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Featherlite Version 1.1.1

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New version of featherlite is available for download. Please visit https://www.haloplatform.tech/downloads.html to get it.


  • Use app props and v-content instead of absolute positioning
  • Remove extra scrollbars
  • Remove whitespace between account status and main content
  • Account status now wraps properly in narrow windows
  • Cleaned up CSS selectors
  • bugfix: Sometimes full node crashed the client, doesn't happen anymore
  • feature: Support for batch transaction for dapps and a loading UI for it
  • chore: Updated PP and ToS
  • feature: Added a nice animation on client startup


MD5 (feather-fedora-client-1.1.1.x86_64.rpm) = d35813ce209d85b49b583bbf744cf018
MD5 (feather-linux-client-1.1.1-x86_64.appImage) = 6acd9948b86ecfe93175a4c13fd1a09f
MD5 (feather-mac-client-1.1.1-x64.dmg) = 2871c6858562310a016a55ae722285dc
MD5 (feather-ubuntu-client_1.1.1-amd64.deb) = 4b18f15950dda262ad0e7027c3e5964b
MD5 (feather-windows-client.Setup.1.1.1-x64.exe) = f6b58f2945d5f02aa256d669b9e176b4
MD5 (upload.sh) = 88e1d36674beea1ad4aea6108d7f3e9b


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Now I can't see anything in the masternodes screen... I can't access my HALO. 


I have an old, slow laptop. Will running the full client instead of lite even work? Does everything get deleted after I run it so I get my space back?

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Please post this in the support forum where we can see it. Reboot your machine and run full node. It will take quite a while to sync to the chain the first time but subsequent loads will be faster.

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