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Glo Version 2.2.0

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GLO v2.2.0 is a special release for CoinSplit and included some important updates.

Notable changes in the release are:

  • CoinSplit: After block=33226666, all account balances will be multiplied by 800
  • Block signature: Improvement in block concensus
  • Raft: fix bugs in starting sequence and stopping sequence
  • Masternode: fix crash issue when the chain is not synced well
  • TxReplay: fix race-condition in transaction replaying
  • Gas instrinsic: fix gas instrinsic checking for dropping very low-gas transaction
  • Ethash: Switch to lighter mode
  • Dashboard: remove vulnerability alerts
  • EthAPI: fix bugs and merge updates from Go-Ethereum
  • Vendor source: leveldb upgrade for preventing 1TB crash issue, go-duktape.v3 warning


MD5 (./glo-2.2.0-linux-x64.tar.gz) = 206a5f9cf398304152880c9bc582b1ba
MD5 (./glo-2.2.0-mac-x64.tar.gz) = d6ea245c61289868f7af4da9b59a7c03
MD5 (./glo-2.2.0-win-x64.tar.gz) = 525216aac3317c72a116e3b1884e07a6


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