graphics and animations. We also knew we needed to produce value in other ways. Because we work in cryptocurrency, we recognized there was an opportunity to bring about value for players through virtual goods ownership, whereby owners can purchase one of our “House Dragons” and receive a portion of their dragon’s winnings. Suddenly, we didn’t just have a racing game, but a deeper social game, where players compete for dragons and have the opportunity to earn Halo! Our upcoming open beta will be fully functional and will feature our Speed Dragons. Players will be able to play with Dragon Coins (in-game coins) and Halo, which they can also use to buy dragons. So why is it “beta”? Because some of the best features are yet to come! After the open beta, we will launch Dragon Breeding and Battle Tracks, where players can breed up to 140 dragons (and many more special edition dragons down the road) and train them in special skills to compete against each other in fast, furious, and frantic battle races. All in all, Draggin’ Dragons will be our opportunity to showcase the benefits of the Halo Platform and the Block and Chain team’s passion for great games that everyone can enjoy!
  5. Halo-Sarah

    Dragon Bio: Squishy

    Meet ’Squishy’, a loner and outsider among the dragons. https://www.blockandchain.games/draggin-dragons.html
  6. Halo-Sarah

    Dragon Bio: Nozig

    As we get closer to our launch date for Draggin’ Dragons later this month, we would like to share with you the dragon bios, beginning with ‘Nozig’. https://www.blockandchain.games/draggin-dragons.html
  7. Your Player Profile will show your Top Dragons, Top Track, Your Best In Show, and all the dragons you've ever owned! Keep tabs on your stats, and burn up the tracks! https://www.blockandchain.games/draggin-dragons.html
  8. Welcome to the Owner's Paddock! Here you can view the dragons you own. Own dragons to earn a cut of winnings during the races! https://www.blockandchain.games/draggin-dragons.html
  9. Quick sneak peak into our Lootlift Lane Track for our upcoming Draggin Dragons Game. https://www.blockandchain.games/draggin-dragons.html
  10. Our Block & Chain Games Team would like to wish everyone a Happy Halloween with a sneak peek into one of our spooky Draggin’ Dragons Game Tracks, ‘Menace Mire’. https://www.blockandchain.games/draggin-dragons.html
  11. Halo-Jehuti

    Draggin’ Dragons Coming Soon!

    We are extremely excited to announce that Draggin’ Dragons open Beta launches this November! https://www.blockandchain.games/draggin-dragons.html

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