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Found 27 results

  1. Halo-Sean

    Dex Version 4.1.0

    Change Log: Flash coin has been added to the dex as a new token
  2. Halo-Brandon

    Chrome Extension v1.4.2

    CHANGELOG Adds new signing tool that allows user to sign arbitrary messages with their prime address private key or verify a signature given a message. Extension no longer opens the feather tab when installed Testnet Explorer outages will no longer show alerts to the user
  3. Halo-Brandon

    Chrome Extension v1.4.1

    CHANGELOG Bug Fixes Fixes a bug where input validation for halo amount was incorrect in the send dialog and some users were not able to send halo from a non-prime account that had less funds than prime.
  4. Halo-Sean

    Dex Version 4.0.6

    Change Log Improvements Updated calculations of depth chart and it is now more accurate
  5. Halo-Sean

    Dex Version 4.0.5

    Change Log v4.0.5 New Features: Thousands and above now have commas Bug Fixes: BTC pricing will display properly now on landing page
  6. Halo-Sean

    Masternode DAPP v2.7.3

    Change Log: Fixed Bug that caused selling all of the shares in a masternode would error and prevent creating the sell order Bug that would leave sell shares button enabled when user had 0 shares left to sell New Features: A max button when selling shares
  7. Halo-Sean

    Dex Version 4.0.4

    Change Logs: Fixed a bug that caused lowercase routes to 404 Landing page now shows more than 5 market pairs Fixed a bug that prevented real time updates of balances on balance page BTC is now a new base on HaloDEX ZRX, OMG, USDC, and BAT are now trading on HaloDEX
  8. Halo-Brandon

    Chrome Extension v1.3.1

    Things we fixed Resolves a bug where inputting the wrong password on the popup UI would result in a blank screen and require closing and reopening to fix.
  9. Halo-Sean

    Masternode DAPP v2.7.2

    Release Notes: Displays current rewards contract address when provisioning a self hosted masternode Users can now have more than 2 public sell orders at a time
  10. Halo-Sean

    Dex Version 3.1.7

    Change Log: Removes the need to have extension installed to use dex via a browser
  11. Halo-Sean

    Dex Version 3.1.6

    Change log: Removed limitation that required making VET wrapper account before DBET/VTHO wrapper accounts Updated logic to match new wrapper system (releases HST)
  12. Halo-Sean

    Masternode DAPP v2.7.1

    Change Log: Fixes a bug that prevents private masternodes to be joined through Join Private menu Fixes a bug that prevents joining a private masternode after manually adding it Fixes a bug that caused watched masternodes to persist even after they were removed/deleted from existence (SC side) Fixes a bug that prevented private sell orders to an address from being detected and presenting a notification badge on the menu Fixes a bug that caused some watched masternodes to error out and not be shown on Monitoring Fixes a bug that prevented using withdraw all rewards function
  13. Halo-Brandon

    Chrome Extension v1.2.5

    Fixes UI Issue causing whitelist permissions to not show up in the UI of feather settings.
  14. Halo-Brandon

    Feather Client v1.1.3

    CHANGELOG: Removes block number polling Changes MAINNET rpc URL to https://mainnet.haloplatform.tech/ New Downloads available: https://www.haloplatform.tech/downloads.html
  15. Halo-Brandon

    Extension v1.2.4

    CHANGELOG: Fixes Fixes issue causing errors with private key/seed phrase import
  16. Halo-Brandon

    Chrome Extension v1.2.3

    Fixes Fixed account import error when importing from private key/phrase Fixed bug that sometimes allowed users to view recovery phrase without verifying it first and user would be unable to verify phrase Fixed UI issue where user appeared logged out after logging in when RPC requests fail Improvements Improves UX of dialog popups throughout extension to be more visually consistent
  17. Halo-Brandon

    Chrome Extension v1.2.1

    Improvements: Improved UI to confirm whitelistable actions. The "Add to Whitelist" button is now on the initial dialog and no longer requires navigating to a new "step".
  18. Halo-Brandon

    Extension v1.2.2

    Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where users were experiencing an auto-logout earlier than expected. This has been resolved. Moving/Clicking the mouse in the feather tab/sending transactions will refresh this timer.
  19. Halo-Sean

    Dex Version 3.1.5

    Change Log: User order query now only fetches open user orders
  20. Halo-Sean

    Dex Version 3.1.4

    Change Log: Fixes bug that prevented Halo from being withdrawn from dex wallet to personal wallet Fixes a bug that would cause orders created using the max button to fail
  21. Halo-Sean

    Dex Version 3.1.2

    Change Logs: Fixed issue that would cause Balances page to not show all supported tokens
  22. Halo-Sean

    Dex Version 3.1.1

    Change Logs: Fixed a bug that would cause stack issues and break the UI
  23. Halo-Brandon

    Chrome Extension Release v1.1.1

    Improvements Phrase verification words are now sorted main net RPC url changed to https://mainnet.haloplatform.tech
  24. Halo-Sean

    Dex Version 3.0.3

    Change Logs: VTHO support
  25. Halo-Sean

    Dex Version 3.0.2

    Change Log: Fixed display bug for prices on trade history Fixed a bug that would cause balances to not update in real time Fixed a bug that would cause order books to not update upon changing markets

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