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Dex Version 0.9.0 Beta

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This version marks the first beta version. There are some unstable items within this, but they will be identified more clearly with user testing. Expect at least two more beta version before production version is released.

Before production we will release a beta-final version. That has all polish done, and any future updates would be for hotfixing bugs only, no new features.

Change Logs:

Dex Frontend
- Removed all prisma subscriptions
- Added pusher pubsub
- Subscriptions are fixed and live data all comes through now
- Added landing page with statistics on tokens
- Improved order book aggregate algorithm to be more performant
- Drastically reduced application memory consumption
- Trading View volume fixed
- Trading View wicks fixed
- Sidebar ticker is now live updated
- Trading View now pulls live data from pusher
- Trading View grabs exact 30 second intervals
- Drastically reduced amount of data sent with each updated
- Fixed clicking order populating order form
- Fixed balances subscription
- Fixed trades subscription
- Fixed user orders subscription
- Fixed creating orders
- Fixed cancel order subscription
- Fixed balances page not updating correctly
- Fixed order matching
- Fixed issue where dex would not know if user is buying or selling when making a trade

Dex Backend
- Faster order and contract event processing
- Publish live events to pusher
- Multi-threaded processes for watching contract
- Improved prisma data storage
- Clustered public API and load balanced
- New message types of live data
- New ticker format for 24 hour moving 30 second frame
- Fixed ticker volumes and wicks for trading view to consume
- Fixed data to be referenced by token number and not token address    

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