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Dex Version 1.0.0

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HaloDEX now has a couple days under its belt and has been working pretty smoothly so far! We figured now is a good time to officially move the version to 1.0.0 (just in time for extension launch later today!) Below you will find the change logs since the last beta release.

Change Log:

  • Fixed Trading View bug that caused "Loading" to flash forever
  • Removed a lot of Trading View console errors
  • Fixed a case where changing token before an interval would break Trading View
  • Fixed a bug that caused subscriptions to unsubscribe incorrectly
  • Added live volumes to side nav bar
  • Fixed trade history showing trades for all users and not just the Halo Prime
  • Added a check to ensure the currently shown balances are the most recent balances in database
  • Fixed some bugs in the withdraw from dex dialog
  • Added batching when depositing smart contract tokens into dex
  • Fixed a bug that caused order matching to fail on sell orders
  • Fixed a bug that caused fees to be displayed incorrectly
  • Added a Legal page and a footer to the bottom of the dex
  • Fixed some display bugs on user transfer history
  • Fixed a bug that caused past trades view to show prices incorrectly on trades against buy orders
  • Removed some features of Trading View we do not currently support
  • Update user orders table to display more info
  • Fixed a bug that could cause order matching to match incorrectly
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