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Found 5 results

  1. Halo-Shannon

    DEX Contract Version 0.1.0 Beta 1

    We just pushed the Beta 1 version of the contract to the testnet chain. No changelog as it would be a mile long at this point. Will track changes from here on out. Upon public full release, we will release source of contract.
  2. Halo-Devin

    DEX Version 0.3.1 Alpha

    Testnet Changelogs --------------------------------------------------------- Resolved a bug where canceling an order would create a duplicate order (display bug only) Resolved a bug where the order book would display the incorrect aggregate number (display bug only) For the update, please refresh your wallet (CTRL+R for Windows or CMD+R for MAC).
  3. Halo-Shannon

    DEX Version 0.3.0 Alpha

    Change Log: Fixed subscriptions for order book Fixed price chart display issues Added validation to withdraw/deposit You can now see your wallet balance when depositing/withdrawing funds into/out of the DEX Fixed sorting of Buy Orders Improved performance of Buy/Sell Order tables
  4. Halo-Shannon

    DEX Version 0.2.0 Alpha

    Change log: Fixed balances not displaying in real-time Withdraw will now allow you to send the withdrawn funds to another address Orderbook is now overlaid with a depth chart Fixed Info tabs to display correctly
  5. Halo-Shannon

    DEX Version 0.1.0 Alpha

    This signifies the first release to the testnet and will be updated to contain the initial features that the alpha version contained.

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