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Blockfight Character: 'Amorial'

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Amorial, also known as the ‘Dream Bender’, is a sociopath who uses his abilities to corrupt and twist the minds of others.

Amorial comes from a race of empaths, renowned for their abilities as sages and soothsayers. While most of his species is respected across the galaxy, Amorial abused his powers, instead using them to corrupt and twist the minds of others. A true sociopath, he twists the minds of other species when they sleep and savors their torture as their minds are slowly ruined beyond repair. His nickname is well-earned. Because of his abilities, Amorial is kept in a special cell when not fighting, which shields his mind from others in the vicinity, lest they fall prey to his sadistic tendencies. So far, more than 20 guards, in their negligence, have fallen prey to Amorial, their mindless husks have since been moved to an asylum planet in the core worlds.

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